Posted by: Turkadactyl | September 17, 2015

Space Marines Carcharodons- Tactical Marines Squad B

Here’s the next installment for my Carcharodon’s- more Tactical Marines.  This squad differs in that they have chain bayonets for the boltguns.

Tac B 001

If I do not want to spend the extra point for a close combat weapon than this is the squad I pull out.  The nice thing about the bayonets is if I do want to spend that extra point per model the bayonets provide the WYSIWYG requirements.  The squad is represented by various Mk’s of armour and the boltguns and bayonets come courtesy of Forgeworld.  The Veteran Sergeant is sporting the black helmet and chainsword.  I painted the edge of the backpack’s vents red to differentiate from the other squads.

Tac B 002

Tac B 003

Tac B 004

Tac B 005


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