Posted by: Turkadactyl | June 10, 2016

Favourite 40K Memories

A few months back I mentioned that I wanted to do a post on favourite 40K memories.  I’ve played a few games over the years and there has been some moments that will stay ingrained in my 40K memory forever.  I want to take some time to share some of those moments.  I’d also like to hear some of your favourite 40K memories as well.

I’m notorious for rolling excess one’s for my Terminator saves.  That Terminator armour tends to buckle under pressure when I need it the most.  On the flip side the number of successful 6+ invulnerable saves that I have made on my Exorcist’s have defied the odds.  I never count on making that roll and that’s what makes it comical in-game.  I will have one hull point left and out of the dust emerges another six.

Another fond memory is playing friend back in fourth edition.  I was using my Tyranids versus his Astra Militarum.  My Flyrant was rolling over everything.  Over the course of the game it took three wounds and charged into some Guardsmen.  One Guardsman survived and miraculously ran away.  My Flyrant sensing no pressure decided to consolidate towards the next squad.  The lone Guardsman continued to run off the board and took a shot at the Flyrant.  Sure enough a six was rolled to wound and I failed the save.  The Flyrant was slain and the sharpshooter Guardsman continued to run off the table.

I will be featured on St. Andrews Wargaming Better Know A Blogger in the near future.  I highly recommend checking out St. Andrews if you have not yet.  I am enjoying the Better Know A Blogger series.  The site is full of great battle reports and in-depth reviews on 40K codex’s and supplements.  One of the questions is fondest memory in gaming and this was my response.

I was participating at a local tournament during fifth edition.  It was a single day event with four matches.  I was playing Sean in my final match.  It was my Tyranids versus Sean’s beautifully painted Red Scorpions.  Sean is a great sport so regardless the outcome it was going to be a fun game.

I used what I thought was a thematic list with bugs coming from the skies, under the earth and lurking in the shadows.  It contained a Winged Tyrant, Gargoyles, Raveners, Genestealers, Trygon Prime and a Mawloc.  There may have been more but that is what I remember.  This game was going almost as close as flawless for me right from the start.  The Tyranids were tearing the Red Scorpions apart and I was not taking too many casualties.  The dice were with me, my strategy was sound and I was being rewarded with the risks I was taking.

The game was wrapping up and I was running some Genestealers back to an objective.  Everything else was descending onto Sean’s last unit of Devastators.  Sean had not killed a single unit.  He killed some models but cover was good to me that day.  By the will of the Emperor one Devastator survived the combat therefore contesting the objective.  My Genestealers were just out of the range to claim the other objective.  The organizer walked by and called time.  One more minute for the next player turn and the game would have ended but we were not allowed to proceed.  Had I won I would have finished third overall and instead dropped to fifth as the game was considered a draw and Sean finished fourth.  We still talk about that game to this day.

So what are some of your favourite 40K memories?


  1. “I’m notorious for rolling excess one’s for my Terminator saves”
    You and me both brother! 😀

    What I love about 40k is those thematic moments and the camaraderie that are inspired and enriched by the background story and player interaction. It is what draws me back to the game time and time again

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    • Sweet answer. Will and I had a thematic game a few months back. My Grey Knights and Hector Rex vs Eldar. The Eldar were summoning an Avatar that grew in strength throughout the game. I was completely rolled over. I think I may have eliminated one squad and was completely wiped out. Will couldn’t do anything wrong that game. It was a fun game. We had some background and a storyline to continue next GK vs Eldar game.

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  2. Must be something about playing grey marines, I am notorious for throwing ones… Favourite moment recently was when Sergeant Siph, my namesake Termie Sergeant with TH SS stood toe to toe with a Cerastus Knight Lancer for several rounds of CC, effectively holding up the Imp Knight advance for three turns. Happy days – that was the last time Lord Halfpenny would forget about Stomp attacks!!

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    • Surviving the odds are great stories. Back in fourth edition I was playing my Adepta Sororitas against Grey Knights. It was a random game at the local store. Opponent had a Land Raider Crusader roll up and disembarked the Terminators. Naturally the Celestians buckled in close combat. My Canoness was a different story. She had a 2+ armour save. With the Witch Hunter codex I could use faith points to change the armour save to an invulnerable and she couldn’t be insta-killed. She didn’t kill any Terminators but she kept them tied up for half the game. She ruined my opponents plan just like your experience with Lord Halfpenny.

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  3. I have a ton of fond memories too. One is an apocalypse game we had about a year back where Yarrick took out a Bloodthirster in close combat. It was like something straight out of the fiction!
    Thanks for the plug too! Your entry to Better Know a Blogger will be going up next Monday, so keep an eye out!

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    • The plug is well earned. Great memory. I’ve played one game against Yarrick. He was possessed by a zombie that game. He’d die. I’d walk away only to look over the shoulder and sure enough Yarrick was getting back up. Should be called Arnie because he came back.

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  4. Ah nostalgia, great idea for an article bud. Of course I’ll bite, with a recent memory. My group has been hitting the heresy hard recently. I had the Night Lords take to the field once more against the traitorous Iron Hands. One Terror squad sergeant in artificer armour with a power first fought twenty legion tactical’s and a navigator in CC. Two player turns of stalemate, then on the third he killed one marine; made the whole squad run and cut them all down. The lone lad proceeded to charge a Sicaran tank and ripped the thing apart in one turn. Final tally on VP’s had the Night Lords win by a single point! Got to love those nail biter games.


    • A great cinematic scene. Those Sergeants sometimes steal the show don’t they.

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