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Roost 40K Written Battle Report 011 – 1250 points Tyranids vs Skitarii

Thursday’s are 40K night at the FLGS.  I put together a list of models I want to play with and, like a dice roll, my opponent is determined by who is waiting.  I have no idea who I will be playing or what army.  I expect Space Marines or Tau so I whipped together a list with two Mawlocs and the Death Leaper to deal with those pesky fish heads.  Instead, I played Skitarii.  Hooray!  I haven’t played the Skitarii yet.  Mackenzie is the general for the Adeptus Mechanicus faction.

I watched Mackenzie easily dispatch a Tau army.  I heard about how destructive the Ruststalkers are in close combat.  Hive Fleet Kodiak has been deprived of food and, although they get indigestion from metal.  When food is on the table you eat.

Tyranids- Hive Fleet Kodiak


Hive Tyrant

  • Wings, scything talons, twin-linked devourers with brainleech worms
  • Tyranid powers- Dominion, Paroxysm, Psychic Shriek
  • Warlord- Feel No Pain on first movement after taking a wound



Genestealers (5 models)

Genestealers (5 models)

Heavy Support

Carnifex (3 models)

  • 2 x twin-linked devourers with brainleech worms each model





Vanguard (10 models)

  • 2 Plasma, 1 arc pistol, 1 arc maul, 2 arc rifles

Vanguard (10 models)

  • 2 Plasma, 1 arc pistol, 1 arc maul, 2 arc rifles

Vanguard (10 models)

  • 2 Plasma, 1 arc pistol, 1 arc maul, 2 arc rifles

Rangers (10 models)

  • Warlord was in this unit.  Sorry, I did not write down the trait but it wasn’t beneficial to the game.


Ruststalkers (10 models)

  • 2 transonic blades each model

Heavy Support

Ironstriders (3 models)

  • Twin-linked cognis lascannon each model

We roll off on Eternal War and get Crusade.  We end up with 5 objectives.  One objective is placed in no-man’s land close to the steps of the Shrine of Aquila.  Two objectives are placed in my future deployment zone.  One in the ruins, the second in the Honoured Imperium rubble.  The last two objective are sitting in Mackenzie’s future deployment zone.  One in front of the ruins in the rear middle and the second at Mackenzie’s right corner.

We roll for deployment and Mackenzie wins the dice-off.  He places one squad of Vanguard on the objective in his back right corner.  A second Vanguard is placed on the left flank.  The third Vanguard offers support to the left of the ruins.  The Rangers hide out in the ruins watching over an objective.  The Ironstriders and Ruststalkers are placed at the front line ready to attack.

I placed Genestealers on the Honoured Imperium rubble hovering over an objective.  I hide the second squad of Genestealers in the ruins in the middle of my deployment zone along with the Death Leaper.  Both are hidden and out of sight of the Skitarii guns.  They are also claiming the objective.  The Flyrant also takes advantage of the cover from the ruins.  The Dakkafexes are out in the open between the ruins and Honoured Imperium.  The two Mawlocs are in reserve.

Night Fight is rolled for and darkness will shroud the first turn.

Skitarii Turn 1

Batrep 001

Batrep 002

Mackenzie advances the Ruststalkers forward utilizing the ruins to stay out of sight.  The Ironstriders shoot the Dakkafexes the combination of the cover from the craters and night fight ensure they take no wounds.  The Vanguard along my right flank advance and light up the Genestealers.  4 Genestealers are slain in the making of this batrep.

Batrep 003

Tyranids Turn 1

The lone surviving Genestealer pulls away from the advancing Skitarii on my right flank.  The Carnifex advance towards the Ironstriders to pull within 18″ range for their guns.  I initially wanted to keep my Genestealers in the ruins hidden but I decided to go big or go home.  I moved them towards the Ironstriders and hope for a fantastic charge roll.  The Flyrant took to the sky and was seen swooping over the Shrine.  The Flyrant channel’s Dominion and expands its synapse range to 18″.  The Deathleaper stays  hidden in the ruins.

The Dakkafexes open fire on the Ironstriders and cause a few glancing hits.  Mackenzie has to make a 4+ cover with the combination of shrouded and the crater.  Mackenzie fails two rolls and an Ironstrider is destroyed.  The Flyrant chooses the Ironstriders as its target and removes a hull point.

The Genestealers charge and I roll 11.  I was really excited to see that because it has been a while since I have been treated to a fantastic roll.  The Genestealers rely on the rending to cause extensive damage enough to destroy an Ironstrider and removing a hull point from the last survivor.  One Genestealer is kicked in the face and is unable to stand back up.

Batrep 004

Batrep 005

Skitarii Turn 2

The Vanguard to my right advance towards the Shrine as well as the Dakkafexes.  With the miracle of cover I am able to make some saves and Mackenzie causes three wounds to the unit.

The Ruststalkers advance towards Deathleaper, however, they are not close enough to make a charge.

The Rangers and Vanguard shoot the Flyrant and are able to cause one wound.  The shot punches through a wing and the Flyrant spins out of control and lands with a big thud on top of the ruined Shrine.  The Flyrant is down to two wounds and Feel No Pain will be activated on the next Tyranid turn.

