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The Badab War YEG Battle Report #13- Assault on the Palace of Thorns

This is the conclusion to Badab War YEG.  It is the Assault on the Palace of Thorns- the last stronghold of the Astral Claws.  This will be the first time all six participants will be in the same room together featuring The Secessionists: Jerrod (Astral Claws), Dave (Executioners), Will (Lamenters); and The Loyalists: Andrew (Star Phantoms), Michael (Minotaurs), Turkadactyl (Carcharodons).

Badab 1

The mission was The Relic with three Relics set-up on the two boards.  There was a 6×4 city table and a 4×4 Zone Mortalis underground.  There was a bunker in every corner that allowed units to move up and down between the two tables.  Explosions above ground would affect models underground.  Each Relic was worth 3 victory points.  We also played with the secondaries First Blood, Linebreaker and Slay the Warmaster.  Every player had a Warlord.  The Warmaster was the supreme commander for each side and that duty fell upon Andrew and his Star Phantoms and Jerrod and his Astral Claws.  To ensure the survivability of the Warmaster they were given Eternal Warrior.

Each chapter also had there own agendas and objectives to fulfill to give a more narrative feel to the game.  A big thanks to Nik, the GW West Edmonton Manager for helping out with the secret objectives.

  • Carcharodons- Blow up at least 1 plasma reactor your self.  Once all three plasma reactors are destroyed you may make your way to any teleport beacon.  For every unit that has one or more model in base contact to it will leave the game on a 3+.  If achieved gain D3 victory points at the end of the game.
  • Minotaurs- Blow up 1-3 plasma reactors on the Zone Mortalis board.  Destroy or wreck 3+ enemy vehicles on the city board.  If achieved gain D3+2 victory points at the end of the game.
  • Star Phantoms- Be the first player to achieve first blood.  Kill 2+ units of Astral Claws in close combat.  If you achieve First Blood gain D3 victory points plus the one for scoring it already.  If you achieve 2+ units of Astral Claws in combat gain D3 victory points.
  • Astral Claws- Do not lose your Warlord.  Your Warlord must make it to a teleport beacon.  On a 4+ he and his unit escape the battle and gain D6+3 victory points.  If your Warlord doesn’t escape but is still alive gain D3 victory points.  If your Warlord dies your opponents gain D6 victory points.
  • Executioners- Slay 3+ enemy characters in combat.  Slay at least one enemy Warlord.  If you achieve both you gain D3+2 victory points.  If you only slay 3+ enemy units gain D3 victory points.
  • Lamenters- Have 2 or more of your units claiming Linebreaker at the end of the game you gain 3 victory points.  Have 3 or more of your units in the opponents deployment zone for 2 turns each gain D3 victory points.

Going into this game I knew everyone’s objectives so there was so I was given the least amount of potential victory points.  I also set-up teleport beacons on both boards; four on the city and four on Zone Mortalis.  Whenever a unit was within six inches and not locked in combat a D6 was rolled.  This allowed everyone a chance to discover what my objective was.

  1. Nothing happens
  2. Booby trap.  Roll a D6 for every model in the unit.  On a 4+ the model takes a wound with an armour save roll allowed.
  3. Roll again
  4. This device seems to be important to the Carcharodons.  It is worth investigating more.
  5.  This is a transport beacon.  A unit may use it to transport out of the battle on a roll of 5+ as long as at least one model is touching the beacon.  A unit cannot be transported out of battle if locked in combat.  A unit can leave the battle if carrying a Relic.
  6.  The Carcharodons plan on blowing the plasma reactors and escaping the planet.  If a Carcharodon unit successfully uses a teleport beacon on a roll of 5+ you can stop their escape.  You can only make one attempt per unit per turn.  Loyalists and Seccessionists can both make use of this.

The Secessionists picked table edge and set-up first.  The Loyalists in the attacker role got first turn and the Secessionists failed to seize the initiative.  Night fight was in effect first turn.

We started the game 2 on 2.  Michael was late because he missed the bus.  Will slept in and by the time he woke up it was too late for him to join us.  Dave brought extra models and filled in for Will.  This will be a large photo dump.  I didn’t take notes and didn’t ask for lists.  Everyone used 2000 points.

That’s right there was an Imperial Knight.  The Adeptus Mechanicus aided the Loyalists with the Assault on the Palace of Thorns.




