Posted by: Turkadactyl | June 2, 2016

Adepta Sororitas- Death Cult Assassins

Death Cult Assassins are super fragile but they can hit hard.  They’ve been toned down a bit since sixth edition added AP values to close combat weapons.  The Assassins must avoid Terminator armour or the equivalent and they should be able to roll through combat with the high initiative and volume of attacks per model.  My problem is getting them into combat.  I like to kit them out with an equal number of Crusaders.  Crusaders have the three plus invulnerable and can absorb a little bit more punishment although that’s not saying much with a squad of toughness three models.


The Death Cult Assassin is super easy to paint.  It’s a small model and there isn’t a lot of detail compared to the Battle Sister.  In the end I decided to paint the Assassins with my Adepta Sororitas scheme.  I like the gold and blue and it’s more likely that I will be rolling them out with the Sisters than with the Inquisition.  Plus, I haven’t decided on colours for my Inquisition yet.



I still have three Assassins that I painted over a decade ago when I first started collecting Adepta Sororitas.  At the time I decided on blue, grey and gold for my Inquisition.  I didn’t put too much effort into the swords at the time as you can see.  I was fairly new to the hobby and drybrushing was what I knew best.  I didn’t put as  much effort into blending and highlights.  For those of you who are new keep at it.  Your painting will improve.



Here’s an update for the Aquila Strongpoint.  It is done.  My wife is a better photographer than me so when she has some down time I will bug here to work her photography skills.  It is too large to fit in the lightbox.  I hope to get some pictures up next week.  Once it was finished I decided to take a break from painting.  The Strongpoint took longer than expected and a break is needed.  I’m hooked on Path Of Exile right now.  I don’t play too much on the computer so it has been a nice break.

I’m getting settled in with my promotion at work and as a result I haven’t been able to post as much.  I’m also spending more time outside as well due to the warm weather.  That’s not a bad thing at all.   I’m also enjoying the NHL and the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  The Edmonton Oilers will be forever doomed to suck so I tend to root for players.  This year it’s Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau (David Backes, another favourite, was eliminated).  I salute the San Jose Sharks with Sharknado.

SM Banner 002

Thanks for reading.


  1. always liked these models! Nice work! Amazed you have so many!


    • There was a period of time when I was doing a lot of shopping on eBay. The Canadian dollar was doing exceptionally well and the US international shipping rates were quite reasonable. I went a little too hard on the collecting and now I am catching up on all the painting. I’m buying a lot less these days.


  2. Love that you painted yours with body glove suits rather than bare flesh! A lot more realistic.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks. My wife sees the models I paint and play. Out of respect for my wife I prefer my models to have clothes. I did something similar with the Repentia as well. I painted corsets on the models that had nothing but tassles. I have less explaining to do.


  3. Nice work man.


  4. Such cool models and I concur with Siph, nice job bud.


  5. I like the blue on them, never seen them in anything but red and black. Great banner too 🙂


    • Thanks. I prefer the army to look solidified through colour.


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