Posted by: Turkadactyl | June 14, 2015

Space Marines Carcharodons- March of the cEnts (Assault Centurions)

Happy Space Marine weekend!

I prolonged going to bed and picked up my copy of the new Space Marine codex as soon as the store opened.  It was off to bed and then work.  I’ve had a couple of breaks during the shift to read a few pages.  So in the spirit of the excitement of the weekend here are some Assault Centurions.  Say wha?  Who plays Assault Centurions?  This guy.

SM Ass Cent 002

My last three games with the Carcharodons I have fit the Assault Centurions into my list.  Each game at least one spectator will say, “Assault Centurions?  I’ve never seen those on the table before.  Good luck getting those into combat.”

Each game they have gotten into combat.

Assault Centurions fit the Carcharodons flavour.  I’ve enjoyed putting them in my list.

These models have been a bit of work.  Do I want Grav Cannon Centurions?  Oh yes.  I’d be foolish not to.  Do I want Assault Centurions? Most definitely, it’s the Carcharodons way.  How do I collect both without breaking the bank?  Magnets.

It took a lot of time to magnetize these models.  Sometimes the bits come off easy during the game but that is the price to pay for magnetizing.  I magnetized all the weapons and chest pieces.  There is one magnet for each chest piece.  Each arm and weapon has two magnets.  I also magnetized the siege drills to change out the flamers and meltaguns.  At the moment the grav cannons and most chest pieces are complete.  The siege drills are base painted and are awaiting highlights.  I am in no rush to paint the heavy bolters and lascannons.

The company I purchased the bases from eludes me at the moment.  Fantascape did not have 50mm tech outpost bases so I had to look elsewhere.

SM Ass Cent 001

SM Ass Cent 003

SM Ass Cent 004

SM Ass Cent 005

SM Ass Cent 006

SM Cent Weap 001



  1. I think with the point drop, and the boost in punch, assault centurions are back in a big way. There is no reason why you’d take tactical terminators over assault centurions. The AC’s are just absolutely brutal!


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