Posted by: Turkadactyl | January 29, 2017

Badab War YEG Battle Report #4- Star Phantoms vs Astral Claws

This battle report will be a quick one.  This game happened while I was on my course and I was unable to watch the events unfold.  Jerrod and Andrew took some pictures but they were enraptured with the game that neither wrote notes down.  It was a close game that came down to the wire.  Who will win this 1250 point round of loyalist versus secessionist?


This battle report will be super quick.  I only received nine photos and half of them are from the initial deployment.  I apologize for the h’orderve sized battle report.  Although small I wanted to include it to contribute to the progression of the campaign.

Star Phantoms


  • Space Marine Librarian- mastery level 2, digital weapons


  • Tactical Marines (10 models)- lightning claw, plasma gun, grav cannon, Drop Pod
  • Tactical Marines (10 models)- meltagun, missile launcher, Drop Pod

Fast Attack

  • Assault Marines (6 models)- jump packs, power sword, combat shield, flamer, melta bombs
  • Drop Pod

Heavy Support

  • Devastators (5 models)- missile launchers
  • Devastators (5 models)- lascannons
  • Stormraven- hurricane bolters

Astral Claws

Jerrod could not remember his list.  There were some Terminators, Tactical Marines and Armenneus Valthex.

Let’s Get Ready to Ruummmmmble!

I didn’t have time to design a mission so Andrew and Jerrod rolled off and it was a kill point game.  Andrew took first turn and set up first.  Jerrod attempted to steal the initiative and was successful.  The lucky dice rolls for the Astral Claws did not end there.










Those dice are from overwatch involving plasma.  Needless to say the plasma hit its mark and fried some Star Phantoms.

The game ended up being a nail biter with a 9-8 victory to the Astral Claws.  Jerrod told me that he made a few overwatch rolls that helped turn the tide to an Astral Claws victory.  Valthex ended up becoming a casualty on the field of battle.  Jerrod rolled on the casualty table resulting in Valthex starting the next game with one less wound.

The Astral Claws receive a command point for winning the match.  The Star Phantoms are awarded a command point for slaying a special character.

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