Posted by: Turkadactyl | August 10, 2017

Spartember Roll Call

Do you have a Space Marine Spartan Assault Tank sitting in your hobby closet unassembled and unloved?  Or maybe you assembled it but have yet to put paint to the resin.  Perhaps you have been staring at the Spartan through the window and wanted to take one home.  If you have answered yes to any of the above then this may be the hobby challenge for you- Spartember.

The online community is gravitating towards challenges.  Dreadtober seemed to get the ball rolling and has inspired Squaduary and Monster March.  It’s been a treat watching all these projects unfold.  I find they provide great motivation to start and/or end a project.

Those of you have assembled a large Forgeworld kit know how intimidating these can be.  It’s not uncommon for pieces to fit as snug as the Games Workshop plastic kits and there is a good chance of miscast and warping.   Assembling these models are daunting and it sure is easier having them sit in the box at the back of the hobby closet.  My previous Forgeworld project was the Caestus Assault Ram and that stayed in its packaging for well over a year.  I didn’t want the Spartan to follow suit but I am certain that tank has been sitting in the box for almost a year now.

A few months back I mentioned in a post that I was in possession of an unassembled Spartan Assault Tank.  I think I was talking about future projects and mentioned that I really need to get moving on the Spartan.  NafNaf of Objective Secured expressed the same sentiments.  We decided to form a support group to finally get our butts in gear.  We chatted about our schedules and summer didn’t work for either of us.  October belongs to Dreadtober and November/December seemed too far away (plus it’s Christmas).  Perfect, let’s pick September.  Even better it allowed for another catchy project name and Spartember was born.

You set your challenge.  If you only want to assemble the Spartan then that’s cool. Already have one assembled and want to get it painted then let’s get ‘er done.  If you’ve been sitting on the fence about buying one then open up that wallet and place your order.  Personally my goal is to assemble the kit and get it primed.  There are a lot of bits and want to take my time with it.

NafNaf and I will be documenting our progress and we’d love to add more projects to our sites.  If you are interested please let us know in the comments section.  If you have a hobby blog please pass on your website.  If you don’t then by all means send some pictures and I will make sure to get them up on the Roost.   Use the hashtag #spartember40k on your social media account. I will run updates once a week to document progress.  So dust off that box, wash some resin and pray to the Omnissiah that you do not have any miscast pieces.  September is no more.  It is now Spartember.


  1. Ha ha, yes I have a Spartan awaiting the Rites of Construction too!

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    • Alright, time to dust of that bad boy!


  2. I don’t have a Spartan, but I have a Typhon Heavy Siege Tank (same chassis). Would that be acceptable? (If not, it’s totally cool. Still need to work on the tank and I *have* been considering getting a Spartan all the same).

    I bought and mostly built the Typhon a while back, but my local gaming club wasn’t allowing weapons with a blast radius the size of the Typhon’s. So I never did anything to finish it. But 8th edition made it usable! So I’d like to get it looking ready for the table top in all it’s super heavy glory.

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  3. I won’t be joining, but looking forward to seeing all the hobby goodness!

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    • We can play a fun game. How many times will I swear during the assembly?


  4. Ditto on Corrm. I might give dreadtober a hi though.

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  5. Excellent! The ball is now rolling, and we are committed. No excuses now 😀

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