Posted by: Turkadactyl | June 13, 2015

Space Marine Carcharodons- Red Brethren Terminators

Happy Space Marine day!

I grew a fondness of terminators after playing Dawn of War.  One of the special rules from Tyberos the Red Wake is unlocking a squad of Assault Terminators, called the Red Brethren, as a troops choice.  Yes please!  The only requirement is that all models are equipped with lightning claws.  Here are my completed Red Brethren.

SM LC Termies 001

I bought some Tartaros pattern Terminators from Forgeworld as well as the special weapons set.  The Tartaros pattern Terminator is the Vet. Sgt. of the pack.  I also wanted to add some MK V Heresy armour touches to the terminator suits.  In the Badab War books it was mentioned that the Carcharodons were seen to be wearing a lot of MK V armour.  Since the chapter disappears into the void a lot they act like scavengers.  They pillage what they can and since there assignments take them out of Imperium territory they have to repair and maintain what gear they have.

I bought some rivets to add to the armour.  I used a sharpie to mark my points.  Then I used a pin vice to drill the holes.  Then I added the rivets.  There were times I wondered why I added this torture but once the models were complete I was glad I added the extra touch.  The rivets give a uniqueness that suits the army.

I used Space Wolves Terminator heads.  The vents on the head have a gill look to them.  It is a look that suits the Carcharodons well.  Since I bought a lot of Forgeworld for this army I wanted to go the extra mile to add some flavour to it.

I really enjoy play this army.  It is assault oriented based on the fluff.  It makes for some difficult games but at the end of the day I am proud of what I am bringing to the table.

SM LC Termies 002

SM LC Termies 003



  1. I wasn’t able to make my plastic GW Terminators look as good as yours–maybe the grey was too dark–but your post has inspired me to give it another go. I was planning on using Tartaros and a few Cataphractii for my Red Brethren but I really like the look of the plastic GW Indomitus Terminators, and after seeing your Red Brethren I’m definitely going to have a few of those in my retinue. I had also picked up the Space Wolf helmets as they have the cool shark gills, and it seems like the official depiction of Terminator suits do feature these gill-like vents, it’s just that the old vanilla Terminators didn’t have the details sculpted on to the models.

    I think the leg studs were a good idea, and they’re actually pretty accurate to the lore. There’s a line somewhere saying the Carcharodon Terminators are often seen with various modifications, and Tyberos himself does this to his legs. I’d love a pair of those myself, but I’m neither skilled nor courageous enough to take a drill to my models unless I absolutely have to for things like barrels or basing. Luckily, two of the Legion Tartaros legs have studs on them already. So do the Legion Mk IV Maximus legs. Just an interesting heads up for the next time you’re parts hunting.


    • Here’s the steps I took. I primed with GW black primer. Afterwards I used Army Painter grey primer. Paint the base colours. Gasp, I dipped the models. I find that paint rubs of of Forgeworld easy sometimes so the dip provides a nice seal for the base colours.

      I painted citadel Mechanicus Standard Grey over the base grey. I highlight the edges with Dawnstone and then highlight the corners with Administratum Grey.

      Give it a go and good luck. I hope you have the same success I’ve had.


  2. Forgot to mention, the red patches denoting their status as Red Brethren is simply genius, and much more subtle and attractive than other examples I have seen, such as painting the entire shoulder pad red, or painting the classic Space Shark vertical red stripe down the middle of their helmet, which is what the Carcharodons writer/sculptor did for his take on the army. I was going to simply paint them bloodier than the other models to represent that extra “red” in Red Brethren, but I’d like to consider using your idea if it’s okay with you.


    • Sure, you can use the same idea for painting the red. It is a bit more subtle, which is why I went with it. The square on the top is great to use for a squad marking.


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