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Roost 40K Written Battle Report 015 – 1500 points Adepta Sororitas vs Space Wolves

After a long hiatus from 40K my friend James has returned.  James used to play Eldar in fourth edition before selling his models.  James has the itch to play again and has started a Space Wolves army.  Just like me he loves Terminators and has a large contingent of elite battle brothers.  Here is a game we recently played with my Adepta Sororitas squaring off against the Sons of Russ.

Adeptas Sororitas- Order of the Refining Fire


Saint Celestine (Warlord- models within 12″ can use the Saints leadership for Act of Faith and War Hymns tests)


Sisters of Battle (10 models)- multi-melta, meltagun

Sisters of battle (10 models)- multi-melta, meltagun

Fast Attack

Dominions (10 models)- 4 meltaguns, Rhino dedicated transport

Heavy Support

Exorcist- Exorcist missile launcher, storm bolter

Exorcist- Exorcist missile launcher, storm bolter

Retributors (5 models)- 4 heavy flamers


Repentant Host- 3+ Repentia squads (each squad must be 10 strong), 3+ Penitent Engines


Culexus Assassin

Space Wolves

I didn’t get a copy of James list.  I think he ran a detachment or formation from the Sons of Fenris book.  James had Logan Grimnar, Njall Stormcaller, a mastery level 2 Rune Priest, a squad of 6 Wolf Guard Terminators with an assault cannon, a squad of six Wolf Guard Terminators with a heavy flamer, three Thunderwolf Calvary with a thunderhammer, frost axe, chainsword and storm shields, a Land Raider Crusader and a Stormwolf.  His detachment gave a +1 to WS.  James chose the Space Wolves powers for his psykers.  Njall had assail, crush and shockwave. The Rune Prioest had living lightning and murderous hurricane.

We played the Eternal War: Purge the Alien mission.  James wins the roll to choose the deployment zone and I win first turn.  Our previous game I played Carcharodons with a power armour heavy list.  James Terminators rolled over my army.  Logan has been a  beast and I have yet to remove that model from play.  The only thing that made it close was invisibility and granting a unit a 4+ invulnerable save.  I enjoy playing Repentia and Penitent Engines so it will be interesting to see how they perform against Terminators.

I split my force into two and have them close enough to support each other.  My left flank has an Exorcist, two Repentia squads, a squad of Battle Sisters, a Penitent Engine, the Retributors and Culexus.  They use a small ruin to hide out in.  The side of the ruins facing James blocks line of sight so I use it to hide the Retributors and Culexus.  I use a two-story ruin on my right for the Saint, a squad of Battle Sisters, a Repentia squad and two Penitent Engines to claim cover.  The second Exorcist is on my far right flank to make use of another shooting lane.  James has two ways to zip his Land Raider Crusader up the field of play and they are both covered now.  The Dominions are embarked on the Rhino and scout towards the Shrine, using it as cover.

James set-up is quick.  He has a unit of Terminators and Njall in the Land Raider Crusader and hides it from view from one of my Exorcists.  Three Thunderwolves are on the front line to make a mad dash.  The Stormwolf has Logan, Rune Priest and the other unit of Terminators.  James tries to seize the initiative and fails.



Adepta Sororitas Turn 1

My left flank spread out in the ruin and prepare for a counter attack when the Space Wolves draw closer.  A Repentia squad moves towards my right to act as a reserve for my two bubbles.  The Exorcist moves to the road and draws a line of sight on the Thunderwolves.  The Rhino advances to the Shrine and parks itself.  The Dominions are ready to disembark and bbq some wolf meat.  The two Exorcists fired on the Thunderwolves and were able to put three wounds onto the beasts.  James dice were not in his favour.

Space Wolves Turn 1

The Thunderwolves make a dash for the Shrine and take advantage of the cover.  The Land Raider Crusader lumbers forward and puts my right flank Exorcist in its crosshairs, managing to remove a hull point from a glancing hit.



