Posted by: Turkadactyl | March 18, 2016

Nemesis Painting Challenge- Adeptus Mechanicus

I have some bad news and some good news.  First the bad news.  The GW West Edmonton Nemesis Painting Challenge has been cancelled.  I am not going to lie, I am disappointed.  It’s no fault to staff at the store.  This is the third year Nik has organized the challenge and has made alterations to make it easier for participants.  The challenge is a six month challenge to paint an 1950 point army.  Participants are require to paint a set amount of points every month.



Month two only saw three people make the deadline.  That was Andrew, Sebastian and myself.  For a modest 250 point increase, with at least one model on a 50mm base or bigger, only three of us made the jump.  Personally I do not think 250 points to paint in a month is much.  I disappointed that most participants did not see this through.  I enjoy seeing the progression in armies and it is not to be this year.  Nik cancelled because Andrew, Sebastian and I do not require any incentive to paint our armies.

That brings me to the good news.  Sebastian was super motivated and actually finished the 1850 points in less than two months.  Andrew and I have both had our armies displayed in the store in the past so Nik chose to display Sebastian’s Adeptus Mechanicus.  It’s good to see some Adeptus Mechanicus on display.  I wish more people played this army.  The models look fantastic.

I’ve been meaning to take picture sooner but I kept forgetting the camera.  There will be a reflection in some of the photos.  The army is in a display case.  Sebastian was not present and I was not about to ask staff to take Sebastian’s models for me.  You may see my Tyranids in a Kaaltok Campaign battle report versus Sebastian’s Adeptus Mechanicus.  We all get six matches and there are nine people participating.  This is the army that terrifies all of us.

Sebastian plans on adding two more Void Shield Generators to the army.  I’ve asked him to do a WIP for the Roost.









Congratulations on having your army displayed Sebastian.

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