Posted by: Turkadactyl | June 24, 2016

40K Blog Showcase 2

Sorry about the late post today.  I was hoping to catch those across the pond before it gets too late in the day.  It’s been an eventful 24 hours in the world.  England voted in the referendum to leave the European Union and the markets are in turmoil.  I have yet to talk to family and friends in the UK about what has happened.  For this edition of 40K Blog Showcase I wanted to bring to your attention three blogs from the United Kingdom.

WeeMen– I have to give a shout out to Siph for finding me first.  Siph left a comment on one of my Carcharodons posts mentioning that our two marines armies looked very similar.  Naturally I was very intrigued and wandered over to WeeMen.  There is a striking resemblance between our Carcharodons and Relictors.  It almost feels like we’re two lost siblings separated from birth.  Well, not really.  I’m a really big fan of the Relictors and eagerly follow the progress of the army.  Siph also posts progress on a Mechanicus army.  Lord Halfpenny and the 6th Degree also contribute to the site.

Landraider Terminus Ultra

Objective Secured– If you haven’t heard of this site or NafNaf yet then what’s holding you back?  This site is a treat.  NafNaf has been working on a Dark Eldar Carnival army that features a massive amount of conversions.  It has been a treat to watch this army grow.  His Dark Eldar army has a circus theme to it and has just recently won an award at Double Trouble.  He also posts on Space Wolves, 30K, Dropzone Commander and other games.  My favourite conversion to date is the top hats.  This raiding party goes out in style.

Photo 20150807154902467

Fire of the Forge– Iron Commander is your author and is Forge Father to an Iron Hands and Skitarii army.  The posts are thoughtful with acknowledgement to the established fluff as well as contributing to the narrative as well.    He has named some of his models and written some background story.  If you are a fan of the Iron Hands then this site is a must visit.


Thanks for reading.  Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Cheers for the shout out! It will be a bumpy few months for the economy, Scottish referendum poking it’s ugly head again, delaying the EU exit until Oct, a new Prime Minister, but British stiff upper lip and all that, we’ll be alright!


    • Shout out is well deserved. I enjoy seeing the progress of you armies. I still haven’t a had a chance to talk to my family yet. I am interested to see their thoughts on the Brexit result.


  2. Apologies for the delay in response, I have been out of action for the past few months! Thank you kindly for the shout out, it was very good of you!


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