Posted by: Turkadactyl | September 1, 2017

Spartember Is Live

A new month has arrived and that means a new hobby challenge.  A few months back NafNaf and I were engaged in a discussion about our Forgeworld Spartan Assault Tanks sitting in pieces collecting dust.  We decided to lean on each other for support and finally get our butts in gear.  We negotiated a month to finally stop our procrastinating and September drew the short straw.  The best part, and it was a complete fluke, we were able to come up with a funky name- Spartember.


This challenge is focused on the big tanks of Forgeworld.  It is not limited to just the Spartan.  Jerrod from my local scene and Thutmos are both working on the Typhon.  Siph of WeeMen will be tackling a Spartan as well.

We are all setting are own goals.  My goal is to assemble and prime the mighty beast.  If I get any paint on it then that will be a bonus.  So tune in throughout the month.  I’ll be posting weekly updates of everyone’s progress.  If you care to join then leave a dropping in the comments section or use the hashtag #Spartember40K on Instagram or Twitter.  The more participants the merrier.  The purpose of this challenge is to cheer each other on.  Assembling these large kits is a daunting task and it will be good to know that I will not be the only person swearing while trying to put this kit together.

Spartan 1

That’s a picture of my progress.  I have washed all the pieces twice.  I have yet to remove the flash.  Some of the guns were bent.  I tried to straighten them under hot water but they went back to their original position.  I am glad the tracks are attached as that will save me some grief.  I couldn’t remember how long I’ve had this kit sitting in my hobby closet for a year.  Then a smarty pants piece of paper reminded me.

Next step- assembly.  I’ll do my next update Friday September 8.

Temple of Thutmos– Thutmos has a Typhon assembled already and has pledged to get rid of the mold lines, add spikey bits, magnetize the weapon sponson’s as well as paint some Red Corsair colours on it.  As you can see in the picture below there is no party like an Red Corsair party.

Wee Men– Siph has a lot of models languishing in his closet waiting to be assembled.  This is a project that he has wanted to start for a while so he’s jumping on board.  His kit is older than mine.  How do I know that?  His tank tracks did not come attached.  He is in for a challenge because the treads are not straight and he has mentioned that some of the pieces do not fit properly.  Never underestimate the resilience of a marine in grey armour.

Objective Secured– NafNaf seems to be in the same predicament as me and that is guns needing to be straightened.  He has assessed his challenge and will start on the chassis.  A thank you to NafNaf for designing Spartember banner.

Jerrod- He has an instagram account but I don’t have the handle yet.  Jerrod may just send me pictures instead.  Jerrod has assembled his Typhon already and will slap some paint on the beast.

Be sure to check out the other sites and cheer on their progress.  If you want to join in it’s never too late.  Thanks for reading.


  1. Nice Banner NafNaf, great to see all the beasts awaiting the rites of construction and rites of colour! Good luck guys!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think there will a lot of calling on the Power of the Machine Spirit.


  2. I have started then assembly today, and have already ripped it apart twice as warping and incorrect fitting have meant drastic surgery required. Hard work already!!!

    Great to see the other guys starting on this too!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ruh roh. I begin my discovery adventure in a couple days.


  3. Many Spartans! Great stuff. Looking forward to seeing you all progress through.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m doing a great job of procrastinating by unpacking boxes.


  4. […] and building a resin kit. If your interested in reading more about Spartember, I have a link here to the blog […]


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