The Roost started out as a travel blog when the Mrs and I decided to quite our jobs and leave the country for a few months.  Why you may ask?   To volunteer on Scotland’s Isle of Mull at a youth outdoor camp called Camas.  The Roost was the way I was able to tell friends and family about our experiences.

Our trip to Camas has long since passed and the Roost dormant.  I have now returned to take residence.  So, is there anything interesting to talk about?  I am a big fan of Warhammer 40,000, also known as 40K.  I love games and with 40K not only do I get to play but also paint.  I enjoy looking at the fantastic work out there.  I hope my work inspires you.

Welcome to Jurassic Park…um Welcome to the Roost of Turkadactyl.


  1. Long time reader here with a question for you.

    I am in the midst of building a carcharodons force and have run into a problem of shoulder markings and iconography. I have found a few options from a place like shapeways but they are not exact representation of the emblem. Which brings me to my question, do you know of a place that supplies, preferably, MK. III armor shoulder pads with the Carcharodon icons?

    Any suggestions, tips and help would be appreciated!

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    • I did a search as well and could only find shapeways. It may be worthwhile shooting the person who 3D prints the shoulder pads to see if they will do Mk. III. try shooting Forgeworld an e-mail as well to see if they will consider printing more decals.

      Try the forums as well and start a thread. If you have social media throw the request out there. I use Twitter and the #warmongers hash tag is very active.

      Good luck with your search. If you find a solution please let me know.


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