Adepta Sororitas Turn 2

The Dominions receive a transmission that the Thunderwolves threat is imminent and that they need to strike now.  The Rhino pivots and reverses, allowing the Dominions to disembark and sprint into the ruins of the Shrine.  They open fire on the Thunderwolves and scorch the beasts from existence granting first blood.  The shadow of the lumbering Land Raider is near and the Dominions know what awaits them inside the machine- death.  They sing a song knowing that their sacrifice will ensure the survival of their sisters.

The rest of the Adepta Sororitas are in no position to take down the Land Raider and position themselves to maximize their firing on the the Adeptes Astartes.  The Exorcist on my right retreats.



Space Wolves Turn 2

The Stormwolf arrives and screeches across the sky towards the Exorcist on my right flank.  It opens fire and when the dust settles the Exorcist is still there playing its triumphant hymns.  The Stormwolf calls on the power of the machine spirit and the hellfrost cannon targets a Penitent Engine in the ruins.  The blast lands and explodes the machine, taking out a couple of Repentia with it.

The Land Raider Crusader pivots and enters the Shrine.  The driver misses some jagged plasteel jutting out and a track comes off the wheels, immobilizing the machine.  Njall and the Terminators spill out towards the Dominions.  The prayers of the Dominions were heard by the Emperor.  After the psychic onslaught from Njall and shooting from the Land Raider Crusader and Terminators only five Dominions were killed.  The Terminators struggled through the terrain and were unable to charge the faithful sisters.


Adepta Sororitas Turn 3

The Dominions count their blessings and embark back into the Rhino.  They live to fight another hour and wait for the moment to strike.  The Exoricist on my right retreats back and draws closer to my blob in the two-story ruin.   The Exorcist on my left fires into Njall and company and one Terminator is blasted to pieces.  The Exorcist to my right fires into the Stormwolf, hoping to track the flying fortress and misses with predictable results.


Space Wolves Turn 3

The Land Raider Crusader targets the Exorcist on my right and comes up empty-handed.  Njall and company slog through the ruins.

The Stormwolf hovers and Logan, Rune Priest and Terminators spill out.  The Stormwolf opens fire on the Exorcist and mobile organ has played its last tune.  The Rune Priest targets a Penitent Engine with murderous hurricane and living lightning.   The hurricane scatters over the Repentia and kills one.  Living lightning causes three penetrating hits and explodes the walker.  Logan has no charge available and runs towards the sisters.



Adepta Sororitas Turn 4

The Dominions see an opportunity to destroy the sacred Land Raider Crusader.  The skilled Rhino driver reverses around the building and the Dominions disembark in melta range of the Land Raider Crusader.  They open fire and I roll two one’s and a two.  Sensing the golden opportunity fleeing, they offer a prayer to the Emperor and he answers their plea.  A ten is rolled on two dice for a penetrating hit followed up by a five on the armour penetration, which is enough to explode the precious tank of the Space Wolves.


The faith of the Sisters of Battle are further rewarded.  Three sisters, with one wielding the multi-melta, in the ruins on my left draw line of sight on the assault cannon Terminator in the ruins.  The Terminator is distracted by the mult-melta and is deemed a casualty by bolter fire.  The surviving Exorcist advances forward and draws a bead on the Stormwolf.  Sensing the opportunity the tank opens fire and one missile finds it ways through the cover thus exploding the flying fortress.

The Repentia and Penitent Engine on my left advance towards my right flank.  Logan is advancing and the inevitable conflict may require support through attrition.

Space Wolves Turn 4

Logan and company advance forward and run towards the sisters.  The Rune Priest calls upon living lightning and shakes the Penitent Engine.  The Engine loses a hull point but ignores the crew shaken result.  Njall and company advance toward the Dominions and exact revenge for the damage they caused.  Njall uses shockwave and causes six wounds.  I fail five armour saves and the Dominions sing their last.

Adepta Sororitas Turn 5

The Rhino retreats and fulls up to the ruins on my left flank.  The Culexus and Retributors emerge using the tank as cover.  The Repentia and Penitent Engine in the same ruins continue to advance to my right.

