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Adepta Sororitas- Retributors with Heavy Flamers

This is my last Inner Circle WIP post.  The big day of judgment will be this Saturday May 13.  I had these models painted a few years ago but needed some work to update them to my current standard.  For me it’s good to see that my painting skills are still improving and evolving.  I say that anybody who doesn’t think they’re paint skills are good.  Don’t doubt yourself.  Practice makes perfect.  Enter paint competitions for motivation to improve.  Read tutorials (Broken Paintbrush and Creative Twilight has loads of those).  Ask questions.  Admire the work of others.  And keep practicing.

SoB Ret WIP 1

So yeah, I started over with this squad.  I picked Retributors for the Inner Circle display because of the guns.  Saint Celestine’s bodyguards and Canoness Veridyan have red plates on their bolt pistols.  My Sisters of Battle have blue plates, Dominions white and Retributors red.  This is a visual cue for me during game play to decipher between the squads.  I chose red on the Canoness and bodyguards to break up the blue so Retributors it was.  I painted over everything except the Leadbelcher and gold.  I did some more shaded over the gold though.

Before I didn’t use a shade on the robes.  This time I using Drakenhof Nightshade over Regal Blue.  Then I used Regal Blue as my first highlight.  The red is Khorne Red with Nuln Oil wash.  The icons are Celestra Grey followed by Gulliman Blue.  The leather pouches and wood on the Simulacrum Imperialis is Scorched Brown with Nuln Oil.

I needed to have at least one squad of Sisters on the table to represent.  Sisters love their promethium so its time to char some Black Legion.  I’m really looking forward to trying the news rules for flamers.  I am also interested to see how Faith Points get adapted to eighth edition.  As it stands Retributors weapons gain rending when their Faith Point is activated.

Here’s some WIP shots of the display board.  A buddy Parsons helped me with the assembly of the board.  He hasn’t worked on a display board for a while and was eager to help.  This also gave him an excuse to buy some tools.  Shortly before I drove to Parsons place Joe at Broken Paintbrush posted a tweet about building a display board.  That was great timing.  I pretty much copied the design from that tutorial with the addition of a rock wall.  The author at Wargaming Tradecraft mentioned using plumbers putty.  I have to say that plumbers putty is not the correct choice of material.  It will not harden.  We used drywall mud and that did the trick.  The Cadian Pylon will be placed on the third level close to the rock wall.

I lucked out with this design.  I have four special characters for my display- Belisarius Cawl, Saint Celestine, Inquisitor Greyfax and Trazyn the Infinite.  I have four levels on my display where each character can be the point of attention.  The Saint will be at the forefront on the first level.  Inquisitor Greyfax will be close to the pool on level two.  Cawl will be between the Pylon and rock wall on level three.  There is a cave carved into the rock wall.  Trazyn will be perched in their releasing his Imperial collection.

The exposed pink styrofoam will be a small pond.  The water effects has not gone down yet.

This is how the board looks now.  Some cork was added for effect.  I will be working on it tonight.  It still has to be drybrushed and that won’t take too long.  The water effects for the pond still has to be poured as well.

Tomorrow is Judgement Day for Inner Circle.  There’s been a lot of hours poured into this project over the last two months.  All that is left to do is drybrush some bases, weather some models, and add some bits to bases to score conversion points.

Here’s the final list:

  1. Belisarius Cawl
  2. Saint Celestine with Geminae Superia- Eleanor and Genevieve
  3. Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor Katarinya Greyfax
  4. Trazyn the Infinite
  5. Kataphron Destroyers x3
  6. Kastelen Robots x2 with Datasmith
  7. Corpuscarii Electro-Priests x5
  8. Fulgarite Electro-Priests x5
  9. Sicarian Ruststalkers x5
  10. Sicarian Infiltrators x5
  11. Techpriest Enginseer
  12. Canoness Veridyan
  13. Priest
  14. Retributors x10
  15. Vostroyan Platoon Command Squad x5
  16. Commissar
  17. Inquisiton Acolytes (Storm Troopers x5, Mystic x1)
  18. Jokaero

Hopefully I’m not up too late tonight.  I haven’t gotten much sleep this week making sure I’m ready for tomorrow.  I will be on Twitter tomorrow tweeting pictures of the event.  Check out my handle @turkadactylaw to see highlights from the day.  If you live in Edmonton please drop by Games Workshop West Edmonton to say hi and vote.

Thanks for reading.


  1. You are one prolific painter! Always something new and awesome. I love this colour scheme – so striking.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks. The gold works well with this armour. The bonus is there are lots of colours that work with gold.


  2. Good luck tomorrow chief and have fun. I look forward to seeing everything on the board.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Fantastic! Good luck on the day man.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. It is always good to see progress when you look at older models. Your repaint is looking good 🙂

    Good luck for the comp. you have put an incredible amount of work on this project, and it all looks great, so I hope you win 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks. Store winner announced at the end of the day. Five finalists announced May 17.


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