Posted by: Turkadactyl | March 30, 2017

Sylvaneh- Drycha

#MonsterMarch has come to an end.  Thank you Swordmaster for hosting and inspiring the painting challenge.  If you haven’t done so already be sure to check out Path of an Outcast and interweb hi-5 all the participants.  I pledged to paint Drycha and this has been one of my favourite models to have ever painted.  So without further ado I present Drycha.

Drycha 30

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Posted by: Turkadactyl | March 28, 2017

Sylvaneth- Drycha Teaser

I have another Drycha teaser as we draw closer to the end of #MonsterMarch.  I was enjoying the photo editing and figured I would take a page out Games Workshops books and release some teaser photos.  I hope you enjoy.

Drycha B&W

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Posted by: Turkadactyl | March 26, 2017

Sylvaneth- Drycha Teaser

#MonsterMarch is wrapping up and I wanted to do a Drycha teaser leading up to the end of the month.  I’ve enjoyed painting this model and with the experience of painting Sylvaneth I feel that my skills have improved over the process.  I’m really proud of this model and it has been a treat to showcase it.

Drycha Face

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Posted by: Turkadactyl | March 25, 2017

Tyranids- Raveners

I’m glad I held out from buying Raveners back in third edition.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the sculpts from that edition.  I was starting my tyrniad army so there was better stuff to spend my money on.  Well, fourth edition comes along and some sweet Raveners were released.  Yeah, they’re super fragile in game but that’s to be expected.  They’re Tyranids after all.  All of mine are armed with rending claws so with a little luck they can deliver a world of hurt.

Raveners 1

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Posted by: Turkadactyl | March 23, 2017

Sylvaneth- Drycha WIP Pt III

I was having some modem issues so I went three days without the internet.  What did I do in the meantime?  Well, paint models of course.  We’re well into week three of #MonsterMarch and it’s time for another update.  This week it’s all about the base (thanks Rory, that song is still stuck in my head).  A big thanks to Swordmaster at Path of an Outcast for setting up this painting challenge and keeping track of all the participants.  For week three I wanted to show the progress of Drycha’s base.

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Posted by: Turkadactyl | March 17, 2017

Tyranids- Brood Nests

It is a shame that Forgeworld has discontinued its Tyranid terrain.  I was fortunate to bag me three Brood Nests before they went out of stock.  They came with the some neat rules from volume 1 of the Anphelion Project.  The Brood Nests could be placed down anywhere on the table during deployment.  Any designated troops in reserve could then emerge from the nest.  The Brood Nest had wounds and toughness values so it could be destroyed before anything had a chance to emerge.  That meant the troops in reserve would have to enter from a board edge.  The rules don’t exist in the current edition of the Anphelion Project but they still make great terrain pieces.

Nest 1

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Posted by: Turkadactyl | March 15, 2017

Sylvaneth- Drycha WIP Pt II

I am participating in #MonsterMarch hosted by Swordmaster at Path of an Outcast.  The project is assemble and paint a monster during the month of March.  I assembled Drycha in January so I got a bit of a head start.  The assembly of the model is easy and straightforward.  Last week I posted the base colours I applied to the model.  This week I completed all the base colours and washes.

Drycha WIP 11

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Posted by: Turkadactyl | March 13, 2017

Inner Circle- A Warhammer 40K Painting Event

In case you haven’t heard yet Games Workshop North America has created an event called Inner Circle.  It involves painting up to 18 units and/or characters from the 40K universe that can fit into a 2×2 area.  This was announced in April and closes on May 13.  Now that I am wrapping up my focus on Sylvaneth I will be turning my attention back to 40K.  What project do I have up my sleeve this time?


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Posted by: Turkadactyl | March 10, 2017

Tyranids- Meiotic Spore Mines

Hector Rex was my showcase for Old Stuff Day and he will pass the torch onto the Tyranids.  I used him for size comparison as I showcase the Forgeworld Meiotic Spore Mine.  As is with all Forgeworld models there is a high level of detail on these models.  They look good on the battlefield.  Unfortunately you will never see them on the table top for long as they are artillery that wants to blow up as soon as possible.  At least they can cheer on the sidelines.


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Posted by: Turkadactyl | March 8, 2017

Sylvaneth- Drycha WIP

I want to start with an apology.  I originally posted on Drycha on Monday thinking that that the post was actually complete.  Well it wasn’t and shame on me for not checking before publishing.  I forgot that I started working on a draft.  I deleted the original post and decided to start over.  So now that my blunder is out in the open let’s get back to Drycha.

Welcome to #MonsterMarcha painting challenge issued by Swordmaster from Path of an Outcast.  The idea is assemble and paint a monster during the month of March.  I assembled Drycha back in January and it’s time to paint her up.  I’m really looking forward to working on this model.  The Sylvaneth is a great looking line and Drycha is no exception.  The part that interests me the most is the honeycomb.  I think it will look sharp with a brown bark so let’s have a look at some photos.

