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Roost 40K Battle Report 006 – 1850 points Tyranids vs Khorne Daemonkin

I was inspired to do an all Carnifex list and asked Jerrod if he wanted to challenge that list. To no surprise Jerrod said yes. I don’t have enough models for 1850 points so we made the Dimachaeron, Tim the Enchanter, a honourary Carnifex for a day. I had no idea how this list would perform but that wasn’t the point of the list. It was a themed list and it brought a smile to my face when I saw nothing but Carnifex.

The game was set at 1850 points. I called my list Carnifex Thunderdome versus Khorne Daemonkin. The mission was Control Lost. The premise is each player starts with one objective card. For each subsequent turn the player picks up the amount of cards equal to the objectives they control. A player can hold of maximum of six cards.

Tyranids Hive Fleet Kodiak

Ole’ One Eye

  • crushing claws, scything talons, regeneration
  • Warlord: Adaptive Biology (5+ FNP)

Dimachaeron (Tim the Enchanter)

Heavy Support
Dakkafex (dual twin-linked devourers, adrenal glands)
Dakkafex- (dual twin-linked devourers, adrenal glands)
Dakkafex- (dual twin-linked devourers, adrenal glands)
Carnifex- (dual scything talons, adrenal glands, thresher scythe tail)
Carnifex- (dual scything talons, adrenal glands)
Crusherfex- (crushing claws, scything talons, adrenal glands, thresher scythe tail)
Carnisaurus Fex- (crushing claws, scything talons, adrenal glands)
Carnifex- (stranglethorn cannon, scything talons, spine banks, adrenal glands)
The Beast of Phodia-( stranglethorn cannon, scything talons, bio-plasma, It Will Not Die)

What’s that you say? The Dimachaeron is not a Carnifex? That is true but the Fexes like to share and have made Tim the Enchanter a honourary Carnifex.

Khorne Daemonkin (Double CAD)


  • Juggernaut, locus of wrath
  • Warlord- Tactical- re-roll D3 rolls when rolling for victory points


  • Juggernaut, locus of wrath

Chaos Lord

  • Gore Drinker
  • wargear that grants FNP and Eternal Warrior


Cultists (8 models)
Cultists (8 models)
Chaos Space Marines (10 models, Mark of Khorne, 2 meltaguns, Champion with powerfist)
Bloodletters (12 models)

Fast Attack
Flesh Hounds (15 models)
Flesh Hounds (15 models)
Flesh Hounds (5 models)

Heavy Support
Maulerfiend (magna cutters)

We roll for deployment and Jerrod wins. Given the nature of the mission Jerrod wisely spreads his models out along his deployment line. Jerrod has the model count to pull this off. The Herald, who I nicknamed Peaches, is escorted by a mob on fifteen Flesh Hounds are on Jerrod’s right flank. Eight Cultists have joined the right flank to hold an objective in the ruins. Going to the left are twelve Bloodletters, then fifteen Flesh Hounds with Herald (I nicknamed this one Cream), five Flesh Hounds and the Maulerfiend. Hiding behind some ruins to centre left are the Chaos Space Marines. To the left of them is the Bloodthirster. Eight cultists are on the far left flank hugging some ruins.

Nids v Khorne 002

I castle my models on my right side. Jerrod’s Bloodthirster is on his left side and I wanted to deal with that model first. The reason why I castle is I have no synapse on the board. With Ole’ One Eye’s Alpha Beast special rule all models within 12” can use Ole’ One Eye’s leadership tests. Leadership seven versus leadership eight is a big deal.

Nids v Khorne 001

Khorne Turn 1

I don’t try to seize the initiative. Had I won deployment I would have let Jerrod go first. He likes to close the gap and fast. If he got close enough I could get a turn one charge. Peaches and pet flesh Hounds advance straight and duck into the Shrine. The right flank Cultists hold an objective in the ruins. The centre mob of Flesh hounds and Maulerfiend rush the centre ruins and hold an objective for a point.

The Bloodletters are feeling lazy and have a terrible movement and run phase. Chaos Space Marines hold the objective behind the ruins. Bloodthirster jumps up and hide behind a tower. The Cultists on the left flank retreat into the ruins. Khorne 1-0 and holds four objectives.

