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Roost 40K Written Battle Report 010 – 1250 points Tyranids vs Adeptus Mechanicus

Nick has a few armies and when we arranged a game he asked me which one I wanted to match up against. Without hesitation I said the Adeptus Mechanicus.  I hadn’t played against them yet and I knew it would be refreshing to play against an army not Tau, Khorne or Space Marines.

I did some tweaking to the Tyranid list from the previous two written batreps.

Here’s the list:





  • Tyranid powers- Dominion, Psychic Scream

Termagant’s with fleshborers (30 models)


Zoanthropes (3 models)

  • Neurothrope/Doom x1
  • Tyranid powers- Dominion, Paroxysm, Warp Blast, Spirit Leech

Fast Attack

Ravener’s (3 models)

  • Scything talons, rending claws

Heavy Support




Skytyrant Swarm

  • Hive Tyrant with wings, twin-linked devourers with brainleech worms
  • Tyranid Powers- Dominion, Catalyst, The Horror
  • Warlord- I forget which trait, sorry
  • Gargoyles (10 models)
  • Gargoyles (10 models)

Adeptus Mechanicus (Bear with me on wargear.  Nick wrote it down and his writing is difficult to read)


Tech Priest Dominus

  • Phospher serpenta, infoslave skull
  • Warlord- Nick rolled twice and neither were beneficial to this match


Breachers (3 models)

  • Tarsian comms, hydraulic claw

Destroyers (3 models)

  • Heavy grav cannon

Destroyers (3 models)

  • Plasma caliver


Corpuscarii Electro-priests (7 models)

Heavy Support

Kastelan Robots (5 models- 3 Robots, 2 Datasmith)

  • Twin-linked heavy phosphor blaster, carapace mounted heavy phosphor blaster

This game started out on a bad note for me.  I’m pulling out my models and one pewter Zoanthrope is leaning over from its base past a 45 degree angle.  I straighten it out and hope that it can survive the game (it did, the model fell off the base when I was returning models to the carry case).  The Neurothrope was also bent but nowhere near as drastic.  I also forgot the Mawloc.  Aww poop.  The reason why I put Death Leaper in the list was for Mawloc.  I ended up putting up 140 of upgrades to make the points as well as adding a squad of 12 Termagants.  I added toxin sacs and adrenal glands to the Gargoyles.  The Flyrant received Dessicitor Larvae thorax spray.  I gave the Ravener’s devourers.

We rolled off between Eternal War and Maelstrom and the dice determined our fate.  Eternal War with kill points.  We roll off and I win the choice of first turn.  I take first because I want to close the ground quick.  Nick wants me to go first because he likes his opponents closing the ground quick.

I spread everything out along the line.  I put the Skytyrant Swarm in the middle to maximize my targets.  I also want to capitalize on hiding the Gargoyles in the Shrine.  I keep my synapse in the middle.  It is unfortunate that the Tervigon rolled Psychic Shriek.  It’s a nova with a 6″ range.  I don’t like rushing Tervigons forward.

Nick places his models in the middle to maximize targets.  The Electro-priests go into reserve.  The Death Leaper infiltrates on Nick’s right flank.  It is well hidden.  The Tech-priest is victim to the Death Leapers antics and its leadership is reduced by two while the Death leaper is alive.  Sadly, the Mawloc received the invitation but figured it was too good for the party.  That’s rude.

Batrep 001

Batrep 002

Batrep 003

Tyranids Turn 1

Everything moves forward and runs.  The Tervigon pushes out 12 Termagants.  The Deathleaper plays hide and seek with the Breachers.  It pops over the ruins and hides behind the tower.  I lose six Gargoyles to dangerous terrain tests.  The Zoanthropes see the Breachers through the door of the Shrine and cast Paroxysm.  It goes off without a hitch and reduces the WS and BS of the servitors by two.  The Flyrant casts Catalyst and gives Feel No Pain to the Tervigon.

Batrep 004

Batrep 005

Batrep 006

Batrep 007

Adeptus Mechanicus Turn 1

The Breachers attempt to move out of the crater to target the Death Leaper.  Their tracks seize and can only move two inches so they stay in the crater.  The Tech-priest has its minions open fire on the squad of 12 Termagants out in the open and pulverizes them for first blood.  The Robots target the Gargoyles and reduce the cover save by one.  Most of the Gargoyles are shot down; their shrieks are silenced.  Mechanicus 2, Tyranids 0

Batrep 008

Batrep 009

Tyranids Turn 2

Everything advances towards the Adeptus Mechanicus.  The Tervigon pushes out eleven more Termagants.  No Nid was able to successfully harness the powers of the Hive Mind.

