Posted by: Turkadactyl | November 3, 2015

Roost 40K Video Battle Report 012 – 1750 points Adeptas Sororitas vs Eldar

It’s time to change it up at the Roost.  Dreadtober was dominated with completed projects (YAY!).  I published this video battle report a couple of weeks ago on Turkavision.  If you have twenty minutes to kill then witness the Adeptas Sororitas bringing the pain to the Eldar.  Or is it the other way around?

Game Thoughts

This is the first game I have played against Will.  We work in the same building and I work in the same department as his roommate.  We’ve been talking about playing a game for a while.  Will is a long time Eldar player, all the way back to third edition, and stuck with them even during their dark days of fourth and fifth edition.  Will is aware of the power level of Eldar and plays with lesser used units that are listed.  The Eldar are a good army and Will is a good general.

It’s no secret that the Adeptas Sororitas need new codex.  In my opinion out of Witch Hunters, White Dwarf and the electronic edition the latest electronic edition is the weakest rendition.  The Sisters are stuck playing in a sandbox while their counterparts have a beach to roam around on.  I’ve played three games with them over the last five weeks.  One against Eldar and two against Necrons with a strong Decurion list.  I won two of those games and only because they were Maelstrom missions.  I had the luck of the cards, which was why I was able to win.  Model count wise it wasn’t even close as both Eldar and Necrons were dominating the game.  It feels like the Sisters are swimming upstream against a strong current.  Regardless of the strong swim workout, it was good to bring the Sisters out.  It has been a couple of years since I have played the army and it was a refreshing change.  There will be more Sisters games in the near future.

Will was a fun person to play against.  He knows the Eldar well and plays a flexible list.  I haven’t played against Eldar for a while so I have forgotten about a lot of their tricks.  I’ve had a lot of bad luck lately with dice rolls and this game was no exception, however, there were a few moments where I made saving throws I wasn’t expected to make when a unit was down to a model or two.

It never ceases to surprise me when I roll a six for the 6+ invulnerable save for the Exorcist.  I pulled that one out of the hat this game (although the both Exorcist’s didn’t do anything all game to be considered a threat, it’s still funny to make that save).  Will and I both cheered when I made three out of three 6+ invulnerable saves on my Dominions.  It’s moments like that, that stay with gamer’s.

Will and I have planned another game for this Friday.  He has started a Blood Angels army and we plan on playing Tyrnaids versus Blood Angels.  We may try some of the scenarios from the Shield of Baal series.  We’re looking forward to the game.  I’ll be sure to document it for another battle report.

Have you played any games with or against the Adeptas Sororitas?  How have they fared?  How about memorable gaming moments?

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