Well, congratulations on making it this far.  That’s all I have for photos from the game.  Here’s the synopsis on what happened.  Andrew (Star Phantoms) and Jerrod (Astral Claws) revealed all of the clues from the beacons, which meant they were able to stop any Carcharodon unit from escaping the battle if they chose to do so.  Four Carcharodon units attempted to teleport off the planet and Jerrod stopped the one that matter- Tyberos.  Tyberos was carrying a relic and Jerrod stopped the one unit that mattered.  Luckily for Tyberos the game ended before the reactor blew up because he was standing in the epicentre.

Michael discovered that he could teleport off the board and used that to his advantage.  Moloc blew up a reactor, claimed a relic and teleported off the planet.  He didn’t discover the Carcharodons mission but that didn’t matter.  He achieved his mission objectives and got off the planet in time before the reactor blew up.

Andrew wanted the Star Phantoms Captain to live up to the fluff.  Things were getting a little hairy on the surface so the Captain went underground and high-tailed it to a reactor.  Andrew knew it was going to blow up.  He also knew Star Phantoms were supposed to be incinerated in the blast.  Good for him.  While Michael and I were getting out of dodge Andrew was living out his destiny.

Poor Jerrod.  He deep struck ten Terminators and Captain close to my Carcharodons.  Jerrod went to the beacon and rolled the trap.  He ended up rolling three 1’s for armour saves.  He rolled really well with his invulnerable saves against my Caestus Assault Ram.  They had good reason to fear the mighty bolter.  A bunch of Minotaur Tactical Marines shot at the Astral Claws and they could not make armour saves to save their life, literally.  This was the story of the day for Jerrod though.  He had a tough day with the dice and rolled really bad.

The Loyalists went unchallenged in Zone Mortalis.  The Carcharodons blew up two plasma reactors and the Minotaurs blew up the third.  Michael made off with the relic after deep striking next to the reactor.  Jerrod and Dave left us alone in the basement.

The Loyalists claimed the two relics on the surface as well.  The Carcharodons held onto one for the entire match.  Tyberos attempted to escape with one but was thwarted by the Astral Claws.  The other relic passed hands a few times and ended the match in the hands of the Carcharodons.

The match ended after turn five just before the reactors were set to go off.  The Loyalists had the most to lose as they were to closest to the three blast zones.  I was planning on using the apocalyptic blast with a whole lot of high strength low AP values.  The Loyalists had a convincing win.  Michael, Andrew and Jerrod were able to claim both of their mission objectives.  Dave claimed one of his.  I only had one and was able to achieve it.  Jerrod managed to get Valthex to a beacon and teleport off the planet.  Valthex almost didn’t make it off though.  Jerrod’s first attempt to flee failed and was targeted by gunfire.  He weathered to storm and made off like a bandit.  The Loyalists take the victory and cleanse the sector.  The Astral Claws disappear only to become the Red Corsairs.

It was an entertaining game.  It was good to have everyone (well almost everyone since Will slept in) in the same room together.  I was hoping to have more in the campaign and at one point I had thirteen people signed up.  Still, it was good to finally go through the Badab War campaign.  This is the first campaign I have organized so it was a good learning experience.  I’d like to thank everyone who participated and thanks to everyone who endured my battle reports.  I’ll have to find new prey for the Carcharodons now.

Our new house is coming along.  We dropped in for a visit a few days ago and gave coffee and donuts to the construction workers.  Then I posed awkwardly for a picture.  We get possession in July and are really excited about moving in.

Next posts will be Inner Circle wrap and Happy Birthday Number 3 for the Roost.  Thanks for reading.


  1. Thanks for posting, nice models & terrain to see, can I ask where you got the walls you used for the Zone Mortalis stuff? Been looking for a hopefully more affordable way to do that myself!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Here’s the link- The walls are listed as Bulkhead Walls. I recommend them. I was going a little stir crazy after a while with assembly. I had a total of 50 wall sections to assemble. 50 section is more than enough for a 4×4 board. I have never run out.

      Also check out High Times on the Eastern Fringe. Thomas scratch build his own Zone Mortalis board. The link is on my sidebar.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. That was good fun to look and read through, the whole campaign. From all your loyal readers I can say thank you for doing it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Rory. Glad you enjoyed it. It took a lot longer to write up the battle reports than I expected. Life and Inner Circle saw to that. Happy to finally see a Badab campaign play out. I’ve wanted to do this for years. Sadly it was without Sean and Nik. The three of us talked about doing it years ago. Still, I’m a fan of the story so it was a treat to be a part of the process.


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