The melee between the Ironstrider and Genestealers continues and they shred through the armour like a knife in warm butter.  They consolidate towards the Vanguard in Mackenzie’s rear right corner.  First blood to the Tyranids.

Batrep 006

Batrep 007

Tyranids Turn 2

It’s time for reserves and both Mawloc’s enters play.  I target the Vanguard in the rear and center of Mackenzie’s deployment.  They are bunched up in a nice circle and it’s a direct hit.  Mackenzie makes some Feel No Pain saves pushing the Mawloc back down.  The Mawloc is hungry for more and resurfaces.  One model holding a plasma gun is left standing and the Mawloc mishaps back into ongoing reserves.

The other Mawloc targets the Ruststalkers and scatters off target.  It’s enough to roll for damage on one model.  Mackenzie succeeds with Feel No Pain.  The Mawloc returns and causes one wound and then mishaps into ongoing reserves.  I read the rules again after the game and noticed that the Mawloc can stay if it can fit anywhere under the template, even if it is within 1″ of an enemy model.  Good to know next game.  Both Mawlocs would have stayed above ground then.

The Deathleaper moves out of the ruins, away from the Ruststalkers and towards the Dakkafexes and Vanguard on my right side.  The Dakkafexes shoot the Vanguard and eliminate half the unit.

The Flyrant jumps down from the roof of the Shrine, advancing to the Rangers.  He gets off Psychic Scream but the Rangers and Vanguard make their leadership tests.  The Flyrant kills a couple in shooting.  It then charges, takes a wound from overwatch and slays three Rangers in combat.  The Rangers fail their leadership and the Flyrant obliterates the squad.  Slay the Warlord achieved.

The Genestealers that overran the Ironstriders advance towards the Vanguard pulling up the rear.  I lose two to overwatch.  It is then a draw in combat with each side losing one model.

Batrep 008

Batrep 009

Batrep 010

Batrep 011\

Skitarii Turn 3

The plasma toting Vanguard eyes up the Flyrant, looks into the scope and takes a shot.  The shot is dead on and the Flyrant stumbles to its death and the warlord is slain.

The Ruststalkers advance towards the Dakkafexes, however, they are too far to charge.

The Vanguard on my right target the Dakkafexes and wound a Dakkafex three times.

The Genestealer and Vanguard in the back corner hi-five each other and break bread together.

Batrep 12

Batrep 13

Batrep 14

Tyranids Turn 3

The Mawlocs re-emerge and target the Ruststalkers.  The first one scatters into the ruins.  The second lands on target.  It causes some wounds, burrows and returns causing some more damage.  There is not enough room for the Mawloc to stay and mishaps back into ongoing reserves.

The Deathleaper and Dakkafexes pass their respective instinctive behaviour tests.

The Dakkafexes advance towards the Rustalkers and open fire.  They cause significant damage.  I decide to charge.  I need a 9 and roll an 11.  I roll for Hammer of Wrath and get 6 attacks.  A significant number of Ruststalkers are instantly killed due to the strength 9 attacks.  The Skitarii attempt to slay some Dakkafexes and are unsuccessful.  The Dakkafexes swing their mighty limbs and slay the remaining Skitarii.

The Genestealer in my deployment zone charges the Vanguard and makes the charge.  The Death Leaper does not.  The Genestealer slays two Vanguard.

The Vanguard in Mackenzie’s zone slay the solo Genestealer.

Batrep 15

Batrep 16

Skitarii Turn 4

The large squad of Vanguard are not close enough to shoot the Dakkafexes.  The solo plasma toting Vanguard shoots the Dakkafexes and puts another monstrous creature to rest.  The combat with the Genestealer resolves nothing.

Batrep 17

Tyranids Turn 4

The Mawloc in the ruins goes into ongoing reserves.  The Mawloc camping out underground emerges under the large Vanguard squad.  Well, it emerges where the Vanguard used to be so its hunger pangs will continue another turn.

The Dakkafexes fail instinctive behaviour and move towards the solo vanguard.

The Deathleaper charges the Vanguard locked in combat and rips through the remaining three Skitarii.

Batrep 18

Batrep 19

Skitarii Turn 5

The remaining two Vanguard squads target the Dakkafexes and shoot down another Dakkafex.

Batrep 20

Tyranids Turn 5

Both the Mawloc and Dakafex fail instinctive behaviour tests and press on forward to the Skitarii.  The Mawloc in reserve scatters off target.

The Dakkafex charges the plasma toting Vanguard and finally the bane of the Tyranids is slain.  The Mawloc that failed its instinctive behaviour charges the large squad of Vanguard and chews on some Skitarii.

Batrep 21Batrep 22

Mackenzie calls the game at this point.  This game was a breath of fresh air because I rolled some high numbers for charge distances.  My Tyranids had revenge on Mackenzie.  Mackenzie didn’t have much experience with Dakkafexes and was surprised with the amount of fire power they can unleash.

It was a fun game and Mackenzie was a good sport.  It was my first game against Skitarii and I enjoyed playing against a new army.


  1. I really like your paint scheme and those fex’s are great.


    • Thanks!


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