Posted by: Turkadactyl | August 15, 2017

Sylvaneth- Spite Revenants WIP

Now that the house move is complete it’s time to turn back to 40K and Age of Sigmar.  Inner Circle was time consuming and burned me out.  I needed a break and now I am starting the get the itch back.  The Spite Revenants are the last models I assembled from the Sylvaneth box set.  When I first read the warscrolls for the Sylvaneth this was the unit that I was the least inspired to use.  They do seem like a great support unit with the ability to penalize the opponents bravery.  I’ve only played one game with them so far so I need to play some more games to really get a grasp of how to use them.  Lacking weapons and hair I think these models will be the easier of the two squads to paint; especially since I have figured out what to do with the skin.


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Posted by: Turkadactyl | August 15, 2017

Table of Ultimate Gaming Contest

The Table of Ultimate Gaming kickstarter is going live August 24. The organizers will be giving away one free table before it starts and the contest will close before the kickstarter starts. Please click on the link- if you want a chance to win. On a separate note Happy Anniversary to my sweet wife.  We are celebrating 14 years of marriage today.  On another tangent Alien Covenant comes out today.  I have a sneaking suspicion that I will not be celebrating my anniversary by watching Alien Covenant.  For the record I thought Alien Covenant was a superb movie.

Posted by: Turkadactyl | August 13, 2017

Table of Ultimate Gaming Giveaway

The Table of Ultimate Gaming kickstarter is going live August 24. The organizers will be giving away one free table before it starts and the contest will apparently close soon. Please click on the link- if you want to register. Heck, please click on the link and register anyways. If you register we both get an entry for the draw. Thanks.

Posted by: Turkadactyl | August 11, 2017

Kickstarter- Table of Ultimate Gaming

Space is always going to be an issue for us gamers.  For me it was finding the right table and I am still on that journey.  I used to slap plywood on top of the kitchen table.  Storing the plywood was an issue (not to mention my wife hated it).  My next stop was two folding tables that I could put side by side.  Not bad but the fold in the middle created a bit of a hump making some of the terrain wobbly.  I caught wind of this upcoming Kickstarter- the Table of Ultimate Gaming and I may have found a solution, albeit an expensive one, to my problem.

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Posted by: Turkadactyl | August 10, 2017

Spartember Roll Call

Do you have a Space Marine Spartan Assault Tank sitting in your hobby closet unassembled and unloved?  Or maybe you assembled it but have yet to put paint to the resin.  Perhaps you have been staring at the Spartan through the window and wanted to take one home.  If you have answered yes to any of the above then this may be the hobby challenge for you- Spartember.

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Posted by: Turkadactyl | July 17, 2017

Inner Circle Wrap-up

Inner Circle has come and gone now.  Wow, the last couple of months have flown by and I am glad the event is over now.  The pace I was maintaining was not sustainable for too much longer and it is good to have some rest.  I also needed a rest from the Roost.  I was pooped.  I was burned out.  So the dust has settled let’s have a recap of what happened.

Saint WIP 10

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This is the conclusion to Badab War YEG.  It is the Assault on the Palace of Thorns- the last stronghold of the Astral Claws.  This will be the first time all six participants will be in the same room together featuring The Secessionists: Jerrod (Astral Claws), Dave (Executioners), Will (Lamenters); and The Loyalists: Andrew (Star Phantoms), Michael (Minotaurs), Turkadactyl (Carcharodons).

Badab 1

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Posted by: Turkadactyl | May 20, 2017

Vacation Time

It’s been a week since Inner Circle and I am still recovering.  I fit in a lot of painting in a short period of time and came short of my goal.  I was aiming for the golden ticket to Dallas and came up short by two points to win the store.  I do have more to say on the event, however, I’m enjoying a long needed vacation and that includes the Roost.

Saint WIP 10

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Posted by: Turkadactyl | May 12, 2017

Adepta Sororitas- Retributors with Heavy Flamers

This is my last Inner Circle WIP post.  The big day of judgment will be this Saturday May 13.  I had these models painted a few years ago but needed some work to update them to my current standard.  For me it’s good to see that my painting skills are still improving and evolving.  I say that anybody who doesn’t think they’re paint skills are good.  Don’t doubt yourself.  Practice makes perfect.  Enter paint competitions for motivation to improve.  Read tutorials (Broken Paintbrush and Creative Twilight has loads of those).  Ask questions.  Admire the work of others.  And keep practicing.

