Posted by: Turkadactyl | December 4, 2015

Army Showcase- Aaron’s Carcharodons

Aaron and Predation Fleet Mako have emerged from the void to re-supply.  While re-supplying he answering the vox transmission for Battle Brother Carcharodons to show their collection.

Aaron 008

Aaron’s approach to the Carcharodons is vastly different than mine.  If you have visited the Roost frequently you are aware that my Carcharodons are clean.  The armour has just been buffed at the armoury.  Aaron is intentional with a worn and rugged look with his army.  He wants the rust to show.  He wants the army to look as though it has been floating in the void outside of Imperium boundaries for a long time and is in desperate need of re-supply.

Aaron 001

Aaron also has a large contingent of Scouts, true to Carcharodons form.  He has done some interesting little touches.  I like the radar on the Dreadnoughts to represent the Mortis pattern.  Aaron, if you don’t mind I’d like to copy that idea.  The Ogre Kingdoms bit to represent the shark maw is ace in my books.  I’ve thought about doing that and I’m glad to see someone else with the same idea.

Aaron 004

Here’s some of the correspondence with Aaron.  Check out the links.  One is his work project on Bolter and Chainsword.  The other link is the fluff he has created for the Carcharons.  It’s a long read and it is well worth it.  Thanks for all your hard work Aaron.

Aaron 002

I am also working on forming a Carcharodon army.  I have outlined some fairly exhaustive background fluff to explain their extra galactic activities.  Mostly directing them to nearby clusters that range 100-300 thousand light years distant.  All within the abilities of Imperium tech, but far too distant to be involved in anything the existing fluff of the game could impact.  The starcharts are from wikipedia and show real constellations and places.  I found the wealth of nearby mini galactic bodies to be quite useful for fluff creation.
Here is a link. (I apologize, but it is very long).
Aaron 003
I also am in the process of modeling a complete company in 28mm and a Battle Fleet Gothic fleet.  I have started painting them in very dirty looking, beat up and generally worn out looking armor mixed with some recently looted during the Badabb war that will be fresh and in very good shape.  Here is the link to my work in progress thread.
Aaron 005
Aaron 006
Aaron 007
Aaron 009
If you are collecting a Carcharodons army or know someone who is please drop me an e-mail at  I’d love to showcase your army on the Roost.


  1. I had also wanted that Golgfag maw standard for my Carcharodons but alas they don’t really part out WHFB Finecast Lord kits on eBay and the entire box itself is quite pricey for just one bit.

    I also like Aaron’s dedication to the Terminator suits for the Librarius Conclave, which is true to form for the chapter. While I like Terminators a lot, I would probably have at most only one of them in my Librarius since power armor is cheaper and easier to work with both model-wise and gameplay-wise.


  2. A nice army, not to my taste but some of the conversions of just wonderful. Looking at you Mr Tall Dread.


  3. It looks like Penitent Engine legs were used to convert Mr. Tall Dread. Hat tip to trying a conversion using those legs. The Penitent Engine is a pain to assemble due to the amount of pewter pieces that are used.


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