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Roost 40K Battle Report 005 – 1850 points Tyranids vs Khorne Daemonkin

Jerrod and I had another game involving his Khorne Daemonkin.  This time I dusted of the Tyranids representing my home fleet Hive Fleet Kodiak.  Jerrod requested that I put Tim the Enchanter aka Dimachaeron, a Mawloc and a Trygon.  It was a fun game and Khorne was most certainly pleased.  I enjoy playing Jerrod.  He is a relaxed player to play with.  Video and written (+ photos) reports after the jump.

Here are the lists.  1850 points with the Maelstrom mission Cleanse and Control

Tyranids Hive Fleet Kodiak

Hive Tyrant

  • heavy venom cannon, lash whip & bonesword
  • Warlord- Adaptive Biology (5+ FNP after first wound)
  • Tyranid Hive Powers- Dominion, Paroxysm, Warp Blast

Hive Tyrant

  • twin-linked devourers, lash whip & bonesword
  • Tyranid Hive Powers- Dominion, Paroxysm, Onslaught

Dimachaeron (Tim the Enchanter!)


  • cluster spines
  • Tyranid Hive Powers- Dominion, Paroxysm

Hormagaunts- 20 models, toxin sacs

Termagants- 30 models

Heavy Support
Carnifex (2 models, dual twin-linked devourers)


Trygon Prime

Khorne Daemonkin (Dual CAD)


  • Juggernaut, Locus of Wrath
  • Warlord- Sorry, forget the trait

Chaos Lord

  • Juggernaut

Bloodthirster of Unfettered Fury

Bloodthirster of Insenate Rage

Bloodletters (10 models)

Cultists (8 models)

Cultists (8 models)

Cultists (8 models)

Fast Attack
Flesh Hounds (7 models)

Flesh Hounds (20 models)

Heavy Support
Maulerfiend (magna cutters)


We roll off and I win first turn.  Synapse is spread out all along the line.  The Tervigon is parked on an objective in a ruin on my left flank.  Hive Tyrants are placed on the left and right side of my line.  Tim is left of centre.  Two dakka fexes are fire support in the middle.  Malanthorpe is placed in the middle of the pack to jump in on a concluding fight for Preferred Enemy bonus.  Mawloc and Trygon Prime go into Deep Strike Reserves.


Tim placed beside a Hive Tyrant and towers over the model.  The Dimachaeron is a massive beast.


Jerrod follows a similar layout to mine.  Cultists in the back field to claim an objective.  Two Bloodthirsters at either end of his line to do battle with my Hive Tyrants.  Two Maulerfiend to the right and a big blob of Flesh Hounds with the Warlord Herald on Juggernaut (I nicknamed this Herald Peaches) and Chaos Lord on Juggernaut to the left.


Tyranids Turn 1

Jerrod attempted to seize the initiative and fails.  I move everything forward and claim two objectives, which are revealed as Grav Wave Generators.  The Tervigon gives birth to nine termagants and no doubles rolled.  Paroxysm goes off on Bloodthirster and Peaches blob of Flesh Hounds reducing the WS and BS of both units.  The Warlord Hive Tyrant with the Heavy Venom Cannon chooses to shoot the Cultists hanging out in the ruins.  The Cultists take enough casualties to cause a leadership check and they run off the table.  First blood to the Tyranids and the Tervigon claimed an objective.  That moment was exciting for me because last game the Cultists took significant shooting punishment from the Grey Knights and passed every leadership check. Tyranids 2-0


There used to be some Cultists in that ruin.


Khorne Turn 1

Jerrod moved everything up.  I forgot that the Maulerfiends ignore terrain tests and can make their full movement.  I also forgot about the Grav Wave Generator too so that would of changed the course of the game dramatically.  Both Maulerfiends charged my Hormagaunts and killed four.  Jerrod does not receive any points this turn.


Tyranids Turn 2

Mawloc pops up underneath a packed unit of Bloodletters.  There are a few survivors and pops up again.  Five dice to roll and three one’s.  Aww poop.  The Mawloc mishaps and is terminated.  Aww poop. Tervigon births nine more termagants and no doubles.  Bloodthirster takes a wound to shooting.  Warlord Hive Tyrant causes heavy venom cannon instant death on Peaches pet Flesh Hounds.  Dakkafexes pass on shooting and charge small unit of Flesh Hounds.  One fex takes two wounds and 4 Hounds are killed.  Nine Termagants take on the Bloodthirster and cause a wound.  The Hive Tyrant fails miserably on the charge.  Tim leaps over the building to smash the Maulerfiend and fails miserably.  That Maulerfiend msu have white rabbit ears on it or something. No points claimed.



Khorne Turn2

Peaches and pets charge the Termagants and nearly obliterate them.  Bloodthirster with strength D axe unable to consolidate into combat so is no longer locked in combat.  Chaos Lord disengages from Peaches and pets to take on the Dakkafexes and helps the Hounds cause some damage.  Bloodletters help out papa Bloodthirster and kill the remaining five Termagants.  Not much happens with Tim, Hormagaunts and Maulerfiends.  Jerrod claims one victory point and has earned three blood points.



