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Kaaltok Campaign- Hive Fleet Kodiak

Not too long ago I posted a battle report with a narrative twist to it.  Darrell at GW West Edmonton has organized this campaign and I have been bugging him about creating the origins of the planet and some background to why the factions have come together.  Darrell has obliged to my request (maybe just to shut me up) and has written a paragraph to why our armies have met up.  Thanks Darrell.

I thought it would add more to the experience for all participants if there was an added narrative or cinematic expression to the campaign.  I’ve extended an invitation to the others to write battle reports that can be posted here at the Roost as well as come up with some background as to why their faction is involved.  So far I haven’t received any background or battle reports but fingers crossed.  I’m not involved in the other games so it’s a good way to connect the participants.

Here is Darrell’s background for the narrative:

The planet Kaaltok hangs alone with a dim star it’s only company in the Eastern Fringe, on the edge of Tau space. Isolated by strange grav-metric phenomenon it remained untouched for untold millennia until without warning the grav storms ceased and the planet was left open to the rest of the cosmos. Soon several powers began to make planet fall on the barren wastes, each with its own agenda. The blood of many will soon soak the ground of this isolated place, and each faction demanding a penance in blood for those that challenge their claim to this forgotten place.

Here’s the background for my Tyranid Hive Fleet.

****** Date: 6 327 989 M41 ******

****** Recipient: Inquisitor Lord Osku Kreios ******

****** Sender: Inquisitor Llyr Lando ******

****** Subject: Tyranid Menace- Kaaltok *******

The grav storms that have engulfed planet 0K123-IJ, common name Kaaltok, have subsided.  There has been a substantial rise in Xenos activity that has not only caught our attention but that of the Adeptes Astartes.  I fear their presence will only disturb the work we have begun.  There is also confirmed activity of those who have claimed no loyalty to the Emperor and spread the foul ways of the warp.  Their presence is troubling and may require the attention of the Ordo Malleus.

While observing the Xenos activity I was surprised to see the Tyranid species.  There was no indication that any Hive Fleets were in the local space lanes prior to the grav storms ceasing activity.  The markings on the beasts are similar to those seen in the Ursus system.  That Hive Fleet has been name Hive Fleet Kodiak.

Hive Fleet Kodiak displays a behaviour unique from large fleets such as Leviathan and Kraken; behaviour that either overwhelms a sector with an overwhelming number or send off lots of fleets to flank.  Hive Fleet Kodiak gives “birth” to a smaller fleet or two and nurses it.  Once the fleet has grown it is sent off to find its own prey like an adult nurses its young and then sends its off to fend for its own once old enough.  Hive Fleet Kodiak has been known to plan for times of low intake and will hibernate, whether that be in the void of deep space or hide on a planet, and wait for it to be populated.  Once the planet is populated the Hive Fleet will awake from its hibernation and will consume the inhabitants for biomass.

I am going back through the records to find out when this grav storm began.  It may give us an indication as to how ancient this Tyranid race is.  Were there more grav storms that kept this Xenos at bay?  It is my believe that Hive Fleet Kodiak was on the planet before the grav storms began and the hibernation state allowed some form of safety from the phenomenon.  I will attempt to achieve live and dead samples of the Xenos.  I have called for the aid of Inquisitor Keelan Dzvezda to assist in the matter.  Dzvezda has substantial experience with this fleet.

For the Emperor

********** Classified: Inquisitorial eyes only **************

***** end transmission*******

I have one confession.  I haven’t looked into Disqus yet.  My plans over the days off changed and some much needed spring cleaning happened.  There is a bit more space in our storage closet now.  I haven’t told my wife yet that I plan on using that space to store 40K terrain.  I am waiting to buy her some nice wine and then tell her, “Oh, by the way I’m using the storage space for 40K.”  I also have to update the Badab War YEG post.  The Death Ray Designs Kickstarter now provides an idea to when the campaign will be starting.  I used Behind The Name to generate names for the above narrative.  I was drawing some blanks so I went for some help.


  1. Forge that narrative!


  2. Now unleash the dogs of war and get fighting!


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