Posted by: Turkadactyl | June 22, 2015

Grey Knights- 7th Edition Rules For Grand Master Mordrak

I was disappointed when Grand Master Mordrak was not included in the Grey Knights 7th edition codex.  I converted a pewter Brother Captain Stern model and needless to say it took a bit of work.  Part of my conversion was removing the head.  I want to play Mordrak in 7th and I want some help with adapting Mordrak’s rules.

My plan is to play Mordrak in friendly games at the house.  His character has a neat background and it is a shame to let him go to waste.  I plan on keeping the model at 200 points.  I added Independent Character to the special rules with the exception of being accompanied by Ghost Knights; Mordrak cannot leave his unit of Ghost Knights.  I increased the Mastery Level (ML) from 1 to 2 to fall in line with the Grand Master rules.

I am looking for opinions for Warlord Trait and Psychic Powers.

Mordrak came with Hammerhand and Psychic Communion (+1/-1 reserve rolls) in 6th.  For 7th he’d know Banishment, Hammerhand and one more power to complete the ML of 2.  I thought Gate of Infinity (able to teleport mid-game using Deep Striking rules) suited Mordrak the best.  It represents the Ghost Knights teleporting in when they are needed the most.  The other powers available are Sanctuary (+1 to invulnerable), Purge Soul (opponent model loses wound if fails to surpass Ld+D6 compared to your Ld + D6), Cleansing Flame (9″ heavy flamer stat nova power) and Vortex of Doom (vortex grenade).  Your thoughts?

There are a few fluff options available for Warlord trait.  The one I am leaning towards is Hammer of Righteousness (grants Hammer of Wrath to Warlord and unit).  In the fluff it talks about Mordrak seeking vengeance against Chaos for the slaying of his battle brothers.  The other options are Daemon-slayer (Hatred Daemons and successfully harness Banishment on 2+), Unyielding Anvil (12″ stubborn bubble) or Perfect Timing (counter-attack).  First to the Fray doesn’t work as Mordrak has a special rule allowing him to come in turn 1 and doesn’t scatter.  Lore Master (+1 Sanctic Power) doesn’t suit the fluff either.  Your thoughts?

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