Posted by: Turkadactyl | August 24, 2016

Sylvaneth- Treelord Ancient WIP

It took me a while yo settle on a look  for the Dryads. I’m pleased to say the 32 Dryads I have worked on are almost complete. I plan on ordering some grass tufts and flower blossom tufts.  The catch is Canada Post is most likely going on strike this week or next.  Once I finish basing the Dryads they will remain a mystery.  Until then I present my Treelord Ancient.

Ancient 01

I chose to go with the grey bark on this model for the older look.  Grey bark seems to have a more mature look to  it.   For the joints I chose to go with an exposed tree if the bark was pulled off.  I start with Rakarth Flesh.  Next step is applying Agrax Earthshade. I go over with Rakarth again, followed by Karak Stone, Ushabi Bone and finally a 50/50 mix of Ushabi and white.

I had Waagh Flesh with Coelia Greenshade on the vines. I was dissatisfied with how the green looked with the pink.  You’ll see vines painted various colours. In the end I chose Elysian Green and Ogryn Camo. That mix is by the pink beard.

Ancient 02

Ancient 03

The next models on the to do list is a Treeman and Spirit of Durthu thus completing the Forest Spirit Warhost.  I have 500 more points to invest in for Wargasm happening in November.

Thanks for reading.


  1. I really like that, it came together well for sure. The pink is a nice touch that helps everything pop out.


  2. Thanks. I’m really enjoying painting this army. It’s a nice change from everything else I’ve painted. Also a first for painting with pink.


  3. That pink is hot! 🙂 I’m loving the cherry blossom look in contrast to the dark grey bark. He looks fantastic.


    • Thanks. I’m looking forward to playing some games with painted models.


  4. Dude that is looking seriously awesome. Just love how the greys and vibrant pinks work together. I am seriously tempted to do an AOS Sylvaneth army now.

    (Ps I hope this comment loads. The last one got lost in the aether. I seem to have a problem with the wordpress commenting system somehow)


    • Thanks. Give in and start an army. The aesthetics are completely different from any other army. It’s been a treat to paint these models. Lots of free range for colour schemes as well.

      Bummer about the problems with wordpress commenting system. I have to spend some $ to upgrade and I think I will be able to import disqus. I will upgrade eventually.


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