Posted by: Turkadactyl | March 11, 2016

Adepta Sororitas – Repentia

During the Witch Hunter days Repentia were terrible.  I had no aspiration to buy any.  I preferred the randomness of the Arco-Flagellents at the time.  Then the White Dwarf codex was released and things changed.  Arco’s lost all their random flavour and Repentia received an Act of faith that was super fluffy.  They also got a points reduction.  I knew someone who had a bunch and he was ready to sell.  I opened up my wallet and bought two squads.


I now have three squads of Repentia.  Two are painted.  The second squad that is painted have blue eviscerators compared to the gold you see above.  The third squad will have white eviscerators.  Three squads of ten are required for the formation.  The formation is expensive but if the models are given a chance to get into combat they will cause a lot of damage.  You can see the Repentia formation at work in Battle Reports 14 and 15.

Uriah is a good model to include if he is the warlord because he boosts the units invulnerable save by one.  Repentia can be fragile to shooting so they need to capitalize on cover and invulnerable save bonuses when possible.  Uriah’s leadership is also better than a regular Priest so the chances of rolling a successful War Hymn is greater.  War Hymns make Repentia all the more efficient.

I gave my Repentia a little bit more coverage.  Some of the sculpts are inspired by Janet Jackson and are flirting with a clothing malfunction.  I chose to paint the flesh gold, which gives a corset look.




I may be able to get Disqus at the Roost.  If it happens it will be in the next few days.

If you collect an Adepta Sororitas army or know someone who does I’d like to showcase it here at the Roost.  I can be contacted at


  1. Great work, always loved this unit


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