Posted by: Turkadactyl | June 22, 2015

LotR- The Watcher in the Water WIP June 22

I’ve been really active for three weeks.  I was in two mountain bike races, an off road duathlon, a street hockey tournament and two soccer games.  Needless to say all that activity wore me out and the flu caught me in its snotty clutches.  The good news out of getting sick- I took sick time from work and feverishly painted.  Here are a couple of photos of The Watcher in the Water.

Watcher 001

Dwarf Flesh and Elf Flesh were used to highlight over top the base Tanned Flesh.  These are the old line of GW citadel colours.  Once the highlights on the underbelly were complete my first thought was, “That sure is a creepy model.”  My wife agreed with me.

Watcher 002

I’m pleased with the underbelly.  The unfortunate thing is it won’t be too visible once the model sits on the base.

X-Files has been my painting companion over the last few weeks.  I’ve just finished season five on Netflix.  I’m waiting for the first movie from the library and then I will move onto season six.  Before X-Files I had Star Trek: The Original Series plus movies and Star Trek: The Next Generation plus movies as my painting companions.  Do you listen to music or put a TV show or movie on while you paint?  If so, what?


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