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Roost 40K Written Battle Report 013 – 1850 points Tyranids vs Blood Angels

Will and I wanted to try out Cities of Death.  Will started collecting Blood Angels with the Shield of Baal: Deathstorm set so it seemed right to set them up against the Tyranids.  Let’s see how the show went down.


Tyranids- Hive Fleet Kodiak


Hive Tyrant

  • Wings, twin-linked devourers with brainleech worms x2
  • Tyranid powers- Dominion, The Horror, Warp Blast
  • Warlord- outflank (I re-rolled the result and got the same one, it was meant to be)


Termagants (30 models)


  • Tyranid powers- Dominion, Psychic Scream

Hormagaunts (20 models)

Fast Attack


Gargoyles (20 models)

Heavy Support

Carnifex (2 models)

  • Twin-linked devourers with brainleech worms x2


Phodian Annihilation Swarm (from Shield of Baal; Deathstorm)

  • Children of Cryptus (Genestealers x8, Spawn of Cryptus Broodlord)
  • Phodian Hive Warriors (1x Scytals & Venom Cannon, 1x Scytals & Boneswords, 1x Rending Claws, Lash Whip & Bonesword)
  • Beast of Phodia (Carnifex with Scytals, Stranglethorn Cannon and Bio-plasma)

Blood Angels


Terminator Librarian

  • Mastery level 2- Unleash Rage, Quickening, Shield of Saguinius
  • Staff of Galian, Storm shield
  • Warlord (Re-roll reserves, Night fighting)


  • Jump pack, Veritus Vitae


Terminators (5 models)

  • Assault cannon, chain fist

Death Company (10 models)

  • Jump packs, Thunder hammer

Furioso Dreadnought

  • Frag Cannon, heavy flamer, drop pod


Tactical Marines (10 models)

  • Veteran Sergeant, power sword, hand flamer, flamer, heavy flamer, Rhino

Tactical Marines (10 models)

  • Veteran Sergeant, power fist, storm bolter, grav gun, heavy bolter

Fast Attack

Assault Marines (5 models)

  • Veteran Sergeant, power axe, inferno pistol, 2 meltagun


  • Typhoon missile launcher, heavy bolter

Heavy Support

Devastators (5 models)

  • 2 Flak missile launchers, 2 lascannons


  • Over-charged engines, autocannon, lascannon sponsons


We decide to keep it simple since it is our first game of Cities of Death.  We play the first mission Firesweep.  It involves deploying in table quarters.  Each turn we draw up to three Cities of death objective cards.  You cannot hold more than three cards.  The table gets loaded up with terrain.

One table quarter ends up holding three objectives.  The remaining three objectives are spread out amongst the other three-quarters.  We roll of for deployment and I win.  I choose the quarter with the three objectives.

I position most of my army in the Shrine, which is close to the centre.  The formation has a stealth bonus so hanging out in the ruins seems like a good decision.  The Tervigon holds the objective at flank and is accompanied by the Gargoyles.  The Gargoyles are in position to make a jump to the objective by the Skyshield.  The Termagants are gathered close to the ruins by my long table edge to claim the objective.

Will splits one tactical marine unit into combat squads.  The one half sits atop the low tiered bastion on his long table edge.  The other is positioned to claim the large bastion and objective in the open quarter.  The other tactical marine unit in placed in the Rhino on the front line.  The Devastators claim the objective in the Aquila Strongpoint.  The Death Company position themselves beside the low tiered Bastion.  The Chaplain joins the Death Company.  Sevrin Loth has been substituted for the Chaplain.  The Predator, Land Speeder and Assault Marines are hidden from sight behind the Aquila Strongpoint along Will’s short table edge.  The Librarian and Terminators are placed in reserved.

We have night fight to start and Will is not able to steal the initiative.

CoD 001

Tyranids Turn 1

The horde advances on the Blood Angels and descends upon the Astartes and the objectives.  The mass of chitin that has desecrated the Shrine moves forward.  The Flyrant takes to the sky and leads the charge on its fresh new prey.  The Genestealers and Hormagaunts follow with a chattering of teeth.  The Carnifex lumber slowly behind.  The Dimachaeron, aka Tim the Enchanter, leaps skillfully ahead.  A truly terrifying site emerges for the Blood Angels.

