Posted by: Turkadactyl | February 4, 2016

Space Marine Carcharodons- MkIV Captain WIP Feb. 04

I’ve had a bit of time off work due to a broken rib so I have had a lot of time to paint models.  It’s time to get all caught up on the Roost.  The first WIP for the MkIV Captain showed the model with all the base colours painted on.  Here’s the next stage in the development.


First of all I want to apologize for the poor quality of the pictures.  I should have done more quality control with this batch.  For the next step I dipped the model in varnish.  I know that this is a method that is really divisive in the community.  For me the varnish ensures that the paint does not rub off.  I have a lot of Forgeworld models in my Carcharodons and I find that the paint rubs off with use.  The varnish makes sure that does not happen.  I also miss the inks that GW used to sell.  I should have stocked up on more.

For the armour I painted Mechanicus Standard Grey with the exception of the recesses.  Next comes the transfers.  I try to use five transfers per model.  The Carcharodons use tribal markings on their armour.  Some of the transfers are really small and subtle.  My challenge with this model will be the skin.  I wasn’t completely satisfied with the skin of the Veteran Sergeant on my Centurions.  The skin is described as a pale grey and it wasn’t pale enough for my liking.  The skin has to be grey but can’t blend in with the armour.



The next update will be the finished product.

Update- Feb 05.  I found a picture that wasn’t originally uploaded.



  1. The skin colour is nothing short of amazing. So weird yet so fitting.

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  2. Very tricky capturing the skin without ending it up the same as the armour, bravo.

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  3. Thanks. That’s without any highlights so far. I think I nailed it. Check out the next post.


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