Posted by: Turkadactyl | June 11, 2015

Grey Knights – Interceptors

In anticipation of the new Space Marine codex release this weekend I wanted to showcase some more Carcharodons.  I am having problems uploading some photos so I will draw upon my Grey Knights instead.

Interceptors A 001

When I first played with the Interceptors I forgot about the shunt move a lot.  The shunt is a sweet move and I sure don’t forget about that sweet move anymore.  I used a single falchion  instead of the sword for a couple of reasons.  The swords are substantially longer.  With models teleporting through the warp I reckoned someone would get stabbed when they re-animated.  It made more sense to me for the safety of the squad to use smaller swords.  That’s just the fluff aspect.

The other reason was the gluing the models together.  The swords that required two hands to hold it were a big pain in the behind to glue together.  Pieces just did not want to meet up where they were supposed to.  With the falchions that problem did not occur, since only one hand was required to hold the sword.  On a side note assembling the models is my least favourite part of the hobby.

Interceptors A 002

Interceptors A 003

On a tragic note on June 8 Cst. Daniel Woodall, a Edmonton Police Service officer, died in the line of duty.  To some that may not be a big deal.  For Edmonton and for Canada it is.  It is something that doesn’t happen too often and sadly it is becoming a headline more and more in the nation I call home.  The last time an Edmonton officer died in the line of duty was Cst. Ezio Faraone on June 25, 1990.

It is an event that has shocked a city.  Cst. Woodall is survived by his wife and two boys.  Cst Woodall served as an officer in Edmonton for eight years.  Prior to that he served as an officer in Manchester, England.

If you live in Canada please visit the Police and Peace Officers’ Memorial Society.  Thank your local police officers for the hard work they do.  The work that they do is thankless.  They deal with the worst that society has to offer and it can take a toll.


  1. Wait, there’s a NEW Space Marine codex???? Wtf? Didn’t the last one come out a year or so ago? Your minis are great man, lovely paint scheme!


    • The last codex came out just less than two years ago. It looks like GW is bringing all books in line with 7th edition. The Necron Codex is standard with the Decurion formation. The Space Marine equivalent is Gladius Strike Force.

      Sadly Orks, Space Wolves, Blood Angels and Grey Knights were all released prior to the Necrons. It wouldn’t surprise me if they get a new codex to bring them up to par with all the newer codexes.

      Personally I do not mind. I have decided to stay in 7th edition. I enjoy the openness and flexibility of this edition. It costs a lot to buy all the GW and Forgeworld publications. I am sure I will miss a lot of shiny new releases in future editions but I have enough.


      • I suppose it was inevitable that the SM’s would be getting a brand spanking new codex so soon. I’m wondering actually what will happen with the Chaos factions? Will they all go the same route as Khorne Daemonkin or will we just get another “Spikey SM’s” codex and another empty Daemons codex? Excuse the cynicism.


      • I gave up on sisters. I just backed the raging heroes sisters of eternal mercy kickstarter, and I’ll paint them up to use as new sisters.


      • I look forward to seeing them on your blog. Judging by Raging Heroes history you should expect them in two years 😉

        I thought about backing that campaign but I have loads of Sisters already. If GW ever gets its act together with the Sisters I’d probably get plastic Seraphim. The metal ones tip over way too easy.


    • Rumors put a Tzeech style daemonkind codex next…(doing each one in turn), followed by a daemon codex release in the late fall.

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      • I hope Chaos SM get their treatment of 3.5 with their next release. It is easy to be cynical with that faction. Seems like Chaos has been getting the butt end. There’s room for lots of flavour.

        Fingers crossed with Tzeentch as well. The rumours lately seem to be a Tzeentch vs Dark Angels campaign. Personally I preferred the Tzeentch vs Sisters rumours. Sisters and Tyranids were my first armies. I am chomping at the bit to pull out the SIsters again.


  2. I really like your take on the knights. They look great, and the purple is really striking.


    • Thanks. It means a lot to hear those kind words.

      The gold and purple are two colours that work well with these models. I tried gold on a regular marine and it didn’t work. Grey Knights have detailed armour, which is why it works. I wanted to do purple as well because of the regal look.

      I painted the Dreadknight and first squad of terminators five years ago and the reaction was not the best. When I plopped them on the table the frequent comments I heard was, “Wow, that’s a lot of gold.” I toned the gold down by adding more purple or red to the armour, added more shade in the recesses and did more prominent highlights on the gold.

      The gold highlights are a mixture of burnished gold and mithril silver. The highlight cools the gold down substantially.

      Now when I play with the models I don’t hear, “Wow, that’s a lot of gold.” It has been satisfying to not hear that comment because that means I have been doing something good in the eyes of the community.


      • I feel that gold is one of those colors you can subtly adjust the tone of, with glazes and washes. There are so many types of gold, as the way it tarnishes is as beautiful as shiny and new gold. Of course no grey knight would be walking around with tarnished armor…they’re the sons of titan!

        I think they look great 🙂 But I love seeing non standard schemes, it really shows the artist popping out of the mini’s.


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