The Biovore targets the Tech-priest and puts a wound on a Destroyer.  The big brood of Termagants on my right flanks slowly progress through the woods.  The Flyrant and smaller broods of Termagants target the middle destroyer servitors and manage to put one out of commission and put one wound on another.  The Raveners shoot the Tech-priest and cause no damage.

The Nids sense the opportunity to dtrike and charge forward.  The Raveners slither through the forest but the Tech-priest anticipates their arrival.  The tech-priest orders the Destroyers to shoot and manage to damage a Ravener.  The Raveners close the distance on their prey, but it is the Raveners that are ambushed.  The Destroyers kill a Ravener as it prepares to strike and severely wound another.  One Ravener is full health while the other has one wound left.  The Raveners succeed with putting only one wound on the Destroyers.

The Flyrant and three Gargoyles charge the other squad of Destroyers, who subsequently liquefy a Gargoyle.  even with fleet the winged menace cannot close the gap.

Death Leaper strikes from the shadows and before the Breachers have a chance to brace themselves for impact, Death Leaper shreds through the armour of one and begins to tear through a second.  The second Breachers fails its saves and is terminated.  The Death Leaper, however, is distracted by the easy kills and the third Breacher prepares its hammer, swings and pulverizes the cocky Lictor.  Mechnicus 2, Tyranids 0.

Batrep 010

Batrep 011

Batrep 012

Adeptus Mechanicus Turn 2

The Electro-priests arrive and join in the shooting fray.  The Flyrant is made top priority.  Once the mighty warlord goes down with a final roar the Adeptus Mechanicus focus on the smaller broods of Termagants and the Zoanthropes.  One Zoanthrope is harmed in the making of this batrep.

The Raveners try to claw their way out of defeat and shred a destroyer beyond all comprehension.  It’s too late for a comeback though as the Tech-Priest and two remaining Destroyers ground the two Raveners into a pulp.  Mechanicus 7, Tyranids 0.

Batrep 013

Batrep 014

Tyranids Turn 3

The Tervigon senses desperation and moves out from the cover of the Shrine.  It provides eight more Termagants for the fight and will stop there.  The Tervigon extends its synaptic range.  The Zoanthrope casts paroxysm on the Electro-priests and reduces their WS and BS by 2.  The Biovore targets the Tech-Priest and scatters off target.  The Termagants focus on the destroyers killing the Destroyer’s and then fire at the Electro Priests.  The two Destroyers in each squad are obliterated while four Electro-priests will no longer sing the praises of the Omnissiah.  Mechanicus 7, Tyranids 2.

Batrep 015

Batrep 016

Adeptus Mechanicus Turn 3

The pesky robots focused fired on the Tervigon.  The beast is slain and unleashes a synaptic backlash on the Termagants.  The little gribblies are tough and only a few of the beasties heads explode.  I was expecting much worse.  Another Zoanthrope is slain and the Neurothrope is reduced to one wound.  Mechanicus 8, Tyranids 2

Batrep 016

Tyranids Turn 4

The Neurothrope retreats behind the cover of the Shrine and is unsuccessful in both of its psychic attempts.  The Termagants target the Electro-priests and the squad is killed.  The Biovore targets the Tech-priest and scatters off the table.  Mehanicus 8, Tyranids 3

Adeptus Mechanicus Turn 4

Nothing do to then shoot Termagaunts.  One brood is destroyed.  Mechnicus 9, Tyranids 3

Batrep 017

Tyranids Turn 5

Two broods of Termagants charge the Tech-priest and Breacher.  The Breacher is slain and the Tech-priest takes a wound.  Everyone stays locked in combat.  Adeptus Mechanicus 9, Tyranids 4

Batrep 018

Batrep 019

Batrep 020

Adeptus Mechanicus Turn 5

The Kastelan Robots charge into the Termagants and it is a slaughter.  The bugs are unable to wound the Tech-priest.  Both broods break on the leadership are overran by the Robots.  The game is now over at this point.  I have an injured Neurothrope, a Biovore and four Termagants in hiding.  Not exactly the heavy hitters to take down three Kastelan robots.  Mechanicus 11, Tyranids 4.

A bit better rolling compared to last game but my rolling was still fairly bad.  Nick gave me a gift of a cube of 125 dice because he pitied the fool.  I rolled them at the start and the numbers came out average.  Not so much during game play.  I’ve learned that the Skytyrant Swarm needs two broods of 20 Gargoyles each.  The last two games that swarm gets picked on and I didn’t have enough Gargoyles to get the job done.  Forgetting the Mawloc was a big gaffe as well.

It was a fun game.  I enjoyed playing against a new army and Nick is always a good person to play with.  He is slowly getting this army painted up.  I am looking forward to it being completed because the Tech-priest looks wonderful.

Next match up is Tyranids versus Skitarii.  Can the Tyranids turns this bio-ship around?

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