Posted by: Turkadactyl | January 29, 2016

Space Marine Carcharodons- Red Brethren Terminators Part 2

Here is the completed product of my second combat squad of Red Brethren.  This post has all of the highlights and the addition of red to the top of the armour.  The red is subtle but is enough in my opinion to classify them as the Red Brethren.  I now have a ten man squad of lightning claw Assault Terminators to wreak havoc with Tyberos.  All I have to do now is practice my 5+ invulnerable saves because I am failing dramatically in that department.





Here are a couple of close-ups.  Now that the models are complete it is time for them to high-five some Tau in the face.



It feels good to be completing some projects.  These models have been in limbo for a couple of years.


  1. Looking good. Those bases are pretty nice as well.


  2. The bases are from Fantascape. I have a link in the blogroll section. I am a big fan of the bases. My Hector Rex is on the gothic ruins so be sure to check that post out in the Inquistion category.

    My biggest issue with these bases are that models pop off fairly easy. I’ve tried green stuff to no avail. The Assault Marines are pinned to the base and I think that has solved the problem.

    Fantascape is not the best for customer service. If you have a question do not expect a reply. Ordering is different though. The product does arrive in a timely fashion.


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