Posted by: Turkadactyl | February 4, 2017

Sylvaneth- Tree Revenants WIP

#Squaduary is live.  Rory at Stepping Between Games started a painting challenge for the month of February.  Assemble, paint and base a squad within the month.  I pledged to do five Sylvaneth Tree Revenants and three Kurnoth Hunters with bows.  It’s not to late to join the challenge.  In fact I encourage you to wander over to Rory’s stomping grounds and drop him a message.  Now onto the first of my two pledges.  I’m ahead of the #Squaduary schedule and well into the painting.


My poor Tree Revenants.  They have been picked on every single game I’ve played.  I think they have a perfect streak of being my first eliminated unit every game.  I guess they look scarier then they really are.  They are super fragile with a 5+ save so it doesn’t take too much effort to take them out.

Spite Revenants are the problem child in the lore of the Sylvaneth family but so far these models have proven to be the difficult ones.  I haven’t been satisfied with my work so far.  I did up three models in hopes to find a template.  I’d like to hear your constructive criticism/preferences.

For the first model I painted Emperor’s Children on the hair.  I drybrushed Changeling Pink, then white and followed that up with a wet white highlight.  The skin had Guilliman Blue glaze followed by a white drybrush and concluded with a wet white highlight.


For the next model I used the same concept for the hair as I did the skin.


For the last model I left the hair white and drybrushed Changeling Pink over top for a subtler pink.  I drybrushed white and applied a wet white highlight.


Here are the models closer together.



It took two conversations but I think I have found a potential solution.  One, I’m not sold on the drybrushing for the skin.  I wanted to with a similar look that I have done with the swords for the Kurnoth Hunters and Durthu as well as the sprites.  While I think the drybrushing has worked with the aforementioned parts it doesn’t work with skin.  I want the skin to be blue to match my past projects.  Blue and pink, unless broken up, do not work so well together.  There is a lot of unbroken blue and in the case of the Scion there is too much pink.  The pink hair will have to be sacrificed I think.

Another problem is the boldness of the skin.  I bought the Painting Sylvaneth guide and I think I there is a solution to my issue.  One example has the skin based with Celestra Grey, shaded with Drakenhof Nightshade and highlighted with Ulthuan Grey.  I have to purchase the greys but I think I will try that combination along with Guilliman Blue.  I’ll keep the blue “spirit” consistency but the blue should not be as bold.

The hair I have several options available.  I can go with a dark colour in contrast to the light flesh or go with a faint colour with white highlights.  What do you think?  How about colours for hair?  I’m thinking about grey, yellow or green.

My next issue has been with the banner.  I don’t know what colour to paint the branches in the middle.  I painted a few colours but haven’t decided on what to do yet.  I had problems sleeping last night so I did a bit of work to help move my decision along.  What do you think?



My other issue is do I go with grey or brown bark for the banner?  I plan on painting a unit of Tree Revenants grey.  My thought process of painting this banner grey is tying it in to the other unit of Tree Revenants.  It also breaks up the brown a bit.




I look forward to reading your comments.


  1. Hey man, loving the Sylvaneth! Yours inspired me to collect my own!

    With the skin of the Tree Revs, I started mine with a white base then glazed blue, but I wasn’t feeling it. So I went with a blue skin basecoat!

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    • Thanks for the tip. I think I have some more trial and error with these models. Such problem children.

      Yeah, another Sylvaneth collector. Thanks for the kind words. It’s truly humbling.


  2. First of all, I quite liked the group shot at the top the first time I saw these together. And your Sylvaneth models are amazing – very nice Kurnoth Hunters recently. I do have some thoughts, having read through this, although I’m no expert! But here they are anyway:

    I like your plan for changing the skin using Celestra Grey, Guilliman, and Ulthuan. I see what you mean about the pink hair, although part of me also says it worked in general when I first saw the shots. I’m not sure what colour would work best alternatively, would probably wait until the other colours are sorted. With the banner, I quite like the grey and think it’s nice to see some greys breaking up the brown here. Although, I’d be tempted to get that grey onto the other models in the unit in some form to help tie them together if you want to use it? I’m just looking back to the GW photos where the centre head of the staff mirrors the skin, while the branches of the staff sort of match the branches that grow upwards from the models.

    No doubt they’ll be amazing after your painting process! Cheers.

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    • I plan on painting a second unit of Tree Revenants grey. I painted this banner grey to tie this unit in to the future one I will be painting. Just on the fence if I want to go with brown or grey.

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  3. Coming together very nicely Turk.

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  4. I love the variance in colors on the banner. Every color on the model complements the others. Great job.

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    • I’m most likely sticking with just one colour. I painted several on to compare and contrast and see what colour I liked best.


  5. […] photo above is from my previous WIP post.  I wasn’t satisfied with these models.  The skin and hair didn’t feel right.  Talk […]


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