Posted by: Turkadactyl | March 4, 2016

The Badab War YEG (Update July 13)

The Badab War is the largest Space Marine civil war since the Horus Heresy.  The Astral Claws were the primary chapter to patrol and maintain order in the Maelstrom Zone along with the assistance of the Lamenters and Mantis Warriors.  Over time the Maelstrom Warders became disenfranchised with Terra and sought more independent control of the Maelstrom Zone.  Motivated by greed, other factions saw a chance to strike and through a series of events the Astral Claws came under the scrutiny of Terra.  The Red Scorpions then led a contingent to bring the Warders back in line.  Secrets were revealed and treachery struck and the Maelstrom Zone spiraled into bloody conflict that involved seventeen Space Marine chapters in total.

**** This post is sticky with Tyranid ichor.  Gross.  Be sure to scroll down to see new content. ****



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Posted by: Turkadactyl | August 24, 2016

Sylvaneth- Treelord Ancient WIP

It took me a while yo settle on a look  for the Dryads. I’m pleased to say the 32 Dryads I have worked on are almost complete. I plan on ordering some grass tufts and flower blossom tufts.  The catch is Canada Post is most likely going on strike this week or next.  Once I finish basing the Dryads they will remain a mystery.  Until then I present my Treelord Ancient.

Ancient 01

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Posted by: Turkadactyl | August 13, 2016

Tyranids- Hive Fleet Kodiak

I’ve been using a small room to store all my 40K models and supplies.  I’ve been slowly moving everything into the loft.  My wife had plans for the loft, however, three and a half years later nothing has come to fruition.  I’ve expressed interest in using the loft for a man cave, which has been met with a stern no every time.

I’ve changed tactics.  I’ve been slowly moving items upstairs.  My wife gets used to it and I move some more items up.  The writing is on the wall now.  The loft will be a man cave.  It’s a win-win.  My wife is a teacher and wants some office space.  My old hobby room will make a great office.

Forgive me, my rambling has a purpose.  I have a couple Ikea glass display cases that house my large Tyranid models.  I just emptied cases and figured an awkward family photo was in order.

Hive Fleet Kodiak 01

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Posted by: Turkadactyl | August 6, 2016

The Badab War YEG- Dave B. Executioners WIP

Dave B. is progressing nicely with his Executioners project.  Dave’s next project is a Dreadnought.  I’m enjoying his paint scheme of the Executioners.  It looks as though he has picked a metallic colour and using a shade or wash.  I will confess I haven’t asked him how he has generated his look so I have some homework to do. This will be a great army to go against in a Zone Mortalis game.  I apologize for some of the blurry photos.

Exc Dread 01

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Posted by: Turkadactyl | August 3, 2016

Sylvaneth- Dryads WIP Pt III

Vacation time is over now.  I am sitting in the Vancouver airport waiting for a connecting flight to Edmonton.  My wife and I took a red eye flight from Hawaii and I attempted to sleep in positions my body was not designed for.  We had a good trip.  There is no place lime home though .  It will be good to be back.  I took a photo of my plane ticket.  See if you notice anything special.

SHNITZEL - WIN_20160803_084753

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Posted by: Turkadactyl | July 25, 2016

Sylvaneth- Dryad WIP Pt II

PI have another Sylvaneth Dryad update.  This time I have painted the foliage for some contrast from the brown bark.  Now that the pink is on I see that the bark is too dark.  I will have to remedy that.  I’ll experiment by adding another brown into the mix or going with a heavier stroke with the Sylvaneth Bark and Terminatus Stone.

Dryad 01

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Posted by: Turkadactyl | July 23, 2016

Sylvaneth- Dryad WIP

I’m fully immersed in the Season of War campaign. It is a great motivator to painting some models. For those of you that are new to the Roost I recently bought an Age of Sigmar Sylvaneth box set. It came with three Treemen, thirty-two Dryads and a Branchwraith. My goal is to paint as many as possible by August 14.


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Posted by: Turkadactyl | July 20, 2016

The Badab War YEG- Jerrod’s Cataphractii Terminator WIP

Jerrod has been plugging away bit by bit with his Salamanders in preparation for Badab War YEG. We’ve played a few Marine vs Marine games as he tries various lists. Jerrod is a rare breed for a Marine player. He hasn’t made grav weapons a priority for his army.  I present to you the Cataphractii from Betrayal At Calth. These models have some competition for attention. Jerrod has also started a Sylvaneth army and is painting those for the Season of War campaign.

Cat 03

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I left my Adepta Sororitas army from my previous game in my transport case.  I wanted the Retributors to have the pleasure of hulking-up their heavy flamers and make use of their rending Act of Faith.  I arrive at store and my random opponent is Chris, the proud owner of a Death Corps of Krieg army.  I’ve seen Chris in store plenty of times but I have never had the pleasure of playing him yet.  Chris has a great repuation and did I mention he plays Death Corps?  Sweet.

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Thursday night is 40K night down at the local store.  I easily settle on Adepta Sororitas. Recently I posted pictures of my Retributors with heavy flamers.  I mentioned that I only played one game so I figured it’s time to make it two.  Nik stepped up to the plate and played me with the stores Tyranid army.  Nik let Mackenzie design the list.  Let’s see how the Sisters match-up.

