Posted by: Turkadactyl | December 21, 2015

Space Marines Carcharodons- Assault Marines WIP

Right now my army is lacking mobility.  I do not have any transports as my focus has been getting boots on the ground.  Assault Marines are my temporary solution to the problem.  This is my first WIP post for the Assault Marines.


The models are assembled and the base colours are on.  The next step will be dipping the models in varnish and then highlighting from there.  This is the only army that I have dipped.  I find that the paint, especially black, rubs off on the Forgeworld models.  The varnish provides a seal for the paint.  This squad is a mixture of the MV and MIV armour from Forgeworld and the Games Workshop plastic kit.  Three models are magnetized for alternate weapon load outs.




It will be good to get these models out on the game board.  I think the Carcharodon chapter tactics will suit the Assault Marines.

If you play or collect Carcharodons or know someone who does please drop me an e-mail at  I want to showcase more Carcharodons.


  1. I’m hoping Black Library gives me the go-ahead to write Charcarodon stories sometime in the future, love these guys!


    • Oh, yes please!


    • That would be sweet, we only have one, 1,000 word short story at the moment, but it’s an awesome one. All the less famous chapters need more content for their fans to enjoy.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ooo, what’s the short story, I wasn’t even aware of it?


      • The plot thickens.


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