Posted by: Turkadactyl | December 3, 2015

LotR- Mounted Arwen and Mounted Nazgul WIP

The Christmas presents for my father in-law and brother in-law were completed months ago and I am thankful I got a head start on those projects.  I planned on painting Mounted Arwen being chasing by a Mounted Nazgul for my mother in-law.  These two models are tiny compared to The Watcher In The Water and The Witchking On Fell Beast.  Time to start painting.

Arwen 001

Arwen took a lot longer to paint.  There were more colours to paint on.  I also got a head start on highlighting the horse.  The base colour on the horse is Mechanicus Standard grey and Dawnstone and Administratum Grey are the highlights.  The horse highlights will progress to white.

Arwen 002

Arwen 003

I am pleased with how Arwen has turned out so far.  The Nazgul was a lot faster to paint all the base colours.  I painted the robe Midnight Blue to help differentiate the robe from the horse.

Nazgul 001

Nazgul 002

Nazgul 003

I will be able to finish these by next week.  The Lord of the Rings models are a refreshing break from painting power armour and chitin.

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