Posted by: Turkadactyl | June 20, 2016

Adepta Sororitas – Heavy Flamer Retributors

Back in the Witch Hunter days the only way to arm a Retributor was with heavy bolters.  Back in those days heavy flamers were not an option.  Now heavy flamers are a choice.  Oh and by the way, Retributors gain rending when they access their faith point.  Good gravy Batman.

SoB MM Ret 001

If you’re new to the Roost I’ll quickly explain how I have organized my Adepta Sororitas army.  My Battle Sisters have a blue cover on the boltguns.  The Dominions have a white cover and the Retributors have a red cover.  It’s a quick visual reminder that allows myself and opponent to differentiate between squads but allows the army to have a unified look to them.  The red is a good support colour to the main gold and blue.

SoB MM Ret 002

I have only played one game with heavy flamer Retributors and they did diddly squat.  I used the Repentia and Penitient Engine formation and those models tore my opponent to shreds.  I kept the Retributors back to defend the objectives.  Nothing came their way.  They just sat back, ate some popcorn and enjoyed the show.  The Adepta Sororitas have a Retributor formation.  I am going to give it a go sometime soon.  I recently assembled two Immolators bringing my total to four.  The formation requires three squads of Retributors and three Immolators.  Off the top of my head I can’t remember the bonus.  I know that if there is one squad with multi-meltas, one with heavy bolters and the third with a heavy flamer the formation can shoot a wicked high strength low AP shot.

I’m not going to lie.  I really want to pop this squad from a Rhino and flame on with four rending heavy flamers. Hmm, sounds like an upcoming battle report.

SoB MM Ret 003

SoB MM Ret 004

The Roost is traveling across the pond today.  I’m the feature on St Andrews Wargaming Better Know A Blogger.  I’m a fan of the series and I am grateful to Mike for featuring me.  If you haven’t been to the site yet check it out.  There is a lot of material from reviews, battle reports and everything 40K related.

Thanks for reading.  If you collect an Adepta Sororitas army or know someone who does contact me at  I would love to showcase your army.


  1. These models are not easy to paint. I gave up painting mine. They now sit in a second hand store. So great job on yours 🙂


    • Cheers. I think GW gave up on a new codex and it too is sitting on a second hand store shelf.


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