Posted by: Turkadactyl | January 30, 2016

Nemesis Painting Challenge Month 1

This is the third year that Games Workshop is running the Nemesis Painting Challenge.  Each participant is required to have an X amount of points painted with a secondary goal that will usually include a specific type of model.  Month one only has one objective and that is paint 500 points.  This painting challenge is a great idea.  This is not a painting contest.  It is a motivating tool to help gamer’s paint a 1850 point army in six months.  I participated in the first two challenges and it helped me stay focused on Carcharodons and Grey Knights.  For the third installment I will be contributing more Carcharodons.


Here is how participants score painting points:

  • Painted with three colours- 3 points
  • Washes/highlights- 2 points
  • Sand/grass/basing material used or decorative base- 2 points
  • Finished on time- 2 points
  • Painting challenge/objectives met- 1 point

Here is how participants score gaming points:

  • Use only painted models- 3 points
  • Play a game at the correct points level- 2 points
  • Play on time- 2 points
  • Win a game- 1 point

When the dust settles after six months the participant with the most points has the opportunity to have their displayed in a store display case.

I have to get a head start on the challenge so I started in October.  I paint as slow as molasses.  Dreadtober motivated me to paint up my Ironclad and Seige Dreadnoughts and they make an excellent contribution to Nemesis.  These five Red Brethren Terminators have been taunting me for a while and begging for me to complete them.  Give the Dreadnoughts some hunter killer missiles and here’s my 500 points.

Here’s a look at some of the other participants.  These photos are taken from the GW West Edmonton Facebook page.

Andrew Werbiski’s Alpha Legion:



Daniel Visconte’s Ravenwing:



Darrell Duncan’s Celestial Lions:



Devon Moore’s Chaos Space Marines:



Nik Stechishin’s Cult Mechanicum:



Oscar Henning’s Grey Knights:



Sebastian Chmiel’s Skitarii:



Fingers crossed everyone makes it to 1850.  There is usually a strong turn out the first month or to and then a lot of participants fade out.  Last year only two people completed the six month challenge for 40K and one for Fantasy.  There are no Age of Sigmar/Fantasy participants this year.

The deadline for February is the end of the first week.  The objectives are a total of 750 points with at least one vehicle or a model on a 50mm base or larger.  I have met that with the Dreadnoughts.  I spent the month of January recovering from a broken rib so I did a bit of painting.  I have a Captain, a Tactical Squad and an Assault Squad to contribute over the next couple of months.  Those WIP project will be posted on the Roost soon enough.

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