CoD 002

The Tervigon guards the flank.  It births sixteen more Termagants and is now barren for the game.  The Gargoyles flap their wings and raise a dust storm over objective three on the Skyshield and claim a point.  The brood of thirty Termagants surround a ruin and guard the precious biomass hidden inside.  If the Termagants hold objective four for two consecutive turns a victory point is scored.

CoD 003

CoD 004

Tyranids open fire with limited guns.  Two Death Company marines will not join the fight.

CoD 005

Tyranids 1 Blood Angels 0

Blood Angels Turn 2

The Rhino with the full squad of Tactical Marines bearing flamers rushes forward and disembark the power armoured soldiers.  The Veteran Sergeant gives orders to flame on and the Children of Cryptus are incinerated before they have a chance to grind some bones with their claws.  The Spawn of Cryptus also takes a wound.  A couple of Hormagaunts breath in the promethium and are incinerated.

CoD 007

Death Company move forward and use the Rhino as a shield.

The Assault Marines move towards the three-tiered Bastion, which is occupied by the a combat squad of Tactical Marines.  Objective two is on the lowest level of the Bastion and Will claims it for one point.  The Devastators claim objective six in the Strongpoint for a second point.

CoD 008

The Furioso Dreadnought drops in beside the Tervigon and freshly spawned Termagants.   Three Termgants survive the fiery doom that was unleashed on them.

CoD 006

Tyranids- 1 Blood Angels- 2

Tyranids Turn 2

The Flyrant advances forward and is in a prime position to unleash Brainleech worms on the Death Company.  The Beast of Phodia stays on the second level of the Shrine.  It can draw line of sight on one member of the Death Company.  The Gargoyles also advance forward and target Death Company.  The creature opens fire and five mighty warriors dressed in black go down for the count.

CoD 010

The Spawn of Cryptus, Tim the Enchanter and the Hormagaunts bear down on the Tactical Marines and prepare for the charge.  They charge in and amazingly three marines survive the onslaught.  Tim the Enchanter is the initial charger and takes two wounds from the flamers.  Tim takes a third wound in combat.

The Termagants covering objective four move towards the Shrine to stay in the synapse range of the Warriors.  A few stay close enough to the objective, holding it for two consecutive turns for two points.  The Dakkafexes double back and head towards the Dreadnought.   They also claim objective one for a victory point.  The Tervigon will most certainly lose that fight unless it receives support.  One Dakkafex can draw line of sight and causes one hull point of damage to the armoured crypt.

CoD 011

The Termagants move away from its creator to avoid the synaptic backlash if it is slain.  The Tervigon senses the immediate threat and moves forward to the Dreadnought.  It charges in hopes to smash its armoured foe.  The Tervigon misses with its slow swing and the Dreadnought causes three wounds in return.  The Tervigon is close enough to objective five to claim one victory point.

CoD 009

Tyranids- 5 Blood Angels- 2

Blood Angels Turn 3

The Terminators and Librarian deep strike a scatter towards the three-tiered bastion.  The Rhino moves around the ruins in the middle to cover the Terminators from the Beast of Phodia.  The Land Speeder and Predator advance to draw line of sight on the Flyrant.  The two vehicles, Terminators, Tactical Marines and Devastators open fire on the Flyrant and do not cause a single wound.

CoD 013

The Assault Marines advance towards the Termagants covering objective four.  The combined fire of the Assault Marines and the Tactical Marines in the three-tiered Bastion remove a few Termagants.  The number is not substantial to notice the difference.

CoD 012

The Librarian casts the Quickening on the Chaplain.  Thanks to the Staff of Galian Will re-rolls the one’s and the power successfully goes off.  The Chaplain has a +3 to his initiative and attacks.  The Death Company then jump over the ruins and prepare for a strike on Tim the Dimachaeron.  The Chaplain has initiative and strikes Tim.  Tim fails a wound and is concussed, therefore striking at initiative one.  The rest of Death Company take their rage out on the Enchanter and fell the mighty beast.  Meanwhile the Spawn of Cryptus and Hormagaunts swarm the remaining Tactical Marines and then consolidate towards the new threat of Death Company.  First blood is scored with the slaying of Tim.

