Posted by: Turkadactyl | March 17, 2017

Tyranids- Brood Nests

It is a shame that Forgeworld has discontinued its Tyranid terrain.  I was fortunate to bag me three Brood Nests before they went out of stock.  They came with the some neat rules from volume 1 of the Anphelion Project.  The Brood Nests could be placed down anywhere on the table during deployment.  Any designated troops in reserve could then emerge from the nest.  The Brood Nest had wounds and toughness values so it could be destroyed before anything had a chance to emerge.  That meant the troops in reserve would have to enter from a board edge.  The rules don’t exist in the current edition of the Anphelion Project but they still make great terrain pieces.

Nest 1

Typical of all Forgeworld models this one has an exceptional amount of detail.  It adds a lot of flavour to the table top.  I actually didn’t get a chance to use the actual rules in-game because it was faux pas to use Forgeworld at the time.  The best part of this piece is the dynamic motion of the Hormagaunts ripping through the membranes.

Nest 2

The soil is incredibly detailed accompanied by spore pods at the base of the nest.  I’d say your planet has a problem if these start to emerge on the landscape.  Hail the four armed Emperor!

Nest 3

Nest 4

Nest 5

For the longest time I would peruse the internet when deciding on colours to paint an army.  It’s my time to return the favour so I am posting my models.  If you’d like to showcase any of your 40K models here at the Roost please drop me an e-mail.  My address is on the sidebar.  I’d love to show your work.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Those are awesome models, and the paintjob is great as well.

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    • Yeah, they’re super awesome models. The Spore Chimney and Capillary Towers are awesome too. Stay tuned for those!


  2. These are awesome and as gruesome as I’d expect something like this to be if it was real. It’s like those Trypophobia images.

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    • Trypophobia would be the least of a person’s problems if one of these popped up in their backyard. 😉

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  3. They are superb models and love the colours, will now be back reading the blog to see if there are corresponding pics of other ‘nids’

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    • I’m in the process of showcasing my Tyranids. I have a few models up already. My Hive Fleet is a substantial collection so it is going to take a while to roll through the collection.


  4. They look really great. Cool details, and your paint job is very good too. Even if you don’t use them with rules, they are till make fab terrain pieces

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    • They make smashing terrain pieces. Not too worried about the rules being obsolete. My primary reason to buy them was for some sweet Tyranid terrain.


  5. Very nicely done, and I agree it is a shame that they are discontinuing them. Seem like a must have for any Nid player, and some nice scatter terrain even if you aren’t playing them. I could just as easily see using them for Chaos too.

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    • For sure, a little bit of work and it can have a Chaos look. I’m thinking Nurgle.

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      • I agree that Nurgle would be the obvious choice, though I think it could be made to work with any of the Chaos gods. Nurgle is probably the best though, and the Nurgle color scheme would also probably work for most Nid armies too.

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