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Posted by: Turkadactyl | March 3, 2017

Old Stuff Day 2017

Old Stuff Day is wrapping up so I sneaking this in before the day closes.  This special day was started over at Warhammer 39,999 a few years back.  We bloggers post our wares and within a few days our posts fade into obscurity.  Old Stuff Day is a way to bring past post back into the light of their former glory.  Okay, I’m exaggerating former glory a wee bit.  I want to highlight a couple of my posts as well as give out to another bloggers post that has given me some inspiration.


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Posted by: Turkadactyl | March 1, 2017

Sylvaneth- Kurnoth Hunters with Great Bows

I present to you my second installment for #Squaduary– Kurnoth Hunters with Great Bows.  I’m a fan of these models.  Now the bows haven’t done much for me in-game but they still look good on the table top.  They look great and have been a treat to paint.  For my first #Squaduary installment check out my Sylvaneth- Tree Revenant post.


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Posted by: Turkadactyl | February 27, 2017

Sylvaneth- Tree Revenants

#Squaduary is coming to a close and it is time to showcase some finished units.  I’ll start off with the Tree Revenants.  These models proved to be a little tricky at the start.  I was trying to figure out colours and what would work.  They were getting me worked up and after some sound advice I was able to find a good balance.  Game wise these lads are super fragile.  They get picked on really quick and they don’t have the durability to last.  They have to be the ones to get the jump on the opponent.  I’ve only been running them as a squad of five so doubling up to ten will make a big difference I hope.


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Posted by: Turkadactyl | February 25, 2017

Tyranids- Mawloc

the Mawlocis one of my favourite Tyranid models.  I love the imagery of it popping out of the ground and comping away on some Guardsmen or Tau Fire Warriors.  Just when you think your safe the simple beating of your heart gives you away as the Mawloc can sense your presence from below.


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Posted by: Turkadactyl | February 22, 2017

The Badab War Yeg Battle Report #7- Carcharodons vs Astral Claws

The Carcharodons have now joined the Badab War.  This weeks battle pits the Carcharodons versus the Astral Claws.  The Astral Claws have some Rhino’s fitted with viral bombs and plan on detonating them within the hive city.  The treachery and corruption of the Astral Claws is being revealed to the loyalists and the Astral Claws are showing no remorse for each action they take.  The Carcharodons have been tasked to stop the Astral Claws mission at all costs.  Who will prevail?


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Posted by: Turkadactyl | February 20, 2017

Sylvaneth- Kurnoth Hunters with Greatbows WIP

Happy Family Day to any readers residing in Alberta.  #Squaduary is now in stage 3 will be coming to a close soon.  I started the month with Tree Revenants.  I’m pleased to say that the squad is complete and I will be revealing them closer to the end of the month.  Today I want to show my progress on the Kurnoth Hunters with greatbows, my second of two pledges for the event.


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Posted by: Turkadactyl | February 16, 2017

The Badab War YEG Battle Report #6- Salamanders vs Lamenters

This Badab War match was supposed to happen during Phase I.  Jerrod and Will’s schedules were not aligning to well prior to Christmas.  Story wise I envisioned the Salamanders and Lamenters meeting up prior to the Minotaurs arrival.  With six participants I’m strapped for match-ups so better late than never.  This was a mission I designed myself.  I was a wee bit overboard with special rules at first.  What can I say, seventh edition is all about special rules so why not complicate the game further.  Well, game time happened and it’s a mission I designed so I can change what I want.


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Posted by: Turkadactyl | February 13, 2017

Tyranids- Death Leaper

I really like the Death Leaper model.  It looks like it has a mission and the means to carry it out.  The next step is Games Workshop writing rules to make this model more terrifying.  I use this model frequently because it looks cool on the table top.  It dies in 99% of my games and hardly does any damage.  I find it never hits hard enough and dies super easy.  That’s okay.  It’s still a cool looking  model.


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Posted by: Turkadactyl | February 11, 2017

Sylvaneth- Tree Revenants WIP Pt II

For my previous Tree Revenants WIP I was in a dilemma.  The skin and hair were throwing me off and I needed to make some changes.  After some consultation with a few people I purchased some more paint.  The new colours may not work but having more paint in the collection is always a good thing, right?


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Posted by: Turkadactyl | February 9, 2017

Tyranids- Barbed Hierodule

So far I’ve been showcasing monstrous creatures from my Tyranid Hive Fleet Kodiak.  Let’s take this up a notch and include a gargantuan creature- the Barbed Hierodule.  I purchased this model around the time Apocalypse was first released.  Apocalypse made it easier to field the model.  People were not so accepting of Forgeworld models being used in games back in those days so thank you Apocalypse for breaking the ice.


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