Posted by: Turkadactyl | December 14, 2015

Space Marines Carcharodons- Devastator Squad A

The Carcharodons thrive on close combat but sometimes they need a little help from their friends.  My fire support relies on Devastator Centurions with grav cannons and this squad of missile launcher toting Devastators.

Devastators 001

Two of the missile launchers are from the Forgeworld heavy weapons set.  Since all Carcharodons should have bayonets I gave the Devastators the short sharp-edged bayonets.  I did not have anymore chain blade bayonets available.  The sharp-edged bayonets are a good visible tool for differentiated the Devastators from the Tactical Marines while playing a game.

Devastators 002

Devastators 003

Devastators 004If you play and/or collect Carcharodons or know someone who does please drop me a line at  I want to showcase the army here at the Roost.


  1. As ever I love the look of your army, how they all tie in with a nice strong scheme. Bravo.


  2. Thank you. Right now I am working on an Assault Squad. My army is lacking speed right now and this will help that problem. I will be posting some WIP soon.


  3. The old school shark like missile launchers look awesome (along with the rest of the models).


    • Cheers.


  4. A full 10 members, and close combat weapons to boot! Now that’s good stuff, I like that level of dedication. I’m also amused at how you incorporate a small touch of that classic Space Shark red in your models, first with the small vent on the Terminators, and now on the rear of the missile launcher. That spot of color really adds interest to a generally monotone scheme.

    I went for Lascannons Devastators myself, simply because I like the model and how it plays on the table. I put the FW Missile Launcher on a Tactical Marine instead, but had to chop off a backpack vent because I had saved the specialized Mk III backpacks with the rear-facing vents for my Devastators. I looked at FW’s site and their 30K Legion Mk III heavy weapon models don’t have this special rear-vent backpack, yet they can still hold a Missile Launcher. I have no idea how they can make it fit like that unless they had resculpted the weapon.

    I’m still pondering how to add melee weapons to my Devastators, because I too wanted to make use of the passage that described how all Carcharodons, even Devastators, carried a panoply of bladed and chain weapons. I didn’t separate my chain and blade bayonets, so if I give my Devastators, especially the heavy weapon wielding ones CCW models, do you think that may cause WYSIWYG problems for gameplay?

    I’m leaning towards ignoring this problem since not only do I WANT to use this opportunity to add more pointy bits to my Carcharodons, but the rules clearly do not allow Devastators to gain the extra CCW so there should be no confusion that the weapons are merely cosmetic, but having an illegal loadout modeled leaves a bad taste in my mouth. What are your thoughts on the topic?


    • My advice is to go with what your heart tells you. At the end of the day you are the one that is seeing the army the most. If you want the cosmetic addition then go for it. You want to be content with the project and proud of the presentation. If that means putting bayonets on all the Marines then yeah, go for it.

      I put the knife bayonets on the Devastators because the fluff talks about the Carcharodons modifying their weapons. It worked out that I had enough knife bayonets to add to the Devastators. The chainblade bayonets have a more menacing look to them, which is why those went on the Tacticals. Plus, only Tacticals can be upgraded with the CCW so why not give them the more menacing of the two.

      I don’t think bayonets on the Devastators it will cause a WYSIWYG issue, but that is based on my local meta. When I play with the Carcharodons I explain that the CCW upgrade is for the Tacticals only and it has never been a problem. I don’t think having bayonets on the Devastators constitutes an illegal load out.


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