Posted by: Turkadactyl | January 26, 2016

Space Marine Carcharodons- Red Brethren Terminators Part 2 WIP January 26

Lets start wrapping up some projects on the Roost.  This is the second batch of Red Brethren Terminators.  The Red Brethren are a bodyguard of sorts for Tyberos.  All models must be equipped with lightning claws.  I have five painted already.  This is the second combat squad.


The difference from the last post is I have painted over the varnish with Mechanicus Standard Grey.  The recesses naturally have been left alone.  It cleans the model up tremendously and I find it gives the models a more striking look.  From here I will be highlighting the grey as well as other colours.  The lightning claws will be highlighted with five shades of blue.


The rivets were an accessory I added onto the models.  I took a sharpie to the model and mapped out where I wanted the rivets. I then drilled holes over the marks and popped a rivet in.  Carcharodons like their rivets and have been seen with lots of MkV power armour and rivets in their terminator armour.  I find that the rivets add a lot more personal touch and flavour to the uniqueness of the Carcharodons.  Five Red Brethren have rivets on their shoulder pads and five do not.  This allows me to distinguish between models if I want to combat squad them.

I found the rivets on Ebay a while back.  It took me a couple of orders to get the size right.  The company is Grandt Line.  The size I used were the .043″ round 154.  You can find these in their catalogue.  The rivets are also available on Ebay.  If you want to try the rivets I strongly suggest marking the spot, drilling and then using tweezers to drop the rivet into the hole.  It’s a bit of work but the end product is worth it.





I will be my Out Of the Basement Gladius Strike Force against Jerrod’s Necrons later today.  I’ll try to get some photos for another batrep.

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