Posted by: Turkadactyl | August 13, 2016

Tyranids- Hive Fleet Kodiak

I’ve been using a small room to store all my 40K models and supplies.  I’ve been slowly moving everything into the loft.  My wife had plans for the loft, however, three and a half years later nothing has come to fruition.  I’ve expressed interest in using the loft for a man cave, which has been met with a stern no every time.

I’ve changed tactics.  I’ve been slowly moving items upstairs.  My wife gets used to it and I move some more items up.  The writing is on the wall now.  The loft will be a man cave.  It’s a win-win.  My wife is a teacher and wants some office space.  My old hobby room will make a great office.

Forgive me, my rambling has a purpose.  I have a couple Ikea glass display cases that house my large Tyranid models.  I just emptied cases and figured an awkward family photo was in order.

Hive Fleet Kodiak 01

The lighting was realy bad so my wife took some more artistic photos rather than an all encompassing shot.  I’ve been collecting Tyranids for a while so I’ve collected quite a bit.  I do not know how many points I have.  One of these days I will sit down with a calculator and figure it out.

I plan on going to Wargasm in November.  I am thinking of bringing Tyranids to the event.  A friend of mine is thinking of going to and needs an army and I’d love to see more Nids out.

You will not see any of the little bugs in these photos.  They are all in boxes for easy storage.  I do not have any of the latest releases.  I’ve been focused on collecting Space Marines the last few years.  I want to add the new Tyranid models but the prices seem to steep for me at the moment.

Hive Fleet Kodiak 02

Hive Fleet Kodiak 03

Hive Fleet Kodiak 04

Think of this post as an appetizer for another Tyranid family photo session.  You can see two Hierodule’s in the background.  I also scratch built a Trygon as well before the plastic kit was released.  I was also fortunate enough to add Capillary Towers and a Spore Chimney before Forgeworld discontinued the models.

The Tyranids are taking over the loft.  I have a virtual Roost and now the loft will be my physical Roost.  Thanks for reading.

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