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Posted by: Turkadactyl | July 11, 2016

Age of Sigmar- Sylvaneth

Well GW you finally got me.  For years I have been able to resist starting a Warhammer Fantasy army.  It’s expensive enough collecting rules for one system.  Then I have to remember a different set of rules.  Then GW has to go ahead a release Beetlejuice for the Sylvaneth.  That’s it.  Just take my money.


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Well, Shark Week has come to a close but that doesn’t mean I can’t still report on the predators from the deep.  To my credit this game was played during Shark Week.  Jerrod is one of the participants signed up for Badab War YEG and has been trying out combinations for his Salamanders.  Our last game I was extremely lucky.  My Grav Centurions were sharpshooters that game.  They wrecked a Land Raider in the first turn and exploded a Stormraven in the second that resulted in massive casualties.  My Assault Centurions were then able to gain the charge on the thunderhammer Terminators.  Jerrod didn’t have enough left over to deal sufficient damage to my army.  Will the Salamander’s weapons find revenge?  Will the Carcharodons continue their blood frenzy?  Read more to find out.

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Posted by: Turkadactyl | July 2, 2016

Space Marines Carcharodons: Vindicators WIP

Shark Week is coming to a close and I haven’t posted on my Carcharodons yet.  I will change that today with another WIP post.  I present to you the mighty Vindicator.

Vind WIP 01

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Posted by: Turkadactyl | June 24, 2016

40K Blog Showcase 2

Sorry about the late post today.  I was hoping to catch those across the pond before it gets too late in the day.  It’s been an eventful 24 hours in the world.  England voted in the referendum to leave the European Union and the markets are in turmoil.  I have yet to talk to family and friends in the UK about what has happened.  For this edition of 40K Blog Showcase I wanted to bring to your attention three blogs from the United Kingdom.

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Posted by: Turkadactyl | June 20, 2016

Adepta Sororitas – Heavy Flamer Retributors

Back in the Witch Hunter days the only way to arm a Retributor was with heavy bolters.  Back in those days heavy flamers were not an option.  Now heavy flamers are a choice.  Oh and by the way, Retributors gain rending when they access their faith point.  Good gravy Batman.

SoB MM Ret 001

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Posted by: Turkadactyl | June 19, 2016

Your Opinion Needed On A Camera

I’ve been using some technology here at the Roost and it is time to upgrade.  I’m a frugal person.  You will never find me in a line-up waiting for the release of the latest gadget.  I usually have someone give me their old technology because they have no use for it and maybe because they’re trying to get me involved in our current millennium.

Here’s some useless trivia for you- I don’t own a cell phone.  That is usually met with bewilderment.  How do you survive?  What if there is an emergency?  Try going without a cell phone for a day.  It’s wonderful to not be available 24/7. Plus if there is an emergency there are plenty of cell phones out there to help.  Okay, this post is not about owning a cell phone.  Back to the topic in hand: I want to hear your thoughts on camera’s.

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Posted by: Turkadactyl | June 17, 2016

The Badab War YEG- Dave B.’s Executioners WIP

When I started promoting Bad War YEG Dave B. wanted to participate.  He was undecided on the chapter he wanted to play.  It came down to two choices- Mantis Warriors and Executioners.  After much deliberation Dave settled on the Executioners.  A big draw for him was the chance to model and paint Thulsa Kane.  Here is an update from Dave and his progress on his Executioners.


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Posted by: Turkadactyl | June 12, 2016

Adepta Sororitas- More Exorcist Tanks

When I need to take a break from 40K and decide to get some exercise I pull out my Exorcist tanks and do some sweet curls.  Joking aside there is a lot of metal in these models and it sucks when one gets knocked off the table.  I usually keep the Exorcist as close to my table edge as possible.  Guess what else is close to the table edge.  That’s right, my swinging arms.  I can’t remember how many pieces that Exorcist disintegrated into.  The good news is Humpty Dumpty was put back together again.


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Posted by: Turkadactyl | June 10, 2016

Favourite 40K Memories

A few months back I mentioned that I wanted to do a post on favourite 40K memories.  I’ve played a few games over the years and there has been some moments that will stay ingrained in my 40K memory forever.  I want to take some time to share some of those moments.  I’d also like to hear some of your favourite 40K memories as well.

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Posted by: Turkadactyl | June 2, 2016

Adepta Sororitas- Death Cult Assassins

Death Cult Assassins are super fragile but they can hit hard.  They’ve been toned down a bit since sixth edition added AP values to close combat weapons.  The Assassins must avoid Terminator armour or the equivalent and they should be able to roll through combat with the high initiative and volume of attacks per model.  My problem is getting them into combat.  I like to kit them out with an equal number of Crusaders.  Crusaders have the three plus invulnerable and can absorb a little bit more punishment although that’s not saying much with a squad of toughness three models.


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Posted by: Turkadactyl | May 23, 2016

Space Marines Carcharodons- Land Raider Achilles WIP

The Aquila Strongpoint rightfully so is taking a while to paint.  I think it will be done in about a week.  I’m going to bug my wife to take pictures of the completed project.  Her photography skills are far superior to mine.  Today I want to share with you my WIP with the Lander Raider Achilles.


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