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Space Marines Carcharodons: Vindicators WIP

Shark Week is coming to a close and I haven’t posted on my Carcharodons yet.  I will change that today with another WIP post.  I present to you the mighty Vindicator.

Vind WIP 01

I bought the Vindicator Apocalypse box years ago when Apocalypse was first released.  I had no plans to start a Space Marine army at the time.  I bought these tanks with the intention to use the Vehicle Design Rules that was floating around and add them to my Adepta Sororitas army.  I figured that if I gave the cannon a melta look it would fit in quite nicely with my Sisters.  Well, these tanks stayed in storage while I gave my attention to other projects.

Fast forward a few years and now I have a Space Marine army.  It made more sense to use the tanks for the army it was designed for.  My next challenge was removing all of the Adepta Sororitas icons I glued onto the chassis.  I removed most of the icons with the exception being the nun holding a sword.  I kept those on because it looked similar to the Angel of Death.

I think the Vindicators fit the Carcharodons personality.  Move in, pulverize the target and retreat.  It has the shock and awe tactic written all over it.  The Carcharodons move in and destroy not caring about collateral.

The Vindicator is an intimidating tank.  It’s usually a target priority for me.  Those templates just never seem to stay where I want them to.  I’m sure I am not the only one who has the love-hate relationship with this tank.  I haven’t played a game with three Vindicators in a list.  I will probably give that a go with the Badab War YEG Apocalypse game.

I have all of the base colours on.  I will paint a thin layer of varnish on and then highlight the tanks.  I painted the doors and top hatch of the command tank black to differentiate it on the field.  Let me know what you think.  Should I stay with black?  Is it too much black?  If so, what do you recommend I do for the command tank?

Vind WIP 02

Vind WIP 03

Vind WIP 04

Vind WIP 05

Vind WIP 06

Vind WIP 07

Did anyone pick up the limited edition Forge World model from last weekend?  I was planning on purchasing one and rescinded at the last minute.  Forgeworld is affordable right now and I plan on using that money on a Forgeworld purchase.  I’ve had my eye on the Spartan Assault Tank for a while.  If you did buy the limited edition model I’d love to showcase your work here at the Roost.  Contact me a

Thanks for looking.  Enjoy the rest of Shark Week.


  1. Looks good. Very clean. Almost too clean, have you thought about adding some weathering?


    • There is still a bit of work to be done yet. Next step is getting the varnish on and then the highlights. I don’t know if I want to do weathering and if I do it will be after the varnish goes on.


  2. Street Sh….err, Space Sharks!

    I second the weathering. A coat of Nuln Oil or something similar will make those things pop.


    • I have some Army Painter varnish that I will be applying with a paint brush. All my infantry have been dipped so for consistency I plan on using the varnish with the tanks as well. I chose a different path with the dipping. I paint over the varnish except over the recesses.


  3. Looking forward to seeing these bad boys complete. They are pretty brutal when taken as a formation, as it gives the, a 10″ st10 ap2 blast. Yikes!


    • Yeah, that’s why I am hesitant for taking them in a game. That blast also ignores cover so it seems a wee bit over powered. That’s why I am holding out until the Apocalypse game. That seems like the right situation.


  4. I’ve always liked the look of these tanks but alas I di not own one… Yet! I’m a big fan of weathering and some battle damage. We can leave the clean pristine look to the Ultramarines haha.


    • It’s got to have the siege shield otherwise it doesn’t look a like a Vindicator. I might try to add some damage onto the siege shield. I just looked at Siph’s tanks at WeeMen and I’m a fan.

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      • What’s weeMen? Can you post a link please


      • Check my links on the side. There is a link in the Battle Brothers section as well as a RSS feed. Scroll down as well. Siph posted a link to his Vindicator post. Our Marine armies are very similar in appearance.


  5. Three Vindicators, all with siege shields! Very awesome! I agree that the Vindicator is one of the in-character forms of artillery or siege weapons the Carcharodons would likely utilize compared to say, the Whirlwind or Thunderfire Cannon.

    I myself have wanted to buy one, but I’m very partial to the Forge World Deimos version. I love its slimmer profile yet chunkier and bulkier look and its dinky little shield. What are your thoughts on that model?

    I think the reliquaries are fine. The Carcharodons are more religious than other chapters and pay special attention to things like churches according to the excerpts from their lore. One SoB order even has a mural of them!

    I’m proud of myself for getting back on the painting wagon all week long. I think I painted for 5 or 6 days out of 7, after a coinciding day of good weather and a free work schedule gave me time to prime my parts which allowed me to then start painting. I’m going to add some blood splatter and tufts and I’m basically 100% complete with my 30 Tactical Marines. Then I can move on to the HQs, Terminators, and other units and vehicles.

    By coincidence, I did pick up the limited edition Praetor Tribune because I loved his Artificer Tartaros and had to add it alongside the regular Tartaros, probably as a sergeant. He also makes good conversion material to make a Dawn of War III Gabriel Angelos. I was going to put him off until I finished all my HQs and Red Brethren, but I’ll move him up to the model I do right after Tyberos to see how he looks in our colors.

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    • I really wanted to add a Thunderfire or two to the army. Carcharodons don’t send Techmarines into the field too much due to their long trips in the void. They don’t want to lose them in the field of battle. That was a big reason why I added a Land raider Achilles into my army.

      The Forgeworld Vindicator looks fantastic. I’d love to add one to the army. The gun is sweet. Have you seen the rules for it? Ordnance 1, Str. 9 AP 1 or 2. The shot can be increased to Ordnance 2 and Ordnance 3. I’m eyeing up the Deimos Whirlwind though and have that one higher up on my wishlist.

      I’d love to see what you’ve painted. If you want I can showcase more models if you’d like.

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  6. Love this formation, I bought the same years ago too. I think the command tank colours is good but could benefit perhaps from a Command Frame Sensor? See my examples here mate:


    • I’m liking what you did. I may try to mimic your siege shield. What did you use for weathering? I am going to be placing a Forgeworld order and may give their weathering product a try.

      I do not have the Space Marine sensor. I used it for my Damocles Command Rhino conversion along with the Imperial Guard bit. They were a great fit with the Immolator cupola.


      • I just used sand and calthan brown paint, dry brushed Kommando Khaki and Bleached Bone.

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      • Thanks.


  7. A fine sight!


  8. Looking good bud, I find a Vindicator or two is usually a solid choice in any (dis)loyal army. My mate uses the Typhon, it’s nasty big brother, thankfully it’s in 30k, so my Chaos (traitors) have a Primarch to even the score. I’ve ummed and arred over a Spartn Assault Tank as well, I think it would really suit Carcharadons. Easy to imagine such a brutal transport disgorging feral Astartes in to the enemy lines. Be cool to see what you end up going with.


    • I will be making a Forge World purchase soon and the Spartan is at the top of that list. I’ve been chomping at the bit to have Tyberos lead a ten man unit of Red Brethren with a Chaplain out of the Spartan. I’m playing the waiting game with the exchange rate right now. I’ll probably also put a Leviathan Dreadnought on the order.

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      • Nice, that’ll be one brutal assault! The Leviathan is an interesting one, quite a few points but it has the potential to be pretty beastly. In a list where there’s multiple high threat targets he could work pretty well. Be good to hear how you get on with them once they’re in the army.


      • They’ll be fast tracked on my to paint list once they arrive.


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