Posted by: Turkadactyl | November 29, 2015

Tyranids- Tim the Dimachaeron

Tim the Enchanter is done!  My first Tim post was on April 7.  I had some other projects to distract me along the way but come November 1, I was motivated to complete the beast.  Now Tim needs some Tau to consume.  For now Hector will do.

Tim 001

For the skin highlights I started with Scorched Brown with Dark Flesh as the final highlight.  The chest cavity started with a Dark Flesh highlight and then Dwarf Flesh.

For the base I wanted to go with ruins to match rubble the Dimachaeron is stepping on.  I used a Fantasy movement tray and some scraps from the Cities of Death line.  I’m please with how the base turned out.

This model is big.  I knew it would take a long time to paint.  The other projects helped me maintain my sanity.  Base on the size the progress was slow and that was frustrating at times.  I’m looking forward to playing the model full painted now.  Tim hasn’t performed too well in game yet.  That has got to be because it wasn’t painted, right?  Right.

Tim 002

Tim 003

Tim 004

Tim 005

Tim 006

Tim 007

Tim 008

Tim 009

I wouldn’t make a good Marine.  I’d probably be a Guardsman because I am sure I would soil myself if this was hovering over top of me.  This is the chest cavity that can consume a model.  It causes instant death and grants feel no pain.  The chest hasn’t consumed anyone in game yet.  I think Tim’s luck is about to change.

Tim 010

If this is the first time you are reading about Tim the Enchanter then be sure to check out the other posts in the Tyranid section.  You will see the steps I took along the way and also how the model was named Tim the Enchanter.


  1. Awesome paint job on a really cool model. It reminds me of the queen in Aliens.


  2. Thanks. Now that you mention it I see the Alien Queen as well. It’s the gangly legs.


  3. Sweet Odins Beard that model is huge. Well painted and huge.


    • Thanks. It’s impossible to hide Tim on the tabletop. There was a lot of detail put into the sculpt. Forgeworld is good stuff.


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