Posted by: Turkadactyl | August 6, 2016

The Badab War YEG- Dave B. Executioners WIP

Dave B. is progressing nicely with his Executioners project.  Dave’s next project is a Dreadnought.  I’m enjoying his paint scheme of the Executioners.  It looks as though he has picked a metallic colour and using a shade or wash.  I will confess I haven’t asked him how he has generated his look so I have some homework to do. This will be a great army to go against in a Zone Mortalis game.  I apologize for some of the blurry photos.

Exc Dread 01

Dave’s a little early for #Dreadtober.  If you haven’t hear of #Dreadtober then hurry on over to Feed Your Nerd.  Greg did a bang up job organizing the event and I hope it makes a return this year.

Exc Dread 02

Exc Dread 03

Exc Dread 04

Dave has a project in mind with the Drop Pod bits.

Exc Dread 05

So who else is excited about the Deathwatch release?  I will not be starting a Deathwatch army.  I already have three power armour armies.  I am excited about the box set with the Harlequins.  I’d like to paint up a 2000 point Harlequin army and this box set makes that army economical.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Coming together nicely there.


  2. Looking great! Quick little tip if you don’t want to drill those melta barrels. Just put a dab of black paint in a circle on the centers. Looks the part then without mucking with drilling into a painted model!


  3. I will pass on the comments to Dave.


  4. Any updates on how he made this color scheme?

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    • When I see Dave next I will ask him the colours and steps used.


    • Heard back from Dave. Here’s his response.

      Step 1. base coat the armour with chaos black spray then go over it with abbadon black to make sure every spot is coloured.
      Step 2. Either spray the model leadbelcher or if your like me apply it over the whole model.
      Step 3. Once finished wash the whole model in Nuln Oil wash to darken the armour.
      Step 4. Drybrush lightly Ironbreaker metal over the previous step. It’s best to leave the darkened areas In the recesses this starts a transition of colour and makes the armour look banged up. Also do the upper half of the shoulder guards.
      Step 5. Once the drybrush is finished wash the whole model in Guilliman blue glaze.
      Step 6. Drybrush the hard edges of the armour and a little above em with Runefang Steel lightly also do sparse dry brushing on large open panel sections on the most raised part, (top of shoulder guards where you applied the Ironbreaker previously for example.)

      Now for veterans, terminators and such as Executioner space marines use yellow for elites on shoulders I slowly and carefully watered down just a little and worked up AverLand Sunset until I had a nice even and smooth coat. Washed the recesses with seraphim sepia before an extreme edge highlight with Ushabti bone


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