Tyranids Turn 3

Tervigon births eight Termagants.

Warlord Hive Tyrant throws everything into D Axe Bloodthirster.  The Bloodthirster has wings so there is no escape.  Warp Blast, nope.  Shooting, nope.  Charges in hopes to cause a bonesword instant death and nope.  Bloodthirster uses its’ axe like a frying pan to the face and down goes the Hive Tyrant.

Termagants shoot Bloodletters and destroy them.  Hive Tyrant charges Bloodthirster and I forgot that the Bloodthirster has initiative.  Hive Tyrant is victim of instant death before it has a chance to swing back.

Malanthorpe joins combat with Tim, who destroys the Maulerfiend.  Malanthorpe now passes on preferred enemy Khorne Daemonkin to all units within its synapse range.

Dakkafexes are slowly dying to the Chaos Lord.  I have three units with a model within 12″ of Jerrod’s board edge to score D3 VP.  I rolled a one.  Aww poop.  Tyrands 3-1.



Khorne Turn 3

Peaches and pets charge the Dakkafexes and obliterate them.  Bloodthirster with whip charges the Tervigon and does three wounds.  Tervigon only has to put one wound on the Bloodthirster and Jerrod makes the save.  Jerrod scores two victory points and now has seven blood points.



Tyranids Turn 4

Trygon Prime enters play.  I place it on Jerrod’s back corner on objective six.  There are 8 Cultists claiming the objective.  I get a VP for claiming that objective.  I scatter of the board and mishap into ongoing reserves.

The Bloodthirster kills the Tervigon and Termagants get revenge.  At the time of the game I completely forgot about the synaptic fallout for Termagants when in synapse range of a Tervigon when it dies.  In my defence I have been playing Carcharodons and Grey Knights the last two years so I have forgotten a few of the Tyranids rules.  As well, I have not had a Tervigon die on me for a long time so I just plain forgot about the rule.  On the flip side, the onus is on me to know my rules.  I told Jerrod about my ignorant cheating and all is well in the world.

Tim the Enchanter charges the Chaos Lord and causes instant death.  The Malanthorpe charges the Cultists hanging out in the ruins and both sides take a couple of wounds.

The Maulerfiend and Hormagaunts are still locked in combat.  The Hormagaunts and Termagants are out of synapse.  No points claimed.


If I remembered the Tervigon rules the board would not have looked like this.  Picture Termagant jelly instead.


Khorne Turn 4

Tim is dead.  Long live the Tim.  D Axe Bloodthirster and Peaches and pets charge Tim.  Tim scores an instant death on the Bloodthirster but is overwhelmed by all the Flesh Hounds nipping at its’ toes.  Malanthorpe does not have much success againts the Cultists.  Maulerfiend performs a sweeping advance on the Hormagaunts.  Jerrod has 8 blood points and a Bloodthirster bursts from the Cultist leader sitting on objective six.  I shake my fist at the Trygon Prime.


Tyranids Turn 5

This should not of happened but I will report what happened in the game.  Now, it is possible some Termagants would have survived the synaptic backlash but hey, this will remain a mystery like the getting the caramel in the caramilk bar.  Two units of Termagants pass Instinctive Behaviour.  I get a VP for destroying a unit from Shooting.  Seventeen shots at a Flesh Hound with a single wound left.  Jerrod has one save to make and does it.  Termagants charge and kill the Flesh Hound.  I score a VP for destroying a unit in combat.  Then minus the VP because this move most likely would not have happened.

Malanthorpe is stuck in combat with three Cultists remaining.  Trygon Prime deep strikes right by objective number nails and sticks it.  Five cultists die from shooting and pass the leadership test.  There will be no VP for destroying a unit from shooting.  I score objective number six and have linebreaker.  Tyranids 6 VP.



Khorne Turn 5

The Malanthorpe is slain.  The Maulerfiend charges a unit of Termagants and performs a sweepinig advance.  The spawned Bloodthirster claims an objective and linebreaker as well.  Khorne is scoring 6 VP.  If we go to Turn 6 the Tyranids do not stand a chance.  Jerrod rolls the dice and the game is done.

Final Thoughts

Well a big blunder by me and forgetting a special rule.  The complete opposite from our last game.  With Grey Knights I obliterated Khorne but Jerrod had all the luck with the cards and beat me.  Tyranids were vastly outnumbered by the end of the game but with some lucky cards it made the score closer than it actually was.  It helps to know your opponents rules too.  I forgot about the Maulerfiend’s movement and the Bloodthirster with whip instant death on to wound rolls of six.  It’s been a while since I have played Tyranids.  It was fun.  I’ll have to play them more often.

Next game- 1850 pts Carnifex Thunderdome vs Khorne Daemonkin


  1. Ok there was some errors, but did everyone have fun? That to me is the important part. Twas a good read though and thanks for taking the time to do it and share it here.


    • Yeah, for sure a big blunder. We did have fun. That’s the advantage of prearranged games. You know who you are playing. When I realized my mistake I told Jerrod. True to fashion Jerrod didn’t care. He also got his revenge next game.


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