Posted by: Turkadactyl | March 4, 2016

The Badab War YEG (Update November 3)

The Badab War is the largest Space Marine civil war since the Horus Heresy.  The Astral Claws were the primary chapter to patrol and maintain order in the Maelstrom Zone along with the assistance of the Lamenters and Mantis Warriors.  Over time the Maelstrom Warders became disenfranchised with Terra and sought more independent control of the Maelstrom Zone.  Motivated by greed, other factions saw a chance to strike and through a series of events the Astral Claws came under the scrutiny of Terra.  The Red Scorpions then led a contingent to bring the Warders back in line.  Secrets were revealed and treachery struck and the Maelstrom Zone spiraled into bloody conflict that involved seventeen Space Marine chapters in total.

**** This post is sticky with Tyranid ichor.  Gross.  Be sure to scroll down to see new content. ****


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Posted by: Turkadactyl | November 27, 2016

Badab War YEG- Battle Report #2 Resupply the Front Lines

This weeks installment has Jerrod and his Salamanders pitted against David B. representing the Astral Claws.  This mission was inspired by a Wargasm Age of Sigmar game I played last month.  There is a convoy that will be going through the middle of the board.  The Astral Claws need the convoy to resupply their front lines.  The Salamanders want to capture it to slow the defense of the Secessionists.  Who will be the victor?  Who will fail?


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Posted by: Turkadactyl | November 19, 2016

Badab War YEG- Battle Report #1 Betrayal at Grief

Badab War YEG is now a go!  After several months for participants to paint an army we have finally started the campaign.  The start of the campaign was determined as to what chapters were represented.  At one point I had 13 participants.  As time progressed more dropped out to where we stand with seven now.  Unfortunately Sean had to withdraw due to him and his family moving to another city.  Nik also had to drop out and that meant the primary protagonist and antagonist were now removed from the campaign.  Jerrod had some extra models and painted them up as Astral Claws.  It didn’t seem right to play the Badab War campaign without the Betrayal at Grief special mission.  With some imagination the Carcharodons filled in for the Red Scorpions.  Here is the battle report.

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Posted by: Turkadactyl | November 13, 2016

Sylvaneth – Spirit of Durthu

The Spirit of Durthu is the finally model from the Forest Spirit Warhost boxset.  The box included one Branchwraith, thirty-two Dryads and three Treelord.  I chose to build one of each of the Treelord, the Treelord Ancient and a Spirit of Durthu.  I plan on only building one Durthu model so I chose to run with a grey bark to balance out the future purchase of Drycha (who I plan on painting brown).


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Posted by: Turkadactyl | November 12, 2016

Wargasm Age of Sigmar

Last weekend I attended Wargasm in Calgary.  Sunday was the Apocalypse event.  Saturday was host to Age of Sigmar.  Every player brought with them up to 400 points consisting of a leader and a battleline option.  My leader was a Branchwraith and 20 Dryads.  As the day progressed your leader gained loot that enhanced the experience gained throughout the day.  Apocalypse was the motivation to attend this event.  I left with Age of Sigmar being the more enjoyable event of the two.


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Posted by: Turkadactyl | November 10, 2016

Wargasm Apocalypse Part II

Here is my second photo dump of the Wargasm Apocalypse match.  In total 117,500 points was registered for the day.  We played five rounds for the day before calling the game.  We were scheduled to play six, however, we started a bit late and we had to trim one round off.  The game saw close to an even split of Imperium vs Enemies of the Imperium.  The game was close throughout but in the end the Enemies of the Imperium squeeked out a 52-49 victory.  Here are pictures of rounds two to five.


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Posted by: Turkadactyl | November 8, 2016

Wargasm Apocalypse

The weekend is complete and so is the Wargasm Apocalypse event- Fauxpacalypse.  The event had 27 people registered with 26 showing up.  There was a total of 117,500 points on the table and the big guns came out to play.  The day saw two Revenant Titans, a Warhound and large number of Imperial Knights.  If you need something to preoccupy your time while awaiting the results of the American Presidential election.

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Posted by: Turkadactyl | October 31, 2016

Age of Sigmar- Sylvaneth Wyldwood

I was intending to publish the Spirit of Durthu today, however, my Sylvaneth are on display and I forgot to take pictures of the model prior.  Durthu kind of kind lost in the shuffle when I was rotating models through the light box.  I will be picking my Sylvaneth up on Thursday for Wargasm so I will take some pictures this week.  Instead I will showcase the Sylvaneth Wyldwood I painted up for Armies on Parade.


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Posted by: Turkadactyl | October 24, 2016

Sylvaneth- Branchwraith

Welcome back to the work week.  Monday is beginning for some of us and ending for others.  I’d like to introduce you to Bobbi the Branchwraith.  If you’re curious as to how I came about calling this Branchwraith I will tell you.


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Posted by: Turkadactyl | October 21, 2016

Sylvaneth- Treelord

I started the week off with the Treelord Ancient.  I will end the week with the Ancient’s baby brother, the Treelord.