Tyranids Turn 1

I cautiously move my blob of Carnifex up. One Crusher Fex goes into feed mode. The Beast of Phodia also goes into feed mode. Two Dakkafexes have a bead on the Bloodthirster and cause three wounds. The Stranglefex shoots the Cultists in the ruins. They pass the pinning test. Correct us if we are wrong on this. Once shooting was done Jerrod rolled a leadership for the Cultists and they broke and ran off the table. This was on top of the pinning test. We couldn’t find a definite answer and Jerrod suggested he roll for Leadership. First blood goes to Tyranids.

Dakkafex and Crusherfex in feed mode attempt to charge Bloodthirster. The grave wave generator makes that move impossible. Khorne and Tyranids 1-1. Tyranids hold one objective.

Khorne Turn 2

Jerrod adds four more objectives to his hand. He moves all models, with the exception of the Cultists towards my Thunderdome. Bloodletters must be really tired. They don’t move too far. Peaches and pets emerge from the Shrine and claim an objective. Chaos Space Marines emerge from the ruins but still close enough to claim the objective. The Bloodthirster is on the other side of its objective and ready to make some ground Fex.

The Flesh Hound unit of five successfully charges my Carnifex with dual scytals on my far left flank. They cause two wounds and lose two hounds in the process. The unit of fifteen Flesh Hounds accompanying the Herald Cream attempt to charge the other dual scytals Carnifex, also on my left flank, and trip up on some tufts of grass.

The Bloodthirster makes a disorganized charge against the Stranglefex and Crusherfex. All attacks are put on the Crusherfex and kill’s it. The Stranglefex does nothing. The Bloodthirster claims objective two and puts Khorne up 2-1.

Tyranids Turn 2

I pull no cards because the only objective I am close to is contested by Flesh Hounds in combat with by scytal Fex. Ole’ One Eye goes into feed mode and moves towards the Bloodthirster. Dakkafex on right flank moves behind Bloodthirster to contest objective. Tim leaps forward to the Herald Cream and pets along with scytals Fex and Carnisaurus Fex. One Dakkafex goes into feed mode and licks its’ chops at the three Flesh Hounds stuck in combat. The other Dakkafex on my left moves towards the Herald Cream and pets.

The Beast focuses on the Chaos Space Marines. The large blast scatters over nothing. The bio-plasma melts two marines. The Dakkafex shoots the Flesh Hounds and causes some wounds.

Nids v Khorne 008

Ole’ One Eye and Dakkafex charge the Bloodthirster. I was hoping the auto hit Hammer of Wrath would do the job. I was wrong. The Bloodthirster is getting cocky and only cause’s two wounds to Ole’ One Eye. Well, the cockiness is well deserved. Three Fexes in combat and the Bloodthirster take no wounds.

Nids v Khorne 005

The feeding Dakkafex assists its bro and charges the three Flesh Hounds. The two Fexes cause no wounds. Grrrrrrr.

Tim, scytals and Dakkafex charge the Herald Cream and cause a few casualties. Tim takes a wound for his troubles. I have to claim objective hour to score a point. That’s contested by the Herald Cream and pets.

Nids v Khorne 007

The Beast attempts a charge on the marines. It fails and takes a wound in the process. Khorne 2-1.

Nids v Khorne 009

Khorne Turn 3

Bloodletters forgot the memo that there was a fight going on. They are slowly making their way across the field.

Chaos Space Marines shoot the Beast of Phodia and cause two wounds with the meltaguns. The marines do absolutely nothing. The Beast pulverizes a marine before being felled by the Gore Drinker. The Chaos Lord receives a bonus with the slaying but the bonus eludes me at the moment.

The Bloodthirster cracks the whip around Ole’ One Eye, pulls it in and kicks it a solid clothesline. Once Ole’ One Eye is down the Bloodthirster promptly gives a Hulk Hogan leg drop and Ole’ One Eye is eliminated from the game. Ole’ One Eye provides a worthy distraction and the Dakkafex and Stranglefex team up and pull the Doomsday Device finisher. Dakkafex remains close to the objective two to pull a card.

The Herald Peaches and pets charge the Carnifex that is pummeling the Herald Cream and finish the job before the Fex knows what hit it. The Maulerfiend charges Tim the Enchanter and puts two wounds on. The Herald Cream and pets cause no wounds to the Dakkafex and Tim. Tim and the Dakkafex focus and The Herald Cream and pets. The Herald passes all saves that cause instant death. Awe poop.