CoD 014

Combat resumes between the Furioso and Tervigon.  The large beast takes two more wounds and cause no damage to the Dreadnought.

CoD 016

Tyranids- 5 Blood Angels- 3

Tyranids Turn 3

The Flyrant advances towards the three-tiered Bastion and flies atop the highest part.  It targets the Predator with Warp Blast but causes no damage.  It then shoots at the Devastators and kills a couple of marines.

The Dakkafexes come crashing through the Shrine and charge into the Dreadnought.  Their momentum is too much for the Battle Brother and the hammer of wrath attacks twists the armour into a modern art piece.  The Tervigon is saved an advances closer to objective five.  The Tervigon holds objective five for two turns for two victory points.

CoD 017

The brood of three Termagants advance towards objective one in the Shrine to claim one victory point.  The other brood of Termagants advance towards the Assault Marines and their shooting kills two more brothers.  They are also out of synapse range now.

CoD 018

The Beast of Phodia targets the Rhino.  In a stroke of good luck the large blast scatters directly over all the Terminators and Librarian.  Will has six wounds to save and rolls four one’s.  Ouch.

The Gargoyles advance towards the Tactical Marines in the low tiered Bastion.  They attempt to charge and are unsuccessful.  They did kill a marine to shooting though.  The Gargoyles are out of synapse range.

The sheer numbers of Hormagaunts prove to be too much for the Chaplain and Death Company.  They eliminate the Spawn of Cryptus but at a heavy cost of their own lives.  The chapter will avenge their death.

Tyranids- 8 Blood Angels- 3

Blood Angels Turn 3

The Land Speeder and Predator position themselves to fire at the Flyrant but alas they cause no wounds.  The same can be said for the Devastators.

The Tactical Marines in the low tiered Bastion shoot at the Gargoyles and eliminate a couple.  The Tactical Marines in the three-tiered Bastion shoot at the large brood of Termagants and eliminate some more.  The Assault Marines move to the long table edge and closer to objective four.  The Terminators advance forward.  Will scores one victory point for holding objective two.

Tyranids-8 Blood Angels- 4

Tyranids Turn 4

The Flyrant moves towards the short table edge of the Blood Angels.  It uses Warp Blast and the Devourers on the Predator and only takes one hull point off the vehicle.  I have to destroy a vehicle for a victory point.

The Hormagaunts charge the Terminators to stall them.  They lose a few in the ensuing combat but otherwise mission accomplished.  The Librarian also takes a wound.

The large brood of Termagants pass the Synapse test and shoot the Assault Marines.  All three Assault Marines are lost to shooting.

The Gargoyles pass their synapse test and charge the Tactical Marines.  Two Gargoyles are slain but manage to remove one marine in combat.  I pass the leadership test and they stay locked in combat.  The Warriors move towards the Gargoyles to provide synapse cover.

The Tervigon charges the Drop Pod and is unsuccessful in destroying the immobilized vehicle.  The Dakkafexes will have to double back next turn to wreck the pod.

Tyranids- 8 Blood Angels- 4

Blood Angels Turn 4

The Land Speeder and Predator focus on the Flyrant and are unable to hit the mighty beast.  The Tactical Marines in the three-tiered Bastion shoot the large squad of Termagants and cause some casualties, but not enough for a leadership test.

The Gargoyles and Tactical Marines exchange blows.  One Gargoyle is pummeled and cause no damage to the marines.  The Gargoyles are out of synapse and amazingly they pass the leadership test.

The Devastators shoot the Warriors and one is splattered into ichor from a krak missile.

The Terminators crush some more Hormagaunts but since the gribblies are in synapse they stay locked in combat.

CoD 019The Tervigon is able to swing at the Drop Pod again.  The beast loses its balance and whiffs on the swing.

