Posted by: Turkadactyl | February 25, 2017

Tyranids- Mawloc

the Mawlocis one of my favourite Tyranid models.  I love the imagery of it popping out of the ground and comping away on some Guardsmen or Tau Fire Warriors.  Just when you think your safe the simple beating of your heart gives you away as the Mawloc can sense your presence from below.


This model can be hit or miss for game play.  I’ve had some games where this beast hits dead on target every time.  I’ve played others where it’s never come close to emerging from under any of its intended prey.  It is a game that is determined by the random roll of the dice so some games it eats at the buffet and other will be a strict Jenny Craig diet.  That’s what make the game fun.




Yeah, I didn’t use green stuff.  Liquid green stuff wasn’t a thing back then.  I used green stuff on carapace on other models and I didn’t like the final look.  I said screw it for this model.



Since it is a horde army I haven’t spent as much time with highlights.  If Tyranids was my only army then yeah, sure I would go into more detail for highlights.  I just have a tough time saying no to starting new armies.  From experience though it is not the skin that attracts the high but the brown and yellow carapace.

I recommend checking out Wolsherz’s Mawloc.  There’s a lot of work that has gone into that model to make it more dynamic than what I have done.  If you collect Tyranids and would like to showcase your models just shoot me an e-mail.  My address is on the sidebar.  Thanks for reading.


  1. Just brilliant

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  2. Looks great mate, I think it’s randomness makes them great fun.

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    • For sure. The game would be bland if everything was pre-determined. Once of the many draws to the Witch Hunter codex was the randomness. D6 missile shots from the Exorcist. D6 attacks from the Penitent Engine. The Arco-Flagellents exploding because of overstimulation.

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  3. Awesome work. We can only hope they’ll get a little love from GWs rule smiths soon.

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    • Fingers crossed. Welcome to the Roost btw.


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