The Dakkafex and Scytalfex locked in combat with the two puppies promptly make hound butter out of the two. Lazy Fexes though. I had five wounds to roll. I rolled a five, three and three one’s. They hover over the objective to claim a card. Khorne receives four VP this turn for a score of 6-1. Jerrod claimed Warlord and was able to roll D3 for destroying three units. Khorne has six blood tithe points.

Nids v Khorne 010

Nids v Khorne 011

Tyranids Turn 3

I add two cards to my hand. Claim objective four in the middle. I have to clear out fifteen Flesh Hounds and the Herald Peaches. The other card is holding every objective on the field. Awe poop. My original card is claim objective two. I move the Stranglefex to claim said objective.

Stranglefex shoots the Bloodletters and splatters a couple.

Both Dakkafexes fail Instinctive Behaviour. That is a waste of twenty-four shots.

The Dakkafex that killed the Bloodthirster charges the Chaos Space Marines and kills one. It takes some wounds in the process.

The other Dakkafex and Carnisaurus Fex charge the Maulerfiend. Sadly only one hull point taken off from Hammer of Wrath. The Maulerfiend takes off a couple more wounds off Tim and gets ripped apart from the Dakkafex and Carnisaurus Fex. They couldn’t consolidate into combat so Dakkafex moves back to an objective.

Scytalfex charges the Herald Peaches and pets a kill’s one model. Tim the Enchanter and Dakkafex fight the Herald Cream and pets. All the Hounds are cleared out and Cream makes all instant death saves. Cream does take a wound from a strength six hit.

Tyranids hold objective two to close the Khorne lead 6-2.

Nids v Khorne 015

Khorne Turn 4

Jerrod had eight blood tithe points and made an attempt to convert his Cultist sergeant into a Bloodthirster.   Out popped a Spawn instead.

The Champion and Lord dispose of the Carnifex. The Chaos Space Marines give high fives.

The Herald Peaches throws some swings at Tim a puts a wound on. Tim has one wound remaining. The Scytalfex snacks on a couple of Flesh Hounds. Dakkafex kills a hound.

Jerrod is holding onto objective four in the middle and goes up 7-2 for VP.

Tyranids Turn 4

The only way I can win at this point is tabling Jerrod and if we go to seven turns I can’t see that happening.

Dakkafex that destroyed the Maulerfiend fails its Instinctive Behaviour. I move it back to claim an objective for a VP and more importantly our of charge range otherwise it would be forced to charge.

Stranglefex puts the large blast over the Chaos Space Marines, taking a chance it will not scatter. The blast sticks and kills one marine. The Lord, Champion and one marine are left standing. Carnisaurus Fex charges Peaches and pets. Jerrod loses three Flesh Hounds. His 5++ saving rolls have been phenomenal this game. Tyranids claim a VP for holding an objective. Khorne 7-3.

Nids v Khorne 019

Khorne Turn 5

Chaos Lord and Marines charge Tim. The Lord takes two wounds and the Champion is beat down. The Lord took a mighty swing with Gore Drinker and felled Tim with a single blow. The Carnifexes reduce Peaches to three Flesh Hounds. Jerrod destroyed a unit in combat and is holding three objectives for D3 points. Jerrod ends the turn Khorne 11-3.

Nids v Khorne 020

Final Thoughts

The game is concluded at this point. Jerrod has to leave. The Tyranids do not have enough time to climb back in this one.   I think I have enough to deal with Peaches, three Flesh Hounds, Chaos Lord with one marine, Spawn and Bloodletters in three turns. The Cultists are too far back to get caught.

I enjoyed the Carnifex Thunderdome. I failed my Instinctive Behaviour tests on my Dakkafexes when they would have been really handy. Jerrod rolled like a beast with his 5++ rolls. Jerrod also used his model count to his advantage and claimed as many objectives as possible to boost his card count. The scenario was not in favour of the Thunderdome. That’s alright. It brought a smile to my face to use all my Fexes in one list. I will play the list again.

Thanks for reading and/or watching.


  1. It is still fun to run something a little crazy and out there now and then, so it was cool for me to see them. Cheers for the write up.


  2. No problemo.


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