Careful!  You can poke an eye out with that!

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Posted by: Turkadactyl | October 18, 2016

Sylvaneth- Treelord Ancient

It’s time for another Sylvaneth update.  Today I present to you the Treelord Ancient.  This was the first of three Treelord models that I painted.


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Posted by: Turkadactyl | October 15, 2016

Sylvaneth- Dryads

I just finished a night shift and I am waiting for GW West Edmonton to open up.  Today is Armies on Parade and I am entering my Sylvaneth.  The flock came in a couple of weeks ago and I am proud to say the army is complete.  I am really pleased with how everything turned out.  According to my wife this has been the best army I have produced so it’s time to see how it fares against the other Armies on Parade.


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Posted by: Turkadactyl | October 12, 2016

Codex: Genestealer Cults Review

Good day.  Wow, it sure has been a while since I have posted last.  My promotion of a few months back bears some responsibility.  My work duties have increased and my manager went on vacation so I had to fill his shoes for a couple of weeks.  Throw in a bike trip, some Spartan races and feverishly working on my Sylvaneth for Armies on Parade and the door to the roost gets locked.

Did you hear that Games Workshop released a new codex?  While I haven’t been working or painting I’ve had my nose stuck in Codex: Genestealer Cults and this book looks like a lot of fun.


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Posted by: Turkadactyl | September 23, 2016

40K Blog Showcase 3

I’d like to take the opportunity to showcase some blogs out in their in the universe.  These are sites that I frequent on a regular basis.  I may not comment much but like a Genestealer Cultist I lurk in the shadows and take everything in.  If you haven’t visited any of these sites yet I recommend taking some time to visit.

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Posted by: Turkadactyl | September 21, 2016

Sylvaneth- Spirit of Durthu WIP

I am almost finished the Sylvaneth Forest Spirit Warhost set.  I’ve started work on the last model, the Spirit of Durthu.  I went with the build shown in the stock photo from Games Workshop.  Out of the three poses for the Treelords this one is the most difficult to work with.  The positioning of the model makes it difficult to get to some areas.  That means it will be all the more satisfying when it is complete.


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Posted by: Turkadactyl | September 19, 2016


I wanted to to take the time to talk about Wargasm happening in Calgary, Alberta on November 5 and 6.  I’m looking forward to this event for two reasons: 1) there is no best general award; and 2) it’s a road trip with some mates.  The Saturday will feature a narrative Age of Sigmar event and Sunday will play host to 40K Apocalypse

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Posted by: Turkadactyl | September 14, 2016

The Badab War YEG- Andrew’s Star Phantoms WIP

Andrew is the latest to join The Badab War YEG.  I was hoping someone would join as the Star Phantoms and Andrew has answered the call.  Thanks to Badab the Carcharodons and the Star Phantoms will forever be linked and not for the best of times.  If you are unfamiliar with the Badab War I recommend immersing yourself in the story.  It is a fantastic read and the reason why I started a Space Marine army.


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Posted by: Turkadactyl | September 7, 2016

Sylvaneth- Treelord WIP

I’m rolling along at a good pace with the Sylvaneth models I purchased in the summer.  So far I have completed 32 Dryads, a Branchwraith and the Treelord Ancient.  The next model on the list is the Treelord.  With the Ancient I went with a grey bark.  I wanted to change it up visually so I chose to go with brown bark to match half of my Dryads.  I plan on purchasing another Treelord and I will paint that one grey.


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Posted by: Turkadactyl | September 2, 2016

The Badab War YEG- Dave B.’s Executioners WIP

Dave B.s latest project has been a Dreadnought Chaplain.  He has been working at a feverish pace to get 2000 points ready for November.  This army will be a fun match-up against the Minotaurs and Carcharodons.


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Posted by: Turkadactyl | August 24, 2016

Sylvaneth- Treelord Ancient WIP

It took me a while yo settle on a look  for the Dryads. I’m pleased to say the 32 Dryads I have worked on are almost complete. I plan on ordering some grass tufts and flower blossom tufts.  The catch is Canada Post is most likely going on strike this week or next.  Once I finish basing the Dryads they will remain a mystery.  Until then I present my Treelord Ancient.

Ancient 01

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Posted by: Turkadactyl | August 13, 2016

Tyranids- Hive Fleet Kodiak

I’ve been using a small room to store all my 40K models and supplies.  I’ve been slowly moving everything into the loft.  My wife had plans for the loft, however, three and a half years later nothing has come to fruition.  I’ve expressed interest in using the loft for a man cave, which has been met with a stern no every time.

I’ve changed tactics.  I’ve been slowly moving items upstairs.  My wife gets used to it and I move some more items up.  The writing is on the wall now.  The loft will be a man cave.  It’s a win-win.  My wife is a teacher and wants some office space.  My old hobby room will make a great office.

Forgive me, my rambling has a purpose.  I have a couple Ikea glass display cases that house my large Tyranid models.  I just emptied cases and figured an awkward family photo was in order.

Hive Fleet Kodiak 01

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