Posted by: Turkadactyl | February 3, 2017

Sylvaneth- Kurnoth Hunters with Greatswords

My Kurnoth Hunters with great swords are now complete.  I’ve played a few Path to Glory campaign games with these models and they hit like a brick wall.  They are super durable as well (well, not so against Ironjaws).  I played a Sylvaneth versus Sylvaneth game and my Treelord engaged a single Kurnoth Hunter in combat.  Well, I came out on top only because I had seven more wounds and cast regrowth to heal lost wounds.  These models are fun to play with and are gorgeous to paint.


There was a bit of surprise when I entered Kurnoth Hunters with great swords into the campaign.  The go to weapons are the bows, which is understandable.  Sylvaneth do not have many too many ranged options.  The options are the two types of Treelords, Durthu, Drycha, Alareille and Kurnoth Hunters.  The range for Kurnoth Hunters is thirty inches so it seems like a no brainer.  I’m never one to go with convention at times.  The swords look cool so swords it is.


WIth my Sylvaneth versus Sylvaneth match my opponent painted his swords red.  One staff joked that we were playing a Jedi versus Sith game.  The Jedi prevailed that round.  I focused my shooting into his Kurnoth Hunters enough to force him to retreat for line of sight blocking cover.  I knew how hard they would hit if they charged me full health.





There’s a close up of the chest cavity.  I used Rakarth Flesh then white.  I applied Gulliman Blue galze, dry brushed white and added some white highlight.  The fungus was painted with Scab Red with a Squig Orange highlight.  I used Agrax Earthshade for the wash and highlighted with Elf Flesh.



That’s a close up of the back.  Games Workshop put a lot of work into the detail on these models.  Like I said, they are gorgeous to work with and paint.  I applied a wet highlight of Graveyard Earth and Rakarth Flesh on the external roots.  I wanted them to pop out a bit more and drybrushing was not accomplishing that for me.

I’m having fun with photo editing.  Photography was a bit of a dread before I had a decent camera and a light box.  As time allows I will update old posts with better quality photos.

Rory at Stepping Between Games has started #Squaduary.  We are encouraged to assemble a squad and paint it to completion.  I’ve pledged a unit of Tree Revenants and a unit of Kurnoth Hunters (not this unit).  Check his site out.  I encourage you to participate.  Rory has been blogging for a while so explore his site while you’re at it.  He was one of my first followers and I thank him for sticking with me this long.

My Sylvaneth have made Issue #10 of the Golden D6 magazine.  There are a few model showcases in the issue so be sure to check it out.  It’s an honour to make it.  Thanks to Thor at Creative Twilight for choosing my Sylvaneth.

Thanks for reading.


  1. These are all so cool man. Great job

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks. These models have been the most enjoyable Sylvaneth to date to paint.

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  2. Lovely work on them. The blue and pink look awesome against the bark. Thanks for the close up picks too, it is great to see the details on them

    Liked by 1 person

    • Give in. Collect Sylvaneth.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hahah! They are so tempting, trying really hard to get a few projects done first

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      • You can’t resist the dark side. It calls you. Yes…


  3. They are so incredibly beautiful. Amazing work as usual.

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  4. I am just like Joe and every time I see a new thing of these you have painted up I am tempted. Great job on them, loving the charging swords look.

    Thanks for the shout out chief.

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    • Hey, anything I can do to support your cause. I’m looking forward to seeing the progress with the armies. I’m going to be a good/bad influence. Give in a start a new army.


  5. Brilliant paint job and basing. You’ve done those awesome models justice (and more).

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  6. So bloody gorgeous, just ace.

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    • Thank you.

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      • You’re definitely welcome. I’m pretty sporadic with my WordPress time but it was ace catching up and seeing those magnificent tree fellas.

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      • More to come. I’m working on Kurnoth Hunters with bows right now.


  7. Very nice painting!
    I’m looking to do a conversion and was wondering how long the kurnoth Hunter champion sword is from the bottom of the crosspiece to the top.
    If you could also tell me how long the Spirit of Durthu’s sword is too that’d be great!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Give me a couple of days. I’m in the middle of my work schedule and I work 12 hour shifts. I’ll get to it on the weekend.


    • Durthu’s sword- 3″
      Kurnoth Huntmaster’s sword- 1 3/4″
      Kurnoth Hunter’s sword- 1 1/2″


      • Thanks so much for your reply! The huntmaster’s sword seems to be exactly what I’m after!

        Good luck in your painting & games!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Glad I could help.


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