Posted by: Turkadactyl | June 19, 2016

Your Opinion Needed On A Camera

I’ve been using some technology here at the Roost and it is time to upgrade.  I’m a frugal person.  You will never find me in a line-up waiting for the release of the latest gadget.  I usually have someone give me their old technology because they have no use for it and maybe because they’re trying to get me involved in our current millennium.

Here’s some useless trivia for you- I don’t own a cell phone.  That is usually met with bewilderment.  How do you survive?  What if there is an emergency?  Try going without a cell phone for a day.  It’s wonderful to not be available 24/7. Plus if there is an emergency there are plenty of cell phones out there to help.  Okay, this post is not about owning a cell phone.  Back to the topic in hand: I want to hear your thoughts on camera’s.

I have a Canon DSLR that is over ten years old.  I have also been using a Samsung tablet that passed into my care.  I have used the tablet for most of my work on the Roost.  The reason why I don’t have a video battle reports is because apps don’t seem to like the age of the device.  Badab War YEG is getting closer and I want to produce better quality images and video for the campaign.

Right now I am not too motivated to take pictures of my current projects.  I know I can take better pictures and I want to do it with better equipment.  Better equipment will also inspire me to revisit my old posts and upload better quality pictures.

I want to hear back from you.  What do you use to take your pictures and film your video?  Is it time to upgrade to a new DSLR?  Are tablets superior for a 40K blog?


  1. Why not get a new lens for the canon? It would probably be your cheapest of the available solutions.


    • Lens can get costly as well. The camera is over 10 years old. Technology has vastly improved since over the years. When I bought the lightbox I had high hopes for the DSLR. The pictures didn’t turn out nearly as good as I hoped. My photo editing skills are green to say the least so I could give it another go.


  2. I use a compact camera and then simply use Picasa free download for editing photos on my laptop. Nothing fancy, but gets the job done. If you don’t edit your snaps, try it through some software to brighten, rebalance, crop, red eye etc.


  3. I can’t really help as I use my phone and try some editing after the fact.


    • That’s what I get for being cell phone free. My wife gets some nice photos with hers.


  4. It’s a tough call to make. I generally have taken shots with my phone or more recently my tablet. Adobe Creative (including Lightroom) is free on mobile devices; simple to use and decent results. However, I’ve used a Canon 7D with a 100mm macro and even for an amateur like me the results were a serious contrast. Tablets are great and all but a good DSLR with the right lens can blow it the mobile devices out the water. It’s a tough call, especially to keep the costs down. Personally I’m sticking with my tablet for now; as I can take the pictures, edit them and then email them to myself to use them from my laptop. Be good to hear how you get on and feel free to harass my limited knowledge base with any questions you may have 😉


    • Thanks for sharing. My wife is really good at photography. I keep pressuring her to invest more time and money into it. The results she gets with just a phone is amazing. I wouldn’t mind updating the DSLR if mostly to get her pursuing photography more.

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