Posted by: Turkadactyl | January 31, 2017

Tyranids- Tyrannofex

Well, it’s time we scuttle along to the next big Tyranid beastie.  Today I will be showcasing one of my favourite models to play- the Tyrannofex.  What’s not to like about it?  Six wounds, two plus armour and a torrent firing heavy flamer.  It’s the last part the has my attention.  For years my friend terrorized me with his Astra Militarum Hellhounds.  He was cooking up for a BBQ and Tyranids were on the menu.  Now I have my own version to set loose on the field.


My Tyranids were one of the first armies that I started to play and collect back in third edition.  My painting has improved a lot since but I sure do appreciate the simplicity in which I painted back in the day.  Highlights were not as important back then, especially when painting up a horde army.  I think I would have gone crazy if I highlighted all the skin.

I’ve been busting out the Tyranids a bit more now.  Regardless of the power level I enjoy playing this army.  I use Pyrovores from time to time so it is definitely for the love of the army and not to win.

Yes, the Tervigon is good and almost an auto include.  It was the Tyrannofex kit that caught my attention though.  It was a no brainer for me as to what gun I was going to apply.  A torrent heavy flamer can be brutal against low armour armies.  I also like the idea of this acidic goo being fired out and melting anything it touches.  The model is a pain to transport but worth it in the end.





Some exciting posts coming up this week.  I have another Badab War battle report.  I was a spectator so I was able to take loads of pictures and write down notes while Will (Lamenters) and Michael (Minotaurs) battled it out.  Kurnoth Hunters will also be making an appearance.  Thanks for reading.

Do you play Tyranids?  If so I’d love to showcase your models here at the Roost.  Have a look at the side menu for my contact information or leave a comment.


  1. The hard work on that paid off. Now stop tempting with a big army of stompy nids.

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    • I’m only get started! There’s been a few of collecting gone into this army. The models I’m missing are the newer releases. Too expensive and my attention has changed to collecting other armies.


  2. Lovely big bug mate

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    • Thanks. You’ll have to put up with some brown for a while before I return to grey.


  3. Looking sweet! Loving the highlights on the chitin armour.

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    • Thanks. I kinda lucked out with this colour. I was on a backcountry hike looking at colour combos in nature. I came home and had something picked out and then the dark brown skin with light brown and mustard yellow chitin popped into my head. I chatted with GW staff and low and behold Bubonic Brown was the mustard yellow I ws looking for.

      I’ll get a Hive Fleet Kodiak family photo one day to show off the browns and yellow.


  4. It looks fantastic! I really like your yellow armor plates. If/when I get more Tyranids, the Tyrannofex is a first but because it is such an awesome looking model.
    Oh and I have a pair of banewolves that I loved to cook Space Marines with! (Played traitor guard after all)

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    • It’s a pain to assemble but the end result is worth it. I’ll raise a glass to cooked Space Marines (except mine).


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