Posted by: Turkadactyl | December 6, 2015

Adepta Sororitas- Kicking It Old School

Today’s post was supposed to be a battle report between my Carcharodons and Will’s Blood Angels.  The app received an update and I can’t export the video.  Nuts!  It was a fun game, probably the most enjoyable I’ve had this year.  Battle reports, we don’t need no stinkin’ battle reports.  It’s time to start showcasing my Adeptas Sororitas army.

SoB 001

When I first started playing 40K it was at the tail end of third edition.  It was a no brainer for me for what army I wanted to play.  Witch Hunters was the brand new toy.  I liked the sculpts, the background and I was drawn to the random factor as well, which was emphasized by the Penitent Engines and Exorcists, the chance of faith not going off and Arco-flagellant’s exploding from over stimulation.  Tyranids was the other army and I’ll talk more about them another day.

I’ve been participating in 40K for twelve years now.  I’m pleased to say my painting skills have improved over the years.  I did do some highlighting back in the day but did not have the same passion to detail that I have today.  Years of looking at other hobbyists work has been a great source of inspiration.

Here are some of the first models I painted.  As I showcase more Adeptas Sororitas models I will re-post these pictures to compare.

SoB 002

SoB 003

SoB 004

SoB 005

SoB 006

SoB 007

SoB 008

SoB 009

SoB 010

SoB 011

SoB 012


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