Posted by: Turkadactyl | March 13, 2016

Kickstarter- Black Site X and Rapid Vanguard Terrain by Death Ray Designs

My search for Zone Mortalis is now complete.  I was going to purchase the official Zone Mortalis from Forgeworld.  That plan has now changed.  A few days back I was going through my Battle Brothers links.  I cannot remember the site I was on at the time.  I scrolled through the sites blogroll and saw a link to Death Ray Designs Kickstarter.  Naturally I was curious and have much thought I have decided to take the plunge.


This will be my first foray into MDF terrain.  The walls are what sold me.  It is fully funded and as of this posting there is still 14 hours left to go.  If you are interested check out the link from above.  I will be featuring this terrain in the upcoming Badab War YEG campaign.



  1. That’s a great find. I didn’t even realize these guys had bulkheads that would build great corridors, because when I found them a few weeks ago I was too busy staring at their amazing, exact replicas of the Dawn of War Space Marine Blood Raven buildings and didn’t even notice.

    I’ve been wanting terrain in that style for years, since I’ve always viewed the GW tabletop games as physical versions of Starcraft/RTS video games, so having the production buildings from the video game on the tabletop would really complete the feel of taking the video game and transporting it into real life.

    Dawn of War has some of the best Imperial architecture, in my opinion. Looks a lot more sci-fi and militaristic than the plastic gothic Imperial buildings GW makes and you can play fun games where buildings drop out of the sky from Valkyries and skid to a halt to begin construction, or get dropped down by Drop Pods, just like the video game.

    Interactive terrain and tables are really fun and aren’t used often enough, and aren’t used at all in tournaments, which is a shame. It’s one of the reasons Zone Mortalis is so fun, because the board acts almost like a third player.


    • Dawn of War is a great game. That game softened my stance to starting a Space Marine army. I love the Terminators in that game. Then Forge World produces Badab War.

      This terrain will open up new gaming possibilities. I plan on using the towers as void shield generators. I also like the pedways. It opens up multi-level fighting. I plan on using the barracks ad entrance into catacombs and into a Zone Mortalis board. I like the idea of a doubles game and and blasts above ground affects the stability underground. I still have some GW terrain to assemble. This stuff will change the aesthetics and narrative.


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