Posted by: Turkadactyl | May 23, 2016

Space Marines Carcharodons- Land Raider Achilles WIP

The Aquila Strongpoint rightfully so is taking a while to paint.  I think it will be done in about a week.  I’m going to bug my wife to take pictures of the completed project.  Her photography skills are far superior to mine.  Today I want to share with you my WIP with the Lander Raider Achilles.


I actually worked on this tank a long time ago so I am going with the pictures I took at the time.  This is before I purchased the light box.  I magnetized the multi-melta and vulkite guns.  The top turret is not glued in so I can switch out the multi-melta with a storm bolter or a gunless hatch.  I’ve dipped all the removable pieces.  The main tank body, however, remains free of varnish.  My plan is to get all my tanks painted with the base colours.  They are too large to dip so I will have to use a brush.  I figure the brush will get trashed from the varnish so I want to apply the coat to all my vehicles in one sitting if possible.

The Achilles is a Forge World model armed with a thunderfire cannon and two twin-linked multi-meltas.  If I ever play get to playing 30K I can swap the multi-melta’s out for vulkite weaponry.  It comes equipped with armoured ceramite to defend against those pesky melta’s out there.  It only has a capacity for six models so I typically use it for my Honour Guard.  I haven’t played too many games with it and it has been a big dud or a star player.  Never anything in between.  It also fell victim to the shiny new model syndrome.  The first game I used it I immobilized myself in some woods on turn one and Jerrod stayed out of range and line of site for the entire game.  That was easy for him with the positioning of terrain.  Now that I think about it the Caestus also became immobilized in its first game.

Look for more updates in the latter part of summer.




For those of you in Canada enjoying Victoria Day.


  1. Looking ace so far- a smooth even coat on the bodywork especially. We all fall victim to the shiny model syndrome at some point!


  2. I expect new models to expire in the first turn before doing anything. It has happened all too often. It’s their right of passage. In fact, I’m disappointed if they do not fall victim to shiny new model syndrome.

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  3. It’s a sweet ride, well done so far and on the battle it rocks, apart from not being an Assault Vehicle, but the AV14 Ceramite coated twin linked Multimeltas and a Thunderfire is why you bring it. A great ride for Tyberos the Red Wake, but not his squad of LC Termies tho 😉


    • I plan on buying a Spartan Assault Tank one day. That will be the ride for Tyberos and his band of merry Red Brethren.


      • Yeah I really should paint mine, it’s languishing in the closet of doom to-do pile!!


      • Ooohhhhh, yes paint that Spartan up!


  4. Lovely work. I can’t wait to see it finished. What is the shiny new model syndrome? New models getting destroyed early on in game play?? Id love to get a Forgeworld tank one day but they’re so damn expensive!


    • It’s exactly that, getting destroyed too early. It’s a new model. You’re excited to use it and cause some mayhem and it is removed from play before it can do a thing. It’s almost comical. Like I mentioned in another comment, it’s a right of passage for my models now. A sort of welcome to the club thing.

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      • Haha trial by fire. What I like is when an old model, might be just a lowly grunt, suddenly performs heroically. One chap from my Imperial Guard unit the other day single handedly took out four Chaos space marines. Three from shooting them and the other in hand to hand combat. He was shot at from every angle but every shot was a miss. He went on to survive the whole battle along with his squad commander. Crazy shit man! Haha.


      • You’ll have to name that model now. Watch, next game you’ll have to make a dangerous terrain test and the model will die from tripping on a root.

        Back In 4th edition I remember a lone surviving guardsman breaking from combat from my winged Tyrant. He was running off the board and was taking potshots at the tyrant on the way out. He killed my Tyrant with a lasgun. Oh the memories.


  5. I do love that model, it will make a good command tank for your sharks.


    • It’s a sweet looking tank. I wanted a thunderfire cannon but Carcharodons don’t bring techmarines into battle because they are highly valued. Enter the Land Raider Achilles.


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