CoD 020

CoD 021Tyranids- 8 Blood Angels- 4

Tyranids Turn 5

The Flyrant flies towards the Strongpoint.  It attempts to Warp Blast the Predator with no success.  It unleashes the fury of the twin-linked devourers and the machine spirit breathes its last.  One victory point is scored for destroying a vehicle.

The Dakkafexes turn back and charge the Drop Pod.  The weight of the hulking beasts pulverize the pod into unrecognizable wreckage.

CoD 022

The Termagants pass synapse and make their way towards the protection of the Tervigon.  The Warriors close in on the Gargoyles to offer Synapse support.  They charge the Land Speeder and destroy the vehicle.  The three Termagants that survived the flames of the Dreadnought had followed the Warriors and stayed at the ruins in the centre.  They await their chance to strike at the Terminators.

The Gargoyles and Marines swing at each other.  Two Gargoyles are slain with the life of a Marine cut down by the claws of a Gargoyle.

The Beast of Phodia emerges from the Shrine and stalks a new threat- the Terminators.  The Terminators slay some more Hormagaunts but are still held in combat.

Tyranid- 9 Blood Angels- 4

Blood Angels Turn 5

The Rhino rushes to the back field.  The Tactical Marines in the three-tiered Bastion fire at the Beast of Phodia and cause a of wound.  The Devastators also target the Beast and cause another wound.

The Terminators lay waste to the remaining Hormagaunts and consolidate to the ruins in the centre.

The Gargoyles and Tactical Marines continue their slug fest.  Each unit has sustained casualties and a victor will emerge soon.  The Tactical Marines realize the fight has to end soon because the two remaining Warriors approach but they can’t finish the Gargoyles off.

Tyranids- 9 Blood Angels- 4

Tyranids Turn 6

The Flyrant sense victory at hand and flies low from the sky.  It lands on the Strongpoint close to objective six and shoots at the two remaining Devastators.  The Devastators are not able to withstand the fire.  The Flyrant claims objective six and since it was controlled by the Blood Angels at the start of the turn two victory points are scored.

The Warriors attempts to charge into combat with the Gargoyles but fall short.  After the combat there are two Gargoyles and one Tactical Marine left standing.

CoD 024

The three Termagants charge the Librarian and Terminators.  The Veterans choose to overwatch and cause one casualty.  The Termagants make the charge.  The Beast of Phodia than charges the Terminators, making sure to avoid the Librarian.  The Librarian has no choice but to focus on the two gribblies and slays them both.  The combination of the hammer of wrath and regular attacks atomizes the three super soldiers but not before the Terminators could shatter the skull of the Beast.  Not a single being survived the combat.  Three victory points are scored, however, due to the Blood Angels being destroyed in assault and all models in ruins.  Add an additional point for slay the warlord.

CoD 023Tyranids- 15 Blood Angels- 4

Blood Angels Turn 6

The Tactical Marines fire from the Bastion at the Warriors and cause a wound.  The Rhino also fires at the Warriors but causes no damage.  The two remaining Gargoyles slice through the power armour of the Marine and consolidate towards the Flyrant.

CoD 025

The game ends at this point for a Tyranid victory of 16-4.  Tyranids also claim linebreaker.


A tough game for Will.  He was pulling a lot of cards for objectives he wasn’t close to or were not possible for him to complete.  He also had a lot of bad rolling.  Losing four Terminators from six dice rolls was crippling.  The Tervigon should have died to the Dreadnought.  Will needed anything but a one and sure enough the one’s were rolled.  He rolled one a lot for psychic tests.  Lucky for him he could re-roll the ones and was successful with the re-rolls.

There were a lot of threats for him to deal with and the numbers were overwhelming.  It was a minor victory for Will with destroying Tim the Enchanter early on in the game.  The buffed up Chaplain hit hard.

I was very fortunate with the cards drawn and the dice rolls.  I should have failed at least one leadership test with the Termagants and Gargoyles and luck was with me today.  Especially with the Flyrant.  Again, Will rolled lots of ones and the Flyrant had its way with the Blood Angels.

It was an enjoyable game for both sides.  The Tyranids added to its biomass.  Will and I plan on playing a close combat festival next week with Carcharodons versus Blood Angels.


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