The Penitent Engine, Repentia and the Saint emerge from the ruins to meet Logan and company head on.  They want Logan to rue the day he challenged the sisters in the field of combat.  The sisters in the ruins and the Exorcist open fire to soften Logan up.  The Penitent Engine and the Saint are able to flame the Terminators.

The Penitent Engine attempts to charge through the smoldering remains of the Exorcists and fails the charge but passes the dangerous terrain test.  The Saint goes marching in a meets Logan head on in combat.  The Saint manages to cause two wounds with her AP3 power sword and for a reward is instantly killed by the great wolf lord.  The Repentia charge in and call on their Act of Faith of a 3+ feel no pain.  The raging sisters look to seek solace through death and sacrifice and three of them receive their wish.  Their sacrifice is not in vain as the Rune Priest, Terminators and Logan are all victims of their manic assault.

My apologies for the blurred photos.



Space Wolves Turn 5

Njall and company emerge from the Shrine and advance towards the Repentia.  They shoot the raving sisters to no avail.

We roll for turn 6 and the game ends.  I win 8-5.  I scored 6 points for eliminating six units, 1 for slay the warlord and 1 for first blood.  James eliminated four units and one for slay the warlord.  I had some dice luck just when I needed it the most.  James also didn’t have the numbers to survive my army.  My Repentia alone outnumbered his army, which did not bode well for James.  Repentia are fragile but when they hit they hit hard.

Next battle report will be my Gladius Strike Force tournament list against Jerrod’s Decurion Necrons.  There was a lot of destruction in that game.


  1. Thanks for the bat rep, I.enjoyed the read. And great to see the Sister doing well. You know, one day they’ll get plastic kits and a codex of note. One day.

    Liked by 1 person

    • One day…sigh. It’s too bad they have been on the shelf for as long they have been. There is a lot of potential with special rules and background with this army. This army will fly off the shelves once it gets plastic.

      The last two codexes have been based around models that have to sell. White Dwarf was all about the Saint and Uriaj. This rendition is all about selling Simulacrum Imperialis bearers and Priests. The current codex is the most restrictive on Acts of Faith. Before Faith could turn the tide of a battle. I find I am not using Faith as much now.

      On the plus side Repentia have received a big boost. I really enjoy playing with them. They were awful in Witch Hunters.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Once they get in plastic, they would definitely sell like the Mechanicus line.

        How does the faith mechanic work now, is it still a dice pool or have they streamlined it?


  2. It’s streamlined now. Unit gets one faith point to use. If it has a Simulacrum then it gets to reuse the faith point. Repentia and Seraphim cannot take a Simulacrum. The Vet for the Seraphim used to count as a Simulacrum. Previous rules for the Simulacrum allowed reroll on failed faith tests.

    The previous codex’s were able to generate a lot more faith and that is what makes the army unique. With Witch Hunters I had to be tactical as to when I sacrificed a Vet to generate faith points through martyrdom. White Dwarf was all random and GW was pushing sales on Uriah models to be able to reroll the faith pool.


  3. Always great to see SoB out to shoot some fools. Do you have an article with better pictures of those by any chance?


    • Sadly I do not. I now have gaming space in the loft and the lighting is terrible. I didn’t like the flash for the first few pictures so I turned it off resulting in the higher probability of blurry pictures. They looked clearer on the display. I have purchased a tripod so that should reduce camera shake tremendously. I am looking into investing in a new camera. My wife takes better pictures on her iPhone compared to our DSLR. I am also using a tablet but that thing is old and the quality is not as good.

      It will be s slow process but I am trying to improve my quality of service here at the Roost.


  4. […] I now have three squads of Repentia.  Two are painted.  The second squad that is painted have blue eviscerators compared to the gold you see above.  The third squad will have white eviscerators.  Three squads of ten are required for the formation.  The formation is expensive but if the models are given a chance to get into combat they will cause a lot of damage.  You can see the Repentia formation at work in Battle Reports 14 and 15. […]


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