SoB Ret WIP 1

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This post I am going to combine three Astra Militarum units into one post.  For Inner Circle I am using the Fall of Cadia as my inspiration.  The scene I am using is when Trazyn releases his collection from the Imperium to aid in the battle against Abaddon and the Black Legion.  The story references Vostroyans being released into the fray.  Conveniently I have Vostroyans in my collection.

Vostroyan WIP 1

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Posted by: Turkadactyl | May 10, 2017

Cult Mechanicus- Datasmith

Poor Datasmith.  His Kastelen Robots have been stealing all the limelight lately.  Move over big dogs a mean old dog is movin’ in.

Datasmith WIP 1

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Posted by: Turkadactyl | May 9, 2017

Cult Mechanicus- Belisarius Cawl WIP

Belisarius Cawl is an intimidating looking model.  There are a lot of tiny, fragile bits to assemble and a whole lot of surface  area to paint.  The model was fairly easy to assemble and a joy to paint.  Of course I made it difficult on myself and glued the whole model together.  It was a bit of a challenge to paint some bits but I got it done.  If you haven’t started on Cawl yet I recommend keeping the upper and lower portions separate.

Cawl WIP 1

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Posted by: Turkadactyl | May 7, 2017

Necrons- Trazyn the Infinite WIP

I don’t have a Necron army but I needed a model of Trazyn the Infinite for my Inner Circle display.  There’s bonus points awarded to a themed Inner Circle display and I wanted to use the Triumvirate of the Imperium (Belisarius Cawl, Saint Celestine, Inquisitor Greyfax).  I wanted to use the scene where Trazyn releases the captives heroes from his pokeball.  I had all the models I needed; except one, Trazyn.

Trazyn WIP 1

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Posted by: Turkadactyl | May 6, 2017

Cult Mechanicus- Kastelen Robot WIP Pt. 3

I think I am getting somewhere with the Kastelen Robot now.  If you’ve been following my Inner Circle progress then you know that the Kastelen Robot has been a problem child.  It was the first Mechanicus model I painted so I was figuring out my colour template.  Then there seemed to be too much yellow and then too much black.  I started from ground zero again.

Robot WIP 41

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Posted by: Turkadactyl | May 5, 2017

Adepta Sororitas- Canoness Veridyan WIP

Were you one of the fortunate souls to get your hands on Canoness Veridyan a few months back?  I can say with glee that I was.  What a great sculpt from some classic John Blanche art.  As a longtime Sisters player I was ecstatic to hear about this release.  After I picked her up I tucked the model off to the side since my attention was completely focused on Sylvaneth.  I was reviewing my Inner Circle list and it dawned on me that I should add Canoness Veridyan.

Veridyan Art 1

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Posted by: Turkadactyl | May 4, 2017

Inner Circle Update

It’s time for another Inner Circle update.  This is a way for me to keep track of my progress and decide what projects to drop and add.

Saint WIP 10

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This is the last game for Phase IV for Badab War YEG featuring Andrew and his Astral Claws versus Jerrod’s Astral Claws.  The winner of this game will decide which faction wins the phase and gain an extra strategem for the Phase V grand finale.  Andrew and Jerrod have never played a Zone Mortalis game before so let’s see what surprises await them.


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Posted by: Turkadactyl | April 30, 2017

Adepta Sororitas- Eleanor and Guinevere

Now that the Saint has gone marching off my painting table it’s time to focus on her bodyguards- Eleanor and Guinevere.

Eleanor WIP 1

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Posted by: Turkadactyl | April 29, 2017

Adepta Sororitas- Saint Celestine

I have mixed feelings on the new Saint Celestine.  The model looks fantastic but why is it perched on two fragile scrolls?  I can’t see this model leaving my house two often based on how delicate the model is.  It looks great but I don’t want to take any chances of wrecking it during transport.  Okay, with the rant complete now let’s move onto showcasing the Saint.

Saint WIP 1

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Posted by: Turkadactyl | April 28, 2017

Cult Mechanicus- Kastelen Robot WIP Pt.2

I have to say the Kastelen Robot has been one of the most difficult models I have had to paint.  I decided to break up the yellow a bit more and painted the shoulder and thigh pads black.

Robot WIP 21

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